Dieting - You are what you eat

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    Another funny one...

    What is your diet like at school? While studying?

    Do you have any tips to share?

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    the good old days of nursing school meals :d now a days i carry several healthy bars with me, along with dry fruit and a power drink
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    My first thought when I looked at the cartoon was "That's a cute skirt" before I read the caption
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    Reminds me of the time during nursing school when I fixed myself a PB& J sandwich and some chips, and realized I was eating the same kinds of comfort foods I'd consumed in high school. :uhoh21:
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    when i was in my last semester of grad school i was first-second trimester pregnant and had a three-year-old, too. three days a week my "lunch" was two hard-boiled eggs and a yogurt consumed in the stairwell between two classes. no time for a sandwich, and the eggshells went in the yogurt cup and into the trash as i entered the 2nd class.
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    Hey GrnTea, you should actually be proud of yourself. That's a pretty healthy lunch, even though I am sure it got boring after a while.
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    What is a good healthy power drink?
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    one that was suggested for my type-1 diabetic husband was click. he prefers the mocha flavor. it's good either
    hot or cold but has caffeine, so beware! it's high protein. the price varys widely so shop around. pm me and i'll
    tell you where we get ours.

    the vanilla is good cold with fruit added, like a smoothie.
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    A sandwich is always the snack of choice. Quick and easy. I can never get tired of a ham and cheese sandwich.
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    I was thinking the same thing!! LOL

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