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  1. Camwill

    Nursing Degrees: The Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN)

    Where I live there is little difference in the pay of an asn compared to a bsn. We all had equal chances at the same jobs. I received job offers at every hospital I applied to. I think it really matters where you live :)
  2. Camwill

    4th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    I guess she hasn't received her acceptance letter yet, I better stop bragging about mine.
  3. Camwill

    Anyone attending cox college

    I will be going to the program at cox college and I am interested in what students think of the college. I have tried to find out how many people applied to the program but I haven't had any luck. I have A&P 1 and 2, microbiology, nurtrition, and several other classes but I have to take the sciences again because they are 6 years old. I made A's before so I am not scared to take them again I just am ready to start. What other program should I apply to?
  4. Camwill

    Anyone attending cox college

    I was wondering if anyone on here is going to cox college nursing program. :heartbeat
  5. Camwill

    Hospital Corpsman needs an advice..

    If you have the discipline to study I would go with excelsior. I was a army medic but I also went into lpn school before I enter the military. No 91c slots. Any way, I think you will be fine. I took all my preq's at universities and colleges while I was in so my core is done and all I have is the nursing courses. You can do, it we all sit behind the same board to take the NCLEX and if your state says yes you are fine and that is all that matter good luck
  6. Camwill

    Anyone Using RUE...

    Well I know that it sucks not to get your books when you are ready to start. I called rue and they didn't take a payment till my books came in and to make sure I dont have that problem again I have already signed up for my next course. I do believe that they are having a problem with the book company because the colleges around here are having trouble getting books in also. I signed up in November received my books for transitions last week and course starts next monday (was suppose to start in December) my second course that starts in February was suppose to be January I should have the books next week. I hope this helps and everyone accomplishes all their goals this year;)
  7. I have finished A&P and micro but I wouldn't mind going over it with you if you want. Never turn down a refresher. I just started transition.
  8. Was wondering if you all are still studying. I just have the nursing courses to do. I am in the ft leonardwood area
  9. Camwill

    Military spouse...so many questions

    I am just getting back to waynesville after being gone for a while but I am looking for a study partner, I already have my pre reqs but would love to help you study and be brushed up for the fall semester. Let me know if you would like to study together.
  10. Camwill

    Welcome to the Missouri State Forum!

    Hi everyone I am a new rn student in waynesville mo.