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  1. I work in ER and see all these patients with Medicaid from ACA. I don't think they are going to stop coming in using the ER like a walk-in clinic because their ACA goes away. Which makes me frightened about the financial future of the department. We have to treat them, won't get paid. What's different from before ACA? Treatment costs are even higher than before and we will run deeper in the red.
  2. DawnJ

    So where IS the nursing shortage?

    New Mexico. Although you have to pick your public schools carefully
  3. DawnJ

    drug calculations help please

    Sounds like a homework question
  4. E: Look up nursing info on internet
  5. I felt really bad about my needle skills too. I started in an ER and let me tell you, the techs were NOT subtle or gentle in letting me know that my skills were sub-par. At first I got maybe 20% of my attempts. Now, 8 weeks of practice later, I notice I can get all the easy ones and a surprise moderate one now and again. Eventually I hope to be able to get 75% of my attempts. It is just getting the feel of it and building the muscle memory. One of my first mistakes was not laying out all my supplies in the order I'd need them, all ready to go: INT flushed and ready, tegaderm peeled and waiting, blood tubes standing by, gauze and tape ready. Once I knew exactly where to reach for my supplies once I got that flash, I was better able to concentrate on getting that vein
  6. DawnJ

    how to know its the right decison

    What do you have to lose? Try it and if it doesn't work out you have a wealth of experience that will get you back into a hospital.
  7. DawnJ

    "I'm a nurse!"

    Well, for some reason, they must feel that they are "not enough" and need to inflate themselves to others.
  8. RN transports on monitor if patient is going to ICU or stepdown. Otherwise, we call transport. BH is escorted by Security
  9. DawnJ

    T-shirt Sayings

    In my world it would be Tweaker Tuesday, Seizure Saturday and Scabies Sunday
  10. After a couple years in a fast paced, busy jail, I took a clinic job in the field that has always interested me. I'm horrified to find that I'm so bored I want to pull my hair out. The science of the specialty interests me, but from a nursing perspective, I have no autonomy and feel like all I do is enter orders/appointments and give a few injections. Anyone else go to a specialty after Corrections? I'm thinking that other than the ED or Critical Care, I may be ruined by the need for excitement and high pressure.
  11. Pink and frothy sputum = PE Wash anything "cleanest to dirtiest" Never round med calcs for pediatrics If you push Zofran IV too fast, the patients will feel genital burning. Never saw this one, I always push it slow. If you push an IV H2 acid blocker too fast, the patient will get hiccups. Again, never happened to me.
  12. DawnJ

    He/She Said What!?

    I was once asked "You aren't very smart, are you?" My response "You aren't very nice, are you?"
  13. DawnJ

    new to corrections

    Seizures (real and fake). Weak and dizzy. Slip and fall. Drug OD or intoxication. Trauma from fights. Suicide attempts (usually hangings). Diabetic crisises. Occasional curve balls: I had a guy with a spontaneous pneumothorax last week.
  14. DawnJ

    Required education

    I work for a Correctional Medical company and they have mandatory training on applicable things like ETOH withdrawl, pregnant & addicted to opiates, common infections, etc.
  15. DawnJ

    Infirmary vs other

    Generally, Infirmary is more of an urgent care environment, with anything coming through the door at you. More traditional nursing, although in Corrections you often can/must use your judgement to handle situations, especially if you work off-hours. The Sick Call, History and Physicals type position is more rote, repeatitive work. As a new nurse, I did sick call for 6 months and then moved to the Infirmary. I'm glad I did because it took time for me to get used to the Corrections environment, how the inmates think and act and the games they play.
  16. DawnJ

    HELP: How Extensive Are Hiring Background Checks?

    I remember my program director in nursing school telling us that she knew that some students were strippers to pay their way through school and she had no problem with that as long as she didn't link the school's name to her work activity in any way. Like wearing logo'ed clothes to/from work. This is legal activity just the same as stripping. But if may come back to haunt you later regardless

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