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  1. So what's going to happen to health care now?

    I work in ER and see all these patients with Medicaid from ACA. I don't think they are going to stop coming in using the ER like a walk-in clinic because their ACA goes away. Which makes me frightened about the financial future of the department. ...
  2. So where IS the nursing shortage?

    New Mexico. Although you have to pick your public schools carefully
  3. drug calculations help please

    Sounds like a homework question
  4. E: Look up nursing info on internet
  5. SO BAD at drawing blood, starting IV's??

    I felt really bad about my needle skills too. I started in an ER and let me tell you, the techs were NOT subtle or gentle in letting me know that my skills were sub-par. At first I got maybe 20% of my attempts. Now, 8 weeks of practice later, I n...
  6. how to know its the right decison

    What do you have to lose? Try it and if it doesn't work out you have a wealth of experience that will get you back into a hospital.
  7. "I'm a nurse!"

    Well, for some reason, they must feel that they are "not enough" and need to inflate themselves to others.
  8. RN transports on monitor if patient is going to ICU or stepdown. Otherwise, we call transport. BH is escorted by Security
  9. New Nurse, Freaking Out and Stressing Out

    Take one day at a time, one step at a time. You will learn tricks, learn your time management. Nothing is easy when you first start it. I remember thinking that if I just didn't have to put so much thought into EVERY little task, I wouldn't be so ...
  10. Corrections nursing

    I started in Corrections and love it. I'm in a big jail with a couple-three thousand inmates. I've moved to a hospital now but keep my part time at the jail. The only regrets I have is that as a new nurse, I didn't use the more invasive skills li...
  11. Re-entry nursing after trauma

    I'm sorry to hear what you have been through--you are a true survivor! I'd look into a refresher course so you can show employers that you are ready to hit the floor. Also, leverage your nursing contacts, the people who know you. They will have i...
  12. Shift Times

    Depending on the facility: blood draws, IV's and lots of wound care.
  13. Reality?

    In two years, I witnessed one bad situation, which I reported. An officer lost their job because of it. I had some blowback from Security for a month or so, but the majority of the officers were as appalled as I was. My company (a contractor) stoo...
  14. Eaten Alive in the ED

    I can hear the response...."No, you need to learn how to do it"
  15. Nurse Resigns by Sending 'I Quit' Cake to Her Employer

    The evidence is going to be eaten, so she should followup with an email to HR :)