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Idiosyncratic BSN, RN

Maternal Child, Home Health, Med/Surg
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Idiosyncratic has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Maternal Child, Home Health, Med/Surg.

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  1. Idiosyncratic

    How to Choose Facilities?

    I chose the first one with the retirement. I had initially(before the first one got back to me) tentatively accepted the lower volume one. However, I rescinded my tentative acceptance given a much closer location offered me a position. Thankfully the...
  2. Idiosyncratic

    Moving to Arizona

    Surprise is pretty good, but just a warning - housing is gnarly right now.
  3. Idiosyncratic

    How to Choose Facilities?

    Thank you. I had tentatively accepted the slower hospital, but I was worried the commute would burn me over time. Since I do want to travel nurse(many many many years down the road), the volume of experiences is more aligned with my long term goals. ...
  4. Idiosyncratic

    How to Choose Facilities?

    Hey Everyone, I just recently got three offers for very different facilities and I'm wondering what is your biggest thing to focus on when it comes to making a decision? I've tentatively made a decision but I don't know if it's a good choice. I ...
  5. Idiosyncratic

    Help ! Tips to switch from a Med-surg nurse to an L&D nurse

    Honestly, the biggest thing I would suggest is you need to find ways to stand out. Do an Introduction to Fetal Heart Monitoring Course and the Intermediate(usually the minimum they want for these positions), make sure you have your ACLS, NRP and some...
  6. Idiosyncratic

    Burnout in HH

    THIS! My agency just recently decided they were going to give us oncall rotations. I asked if we could get a day off in the week following if our weekend was full. Which it's likely going to be. I was told no. I was told I could schedule my Monday la...
  7. Idiosyncratic

    Can you get AZ nursing license if under investigation in another state?

    Honestly, I would guess that it would depend on how it is being reported at the other nursing board. Best advice, contact the AZBON and ask them. Their website may have a few directions for you as well. Best of luck!
  8. Idiosyncratic

    Did I pass NCLEX?

    Is it the temp RN number they issued you? If so, no it does not necessarily mean that you passed. However, if they gave your permanent number without the giant TEMP#######, then I'd say you passed. Have you tried the pearson trick?
  9. Idiosyncratic

    L&D at a small hospital- is it worth it?

    Honestly, I think it'll really depend. I know that oncall where I was you had to be within 30 minutes of the hospital. There were nights where we had absolutely no patients. It's very inconsistent. I was always advised to save as much of my PTO as po...
  10. Idiosyncratic

    Job Shadowing After Interview in LDRP

    Figured I would update; I got the job!! 😄
  11. Idiosyncratic

    Job Shadowing After Interview in LDRP

    OK, awesome, thank you! I'm just glad it's AFTER my interview. The last one I had was before, and my hair was a complete mess..they also didn't let me change out of the scrubs into my interview outfit. Felt very out of place and uncomfortable to say ...
  12. Idiosyncratic

    Job Shadowing After Interview in LDRP

    Thank you for this! I am not a new grad, I have 2.5 years in postpartum, home health and med surg. Im very nervous because I know this will end up being an extenuation of my interview. But I will take these tips. Are there any massive donts whil...
  13. Idiosyncratic

    Job Shadowing After Interview in LDRP

    Hello all! I landed another interview with an LDRP training program in my area more up north where it'll bee cooler. Anyways, they want to do an interview followed by shadowing a nurse for a couple hours. I offered to bring my own scrubs but she...
  14. Idiosyncratic

    How long did it take for AZ BRN take to accept your fingerprint card?

    I transferred from NV and was able to get mine expedited because I had a job offer already. Once they realize that, it seemed to go MUCH more quickly. They gave me a temporary one, at first, expiring within like 6 months but I quickly got my permanen...
  15. I don't totally think it's intended to just "get attention for attention's sake," at least. From the individuals that I work with, and know - it became a huge thing to somewhat "share" what being a nurse is like when it was realized how much public k...
  16. Idiosyncratic

    KN95 mask?

    Mine doesn't even require that. They just throw it at you and say good luck.