Preparing for a position on a medical telemetry unit.

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I finally got a job on a unit at one my top picks for a hospital a few weeks ago and next week I start. I'm trying to brush up on my basic skills because I graduated six months ago and I feel like I've forgotten so much.

They gave me a little overview sheet of the types of patient they mostly deal with: CHF, MI, COPD, pneumonia, primary pulmonary hypertension, syncope, DM, cardiac arrhythmias, electrolyte imblances, GI disorders, sickle cell anemia, pancreatitis, DVTS, asthma....etc.

I know I'm going to learn most stuff on the job and whatnot but I still want to be as knowledgeable as possible

What medications should I look over? What else can I do to prepare besides re-reading a clinical nursing skills book and going over the above conditions?

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Sounds like you are on the right track. This is actually a great environment to start your career; wide variety of patients with multi-system illnesses. You will be able to build your expertise/critical thinking very rapidly. In-depth understanding of patho-phys will be key. Fluid/lyte imbalances are a common finding in this patient population. Another very serious issue is sepsis. Make sure you are very familiar with MEWS Modified Early Warning System (MEWS) | AHRQ Innovations Exchange and how it is tracked & monitored by your new organization.

You can do this!

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Thank you very much. I have soo much to read. Exciting, scary and fun.