How many hours/days per week do you spend in clinical?

  1. I'm just wondering. (:

    I am in Med/Surg 2 in a BSN program. We go to the hospital 2 days per week, 9 hour days each. I'm on a cardiac progressive care unit, so anything can happen. It's great! We also have two observation days built in. I go next week to observe in the OR and in-patient wound care. We also have a community day where we go to the homeless shelter and do some teaching at different stations. So, really, we have 5 more weeks of hospital clinical left aside from the community/obs days.

    What about you?
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  3. by   Camwill
    I am not really sure how it is going to work this semester. We have clinicals for 10 hours one day, heard we are going to get to patients this semester. We have another 10 hour day at the sims lab I love our sims lab, once I know how it will be spent I will come back and let you know. This semester we are doing ob, peds, and med surg.
  4. by   lace2010
    I have 2 clinical days, 6 hours each day. I also have an online class that I do a clinical when I have the time. I have to get 24 hours of clinical time in for that class by a certain date. Going in now for an 8 hour clinical for that class. =)
  5. by   kaydensmom01
    I'm in my last semester and have med-surg 3 and peds. We have 1 clinical for each class per week. Peds is 7 hr clinical and med surg is 8 hrs.
  6. by   RNstudent13renee
    In my program we get 6 clinical days for this semester. I wish we got more. I'm just starting, this is my first semester but still. We get one day in the nursing home, and the rest are on the floor of a hospital except for an observation day in the OR. They're 8 hour days. I'm hoping the further we go the more time we get in the hospital.
  7. by   rubato
    I'm in my 2nd semester, and we have one day a week, 12 hours. I'm excited to see what a real nursing shift feels like.
  8. by   aachavez
    For Fundamentals, Med Surg 1 and 2, we had 1 12 hour day a week, for 10 weeks, 120 hours per quarter (4 quarters a year)

    I kinda wish it was 2 shorter days a week, but getting it all knocked outt in one day does have its benefits too. In MS 1, we also did some community out reach stuff, which was really cool. Will have to do some again this term in MS 2, but will be on our own time. Fortunately we only need about 2 hours for this assignment. I'm probably going to head to the free clinic and volunteer some time there.
  9. by   Miiki
    I'm in my first semester so not much clinical time yet. Between Health Assessment and Pharmacology, I spend 7 hours per week in clinical this semester.
  10. by   Striving2BG8
    In last semester for HPMR III I have two days for a minimum of 6 hours each. Not sure of the exact schedule but we should be focusing on critical care and emergency medicine.
  11. by   Stephalump
    We have one 10 hour day per week in the hospital and then our extra rotations (like psych and community health) that are varying lengths of time. We have about 144 hours of clinical per semester.
  12. by   Julesmama28
    It's semester we had 2 clinical days a week, (for 5 weeks) about 5 hours each at nursing homes. This semester we have med surge and will do two days back to back about 7-8 hours each. I think we do about 12 weeks of this in the hospital/or. So excited to actually get in there and do stuff! We learn blood draws, IVs, and ng tubes too. Less than a week...nervous but pumped!
  13. by   Julesmama28
    We are supposed to end up with over 1000 hours of clinical over 5 semesters.
  14. by   Miiki
    We get a little more than 1200 in our program. You get 60 before you even start the program, 96 in the first semester, and the rest during the nest 4 semesters.