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Primary Care; Child Advocacy; Child Abuse; ED

Camile FNP-C

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Camwill has 22 years experience as a ASN, BSN, MSN, LPN, APRN, NP and specializes in Primary Care; Child Advocacy; Child Abuse; ED.

Wife, mother of seven, Army veteran, FNP-C and in last year of DNP program. I love my family, nursing, education and mentoring! 

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  1. Camwill

    Mercy Hospital Fellowship

    I was in the first mercy fellowship in Springfield, I am sure it has changed some but I enjoyed it for the most part!
  2. Camwill

    Burned out and hate nursing

    Find out what in nursing will make you happy! Nursing is one of the few careers that has so much opportunities. I knew I was getting tired and burned out in critical care so I look around at positions that nurses were doing in my hospital that I thought I would like. I switched to case management and have had so many opportunities within the department. I am beyond happy had yes it sucks a little working 5 days a week but nothing compares to being happy to go to work each and everyday! Good luck with finding what you will love! I also took a part time research position, very interesting part of nursing that I didn't know about [emoji40]
  3. Camwill

    VA Clinical Ladder

    You have to be in the right department within the VA. I had the struggle getting into the VA but was offered a temporary position. So the DON hired me into his new float team and told me that I could go into another position once the manager and myself agreed. I worked hard and kept my ear to the ground trying to get into a department where people were happy and I also had an opportunity for advancement. The dept that I worked in majority of the time left little room for advancement but others told me to come to pact. So I asked questions to the nurses there and their manager gives opportunity for advancement. So that is where I went. They are giving me opportunities to do things that the board wants to see. I guess in May I will see if this pays off [emoji4][emoji40]🤔
  4. Camwill

    ER vs. ICU in Military

    I was wondering what a typical day or week of work is like...I mean do you work 12 hour shifts...is it 5 days a week...
  5. Camwill

    Anyone attending cox college

    There were several of my class mates that worked while going to school. Most did not have a problem getting a job at Cox or Mercy while in the program and they said that their managers worked around their school schedule. Good luck!
  6. Camwill

    Cox Hospital Graduate Intern (Springfield, MO)

    You will not have any trouble getting a job there and possibly in your dream area. Why are you moving there? If you don't mind me asking...
  7. Camwill

    Cox Hospital Graduate Intern (Springfield, MO)

    Yes everyone in my class passed the first time they took the NCLEX. I took the position but already moved to California got another position and I graduate from Cox College a year after my ASN with with my BSN on Friday. Good luck to you with whatever program you are in!
  8. Camwill

    ASN Cox College

    I believe if you are around the 3.6 mark you will get in.
  9. Camwill

    ASN Cox College

    Don't count yourself out! Apply!
  10. Camwill

    What does this mean on Breeze website?!

    Bump someone know the answer?
  11. Camwill

    ASN Cox College

    You can do it any of those ways...it is what suites you best! I got all my prerequisite at Cox but you don't have too. Some of my classmates did OTC prerequisite to save money. I did the ASN program (may 2014) and took a couple of extra classes at the same time, so I could finish my BSN quickly. I graduate at Cox with my BSN in May 2015 the same time my friends that started their BSN program at cox. So I will have a year experience and my BSN in May. Was it hard? Yes! But was it worth it...yes! If you need any help please ask away!
  12. Camwill

    ASN Cox College

    Yes I believe all nursing programs are hard to get into, but not impossible. Make good grades and you will have a good chance to get in on the first try! I believe my class who graduated in May 2014 avg gpa was 3.75 or higher. I am sure you can do it though!
  13. Camwill

    ASN Cox College

    I didn't but I know some of my classmates did...
  14. Camwill

    What does this mean on Breeze website?!

    Where do you go on breeze to find out information about your application? I see where to verify license but I don't see where to look up information on your application. Thanks
  15. Camwill

    "Holiday/year end" gift

    We got $100, a $25 gift at a local grocery, and a free dinner at my ED. $40 from the surgical floor I worked for. Two different hospitals. The smaller hospital gave the better gift ☺️. I am grateful that either gave anything though!
  16. Camwill

    Fresno area jobs

    My family and I will be moving to the Clovis, Fresno area. I am currently a RN in the ED, BSN (may 2015), and will have a year experience in June 2015. That is when we plan to move. I am waiting on my license number from endorsing to California. How hard will it be to get a job in this area? I know the market is tough for new graduates. I will not be picky, my mother in law is 78, and won't move out of state. It is time to go home.