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  1. Something Positive: Your 5-Year Plan

    That's wonderful!! I haven't gotten to that phase yet - started running last year, had a tibial stress fracture that put running on hold for a while because it wasn't healing like it should have been. I blame it on hauling the dreaded boot around t...
  2. Good Lord yes - I feel like we got a lecture about losing our licenses at least once a week.....
  3. Something Positive: Your 5-Year Plan

    Always wanted to do this too, what an amazing experience it would be! I hope you get to do it!
  4. Something Positive: Your 5-Year Plan

    This is a great thread, I love reading all these positive goals! My plans...fingers crossed! Within the next 1-2 months: Start a website and blog. Begin my career as a freelance nurse writer, establish my own LLC, and begin to form a client base a...
  5. How Freelance Writing Works

    Thanks for another informative post about freelancing! I'm still researching the process of becoming a freelancer, and was wondering at what point you created your LLC? Was it immediately when you started writing as a nurse, or before that, or did...
  6. Become a Nurse But Don't Work As One

    Hahahahaha I leave it to your imagination!
  7. The film: Vaxxed.

    I think I just heard a mic drop.....
  8. The film: Vaxxed.

    Yes, because if we're not NP students going to a "very prestigious school", we're apparently too stupid to be able to interpret research studies. Right.
  9. The film: Vaxxed.

    Funny how some people keep coming here saying there's research to support their claims, and then they never post/share it. Just an interesting observation......
  10. The film: Vaxxed.

    Second this - gonna need references from peer-reviewed, scientific journals/research articles for alllllllllll of that.......
  11. The film: Vaxxed.

    Of COURSE there's an evil plot!!!! I simply cannot divulge our plans for WORLD DOMINATION here, but you should know that it involves sharks with LASERS on their heads!!!!! Unless you give us.......
  12. Become a Nurse But Don't Work As One

    Ahhhhh thank you. Can't keep up with the vernacular. *Goes to shake fist angrily at those damn kids and demand that they get off my lawn*
  13. Become a Nurse But Don't Work As One

    Hahahahahaha yep, I'm so on fleek!! Or I'm fly!!! Or whatever the Hell the kids are saying these days!!! *also, if someone could clarify what "on fleek" actually means, I'd really appreciate it. I have no idea.....
  14. Become a Nurse But Don't Work As One

    Well if you're saying I'm pretty I definitely thank you! *blushes* **also joking!** Joking aside, I'm not a pharma rep (thank God, I have been around those people and would never, ever want that job) and I'm not a clinical research nurse. I have n...
  15. The film: Vaxxed.

    Thank you for your first point. I completely agree and think that anyone who doesn't think vaccines are necessary or a good idea for society and the human race in general are probably delusional enough to believe in something like Big Foot. Regardin...