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Striving2BG8 has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Medical Telemetry, SICU.

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  1. Striving2BG8

    Maryland BON Monitoring program

    Just posting this for anyone else that may have to deal with the Maryland Safe Practice Committee for a DWI. I meet with the council and somehow someway didn't get picked for the program! Before I went to court for my original offense I did some drug/alcohol classes and got an assessment. My assessment said I didn't have an addiction problem so I think thats what saved me. Good luck everyone else that has to go through this. The thought of possibly losing my job, changing my career plans and disrupting my life put me into daily anxiety attacks.
  2. Striving2BG8

    Something Positive!

    Congratulations to your progress and recovery!
  3. Striving2BG8

    Settlement and final order

    Well for my hospital the right practice would have been to alert the provider that they had two separate routes for pain control. Usually if you have the PCA that should be your only source for short acting pain control. I have seen them on a long acting pain medication with the PCA but that's it. But doctors change their minds all the time..
  4. Striving2BG8

    Maryland BON Monitoring program

    Is there any chance in getting it reduced from five years? Do they make your employers send in quarterly reports? Do they put restrictions on all licences, or is that a case by case thing? Sorry for all the questions, its coming up soon...
  5. Striving2BG8

    Maryland BON Monitoring program

    Nobody at all? Really interested in hearing about this program as well.
  6. Striving2BG8

    2017 CA BRN and DUI

    This is very helpful, thanks so much for sharing! I do not deal with the CA BRN but I have been charged with a DWI recently and am gathering information on the matter.
  7. Striving2BG8

    Rn per diem should i say yes

    Did you receive a job offer in writing that said it was full-time? If so I'd fight and tell them thats what you signed up for. If this is your first job as a nurse I wouldn't take the per diem, you need consistent training and hours as a new nurse to get your rhythm.
  8. Striving2BG8

    Preparing for a position on a medical telemetry unit.

    Thank you very much. I have soo much to read. Exciting, scary and fun.
  9. I finally got a job on a unit at one my top picks for a hospital a few weeks ago and next week I start. I'm trying to brush up on my basic skills because I graduated six months ago and I feel like I've forgotten so much. They gave me a little overview sheet of the types of patient they mostly deal with: CHF, MI, COPD, pneumonia, primary pulmonary hypertension, syncope, DM, cardiac arrhythmias, electrolyte imblances, GI disorders, sickle cell anemia, pancreatitis, DVTS, asthma....etc. I know I'm going to learn most stuff on the job and whatnot but I still want to be as knowledgeable as possible What medications should I look over? What else can I do to prepare besides re-reading a clinical nursing skills book and going over the above conditions?
  10. Striving2BG8

    First RN job & it's pay

    24.15 before shift differential in Maryland.
  11. Striving2BG8

    Maryland Board of Nursing Horrors

    Just wanted to follow up. Within a week of paying Pearson I received my ATT. Took my test and passed 07/15 and 07/16 I had an active license number.
  12. I ask because I like many others haven't gotten an RN position. Right now I live in NJ working as an nurse aide (they are giving me 6 months) but I'm looking for an RN job in MD. I'm tired of driving back and forth so I'm thinking of trying for other (non bedside) jobs in case. I don't want to wait until my current job kicks me out. So far I'm thinking... telemetry tech or phlebotmist? But I'll even work in the kitchen at this point. I'm just trying to stay in a hospital setting. Thanks!
  13. Striving2BG8

    Hiring process in California Corrections ?!

    I don't think anyone is replying because !. Your title doesn't specify that you are talking about something to do with correctional? 2. Your whole post is confusing. All the sentences seem like half-completed thoughts. What do you mean by correctional? A correctional facility with the state of California? I don't know anything about this subject just letting your know my thoughts, don't take it personally. Just post a brand new post with a better title....Good Luck.
  14. Striving2BG8

    How do people relax the day before?!!

    I washed my hair and painted my nails in the evening. During the day I didn't do any questions, only reviewed content.
  15. Hey just give it time. I took it on the 15th too for MD BON. I had pending Tuesday morning and then a license # by Tuesday afternoon.
  16. Striving2BG8

    nclex on 7/15! 3 more days

    I took 75 questions on Monday. Did the good pop up within 3 hours of the test. Tuesday morning my name popped up with my license # as pending, and by the afternoon I got my actual licnese #. So no quick results for me

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