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  1. Idiosyncratic

    stethoscope question

    I have one for mom and one for baby. However in a pinch ill use my baby one on mom.
  2. Idiosyncratic

    Frustrated and Ready to Call it

    What about the issues physically being developed in relation to? 160/109 BP, worries about dvts...all from my doctor. Being on hypertension meds already, an antidepressant, and sleeping meds. All of which will change from the imaging and lab results. This all arised today at a doctors appt where i cold get beside myself with a pounding headache.
  3. Idiosyncratic

    Frustrated and Ready to Call it

    As many I have read, I have only been a nurse for 6 months now, and my first job was actually in my dream population; mother baby. I've been on my own for a couple months now, and I am absolutely miserable. I work nights, and there just doesn't seem to be any brightside anymore. I tried taking a vacation, and have been trying to look at the better of things but I'm just really wondering what to do. I feel like nights is completely taking over my life, and it's kind of affecting my mental state. Always tired, gaining weight, feeling spacey all the time, I can never get enough sleep, and sometimes walk around in a daze. The way my unit functions is...well, less than smooth to say the least, but theres no manager so it makes sense. Any advice? Tips? Anything? I hate dreading going to work every day, crying on my way to and from work. I've used all my PTO already because I keep volunteering for standby...and I'm just stuck. Sorry for the rant, but I'm desperately looking for any suggestions or advice. Or maybe I'm just nuts. :/
  4. Idiosyncratic

    ADN L&D position

    My goal is LD, but I have started with my ADN in PP. I've heard from many that sometimes you can take a stepping stone from postpartum to labor when the timing is right and you're not brand new. HOWEVER, there are many hospitals who will willingly train new grads to the labor side of life. Just keep applying!
  5. Idiosyncratic

    New Grad RN - just got hired in Mother Baby/OB Acute

    I'm only 6 months in on my experience, but the biggest thing I think I could say: be willing to learn, AND jump into situations as they arise! The more you learn, especially while on orientation, the better it will be for you. Utilize the knowledge, and experiences from your more seasoned RN's. They have such a vast amount of information based on circumstances, that seriously if you listen - you'll be set up! That's what I did, and am in a better position that others who chose to just go through the motions. :)
  6. Idiosyncratic

    WIll I hate Ob-gyn nursing?

    I wanted to throw another opinion out there. Throughout all of nursing school I absolutely despised my med-surg rotation, but once I got into mother baby it was completely different. Labor and delivery as well as pp. In my last semester, I busted my butt to get a job where I wanted to be, and even made a huge move for it. I'm not a postpartum nurse in a hospital as a new grad, and am going to be transferring to labor and delivery hopefully sooner than later. So don't let go of your hopes. Sure a lot of our core foundations, like vital signs, injections, basic IV stuff, foley catheters, etc. But a lot more of it is specialized that we do on our daily. Don't be let down, don't give up!! You've got this!
  7. Idiosyncratic

    L&D vs OBGYN

    In my hospital we used to use the word OBGYN, and you may be in any of the units(LD, PP, Ante). But now we use specifications for the units. So I don't think it means anything really, just ask during the interview, or see if the job description will explain it to you.
  8. Idiosyncratic

    ADN L&D position

    No that's not true at all. Where I live we accept new grads and ADN/ASN in the mother baby units. I'm a new grad ASN and got into PostPartum who will transition to LD. :)
  9. Idiosyncratic

    New Grad Moving Las Vegas

    Well, I know my unit is hiring like crazy, as is most of my hospital. And they are very new grad friendly, like have hired easily 15 new grads and then some. If you want, you can message me :)
  10. Idiosyncratic

    Online A&P 1

    I know at one point TMCC offered an online AP but I'm not sure if they still do. Would probably be your cheapest option.
  11. Idiosyncratic

    New Grad Moving Las Vegas

    Wish I saw this sooner! I definitely would apply at all the VHS hospitals. I lived 400 miles away, and got hired at one of their hospitals in a specialty unit as a new grad. Hope all turns out well! :)
  12. Idiosyncratic

    NCLEX JUNE 2018

    I used UWORLD more than anything else and found it more useful than anything else. :)
  13. Idiosyncratic

    NCLEX JUNE 2018

    Unofficial results say PASS!!!
  14. Idiosyncratic

    NCLEX JUNE 2018

    In my opinion, UWORLD was the best option. But I didn't do Kaplan.
  15. Idiosyncratic

    NCLEX JUNE 2018

    I used UWORLD, Nclex RN Mastery(just for the predictors), HURST, NCSBN, and two books. Went over board...lol