How old were you when you started nursing school?

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    The wonderful thing about nursing is that it is open to everyone of all ages. Please give a cheer to all the people who believe that age is not a factor in learning. And, to all the people who strive for knowledge regardless of age. How old were you when you started nursing school?

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    A month before I turned 38 I started my LPN schooling. Graduated a couple months after turning 39.

    At 42 I started the years worth of pre-reqs for the LPN to RN bridge, and at 44 I graduated with my ADN.

    In a couple of weeks my first classes for the ADN to BSN begin at 44 1/2 years old to the day.
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    I'm 26 and just started prereqs, will be 27 when nursing school starts, will be 30 when finished.

    Honestly I think it gets easier as you get older. I have a previous BS as well and it's much easier this time around. The older students always seem to be the best students! But also what a blessing if you know what you want from a young age- I didn't!
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    I was 19 when I entered an LPN program; 20 when I finished. I was 44 when I entered an ASN bridge program; 45 when I finished. I was 45 when I entered an RN-BSN program; took a course or exam occasionally, like walking along kicking rocks until this year when, at 48, I decided to get it over with. So, I will be a stone's throw from 50 when I finish. But that's it more. So don't ask!
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    I was 26 when I started a single mom of an right year old. Halfway through I got pregnant again and became a single mom of two girls. Graduated at 30. It was hard but well worth it for me and my girls. I did it so I could be independent and not have to depend on anyone but myself for money for me and my girls.
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    I was 17.
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    I was 20, 21 when I graduated from the LVN program.

    I'm 25 now & applying to the bridge program for next fall. I'll be 27 (wow!) if I get in & graduate.
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    43 when I started, just south of 45 when I graduated.
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    I just started last week, at 36 years old. I will be 38 when I finish and maybe 39 when I become a nurse. I'm probably the oldest person in my class. But I'm wiser and experienced.
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