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Idiosyncratic has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. Idiosyncratic

    Types of Maternity Nursing?????

    In my old maternal child unit, I worked in "postpartum" technically. However, many of our staff also had mother/baby on their badges. So, just because it says mother/baby does not necessarily mean that you won't get babies. If your goal is labor and delivery, that would be a great stepping stone though! Most places prefer internal, and this would give you a start. I know my old hospital loved new grads.
  2. Idiosyncratic

    Dealing with Pets

    That was me. 3 weeks antibiotics, puking my guts up repeatedly, multiple visits to the workman's comp person and an ER visit. My company doesn't force animals to be put away, but you bet your butt I make them put them away. lol
  3. Idiosyncratic

    L&D Interview - Tips?

    I wish I would have been able to see this before the interview! I’m pretty sure I bombed it, but who knows. They asked a lot of behavior questions and then a situational question with a preeclamptic mom on a mag drip - something I’d NEVER experienced before! We didn’t do mag drips on my PP unit. But they did ask me what my certifications were at the end - ACLS, NRP, etc. I had been told on the walk up that I was the third interview of the day. However, at the end I was told they’d have their decision by end of next week or the first and they had a couple more days of interviewing. There’s 5 shifts open, that I know of. We will see, but my faith is low.
  4. Idiosyncratic

    training program

    I can't speak for HCA but I can speak for Valley. They do their best to have you properly trained. You go through a StaRN program where they help you get better situated, but it's really just so you have a support system. They also give you your bioterrism class for free.
  5. Idiosyncratic

    Home health going rate Nevada

    I was a home health case manager, and I was paid salary of 68K a year. I was on the lower end.
  6. Idiosyncratic

    Drug testing in Las vegas Hospitals...

    I had been hired in 2018, and there was no hair testing - just urine. I have known people hired for Mountain View not requiring hair either.
  7. Idiosyncratic

    L&D Interview - Tips?

    Hello all! So I am a previous postpartum nurse who got out due to a bad situation and kind of regretted life for a while. Ended up in case management home health nursing which instilled that I DO love maternal child(go figure..). Well, as someone who has been in Home Health since April, I actually got lucky enough to LAND an interview with a labor and delivery department. BUT! I'm PETRIFIED of what to expect during the interview and how to prepare?! It's been 8 months since I last worked with a new mom! Any tips? Advice? Suggestions? I want to land this job so badly because I do appreciate my experiences before. Thank you!
  8. Idiosyncratic

    New Grad Burn Out

    Oh dear do I feel you, do I feel you so much. Although I'm in a different world, I always get the heavier loads(many other nurses have made the comment, and even make jokes about not wanting to work with me cause things always go wrong.), and our ratios are difficult with the acuity. The only thing I can say, is mental health is more important than a paycheck. It's not worth your sanity. No job is. Your health always matters. Wish I had more advice, but at this point....I'm working through the same thing. Keep tough!
  9. I'll make myself the one weirdo of the bunch, but... I completely regret it. Don't get me wrong, mother/baby can be a phenomenal experience. However, I wish I would have told freshly graduated me to run away. Far away. It could possibly just be the current place I am at. Because it's kind of a... "I enjoy what I do, mostly, but not where I do it."
  10. Idiosyncratic

    Frustrated and Ready to Call it

    I commend you for being able to do this for 15 years - that's seriously incredible. I am pretty much trucking along as best as possible until a feasible solution comes up. Currently, I'm locked in a 2 year contract.
  11. Idiosyncratic

    Frustrated and Ready to Call it

    I have three small children, so these only work so far without being a complete neglect of a parent to them. I attempted to speak with the Director a few times, but there literally is no openings. Even got as far as had an ADA accommodation request filled out by my doctor(consistently elevated blood pressure, now turning into palpitations - all new, unfortunately.). I feel like I've hit a brick wall.
  12. Idiosyncratic

    Frustrated and Ready to Call it

    My doctor suggests that I switch to days since this is a very new thing for me, and the numbers that he kept getting were not something he liked. I ended up having to call out that night because my pressures wouldn't come down, and the debilitating migraine. I work 3 in a row, because I have 3 small children I try to be human for during the rest of the week. When my days were spread apart(a few months ago) I felt like I never had a day off. I have had insomnia for years, so that just makes it worse. There is no semblance of management, balance, or anything. No, we have a director, but she has 4 other units she has to watch over on top of it. Our individual needs are kind of just left to the side lines.
  13. Idiosyncratic

    stethoscope question

    I have one for mom and one for baby. However in a pinch ill use my baby one on mom.
  14. Idiosyncratic

    Frustrated and Ready to Call it

    What about the issues physically being developed in relation to? 160/109 BP, worries about dvts...all from my doctor. Being on hypertension meds already, an antidepressant, and sleeping meds. All of which will change from the imaging and lab results. This all arised today at a doctors appt where i cold get beside myself with a pounding headache.
  15. Idiosyncratic

    Frustrated and Ready to Call it

    As many I have read, I have only been a nurse for 6 months now, and my first job was actually in my dream population; mother baby. I've been on my own for a couple months now, and I am absolutely miserable. I work nights, and there just doesn't seem to be any brightside anymore. I tried taking a vacation, and have been trying to look at the better of things but I'm just really wondering what to do. I feel like nights is completely taking over my life, and it's kind of affecting my mental state. Always tired, gaining weight, feeling spacey all the time, I can never get enough sleep, and sometimes walk around in a daze. The way my unit functions is...well, less than smooth to say the least, but theres no manager so it makes sense. Any advice? Tips? Anything? I hate dreading going to work every day, crying on my way to and from work. I've used all my PTO already because I keep volunteering for standby...and I'm just stuck. Sorry for the rant, but I'm desperately looking for any suggestions or advice. Or maybe I'm just nuts. :/
  16. Idiosyncratic

    ADN L&D position

    My goal is LD, but I have started with my ADN in PP. I've heard from many that sometimes you can take a stepping stone from postpartum to labor when the timing is right and you're not brand new. HOWEVER, there are many hospitals who will willingly train new grads to the labor side of life. Just keep applying!

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