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  1. University of Miami Accelerated BSN 2014

    hey! that's awesome news! thanks for letting us know! i was worried because i had not heard anything from them in forever haha....good luck to you!! :)
  2. University of Miami Accelerated BSN 2014

    Hi! I also applied for the Accelerated BSN program for May 2014 start. I applied back in October and had not received an email or confirmation for anything. I just called admissions and they were able to locate my app and said it was sent to the nurs...
  3. You're so smart, you should be a doctor.

    I am applying to ABSN programs as well and just made the switch from PA school which I withdrew from recently to pursue a career in nursing. My final goal is to become an NP but this switch has triggered the same comments you have experienced! It is ...
  4. Jealous much?

    I always used to just smile and be like "I did fine." Whatever reaction they gave afterward didn't matter to me because I answered their question already. BUT, you really don't owe them any response. Be proud of your accomplishments and keep at it! :...
  5. So scared of failing

    I agree! Fearing before anything has begun will not help at all. Remain positive, focused, and determined. You will make it through just fine :)
  6. Work shoes! Please help

    Landau's and Nike Free-Run's are very comfy!
  7. I withdrew from another program about 2 months ago and have just started my new journey into nursing and I am beyond excited to get everything started. Leaving the other program was depressing but the program was an awful fit for me as well and I end...
  8. BSN to PA school?

    I agree. Direct patient care experience is a huge component when looking into PA schools, therefore, your nursing hours will make you look fabulous for apps! However, admissions will definitely question your commitment to the profession so be sure to...
  9. Why nursing?

    Your story is so inspiring!
  10. Am I capable in being an RN?

    The only thing that would be preventing you from finding out whether you'll become a great nurse one day is you! Go for it. Give it a shot. Like everyone said, you won't know until you try. You will become a fantastic nurse if you focus and truly ded...
  11. Having a lot of trouble with Microbiology!!!

    I second using the Khan Academy website. It's awesome!
  12. Pathophysiology☺Spring 2013

    When I took pathophysiology, my exam questions were also scenario based. I just found reading the book several times (while taking my own notes) and looking at diagrams for certain disease processes really helped. Good luck!
  13. A Note of Deep Concern and Worry

    Thank you for bringing this to light. So unbelievably important to address!
  14. Can i still be a nurse if i am too emotional?

    I completely agree with you. Timing is everything. You must learn how to balance your emotions and express them when appropriate. Life experiences will only make you stronger and more competent to handle those tough instances in the future.
  15. Failed first Anatomy 1 Exam ....Depressed.

    I agree with everyone here. Definitely avoid procrastinating (especially for a subject like anatomy). You will be fine. Try not to panic though! You will get through this and you will do well on the next exam. Always think positive. When I took anato...