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  1. champagnesupeRNova

    November 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    "There's no way I'm paying any crazy co-pays! I Googled how to do this surgery and won't be needing you."
  2. champagnesupeRNova

    Registered Nurse Interview (Due ASAP)

    I don't understand why people get so worked up every time a student asks questions for an interview or a homework question. Just IGNORE IT and move on if it bothers you so much. Pages and pages of useless commentary...
  3. It's even more horrible that this was done by the US. Inexcusable.
  4. champagnesupeRNova

    Weirdest/most difficult thing swallowed by a patient

    Baby in our NICU born with 2 natal teeth. One day the nurse noticed that one was missing. Found the tooth on x-ray in the stomach! Amazing that she didn't aspirate or choke.
  5. champagnesupeRNova

    ELBW Supine+Midline for ____ days

    We place them in side-lying position against the parents' chests.
  6. champagnesupeRNova

    ELBW Supine+Midline for ____ days

    How is it even possible to do prone with the head midline?
  7. champagnesupeRNova

    What is the strangest thing...

    We've had our small, digital scales stolen a couple times. We use them to weigh infants' diapers. Presumably they are the same type of scale that dealers use to weigh drugs.
  8. champagnesupeRNova

    Time Paradox of 12 hour shifts

    Yup, this is the ultimate paradox of a 12-hour shift/every other weekend schedule. I feel you. But I also would never go back to working 8-hour days/5 days a week - sucked the life out of me.
  9. champagnesupeRNova

    So...What Kind of Nursing Task Do You LIKE?

    I LOVE re-taping ETTs. I know that sounds weird, but nothing is more satisfying than when your baby is constantly de-satting, then you re-tape their ETT and you can magically wean their FiO2 considerably. Also: -IV starts and drawing cultures -Giving baths, especially a first bath. In the NICU sometimes the baby is 3-4 weeks old and has never had one. -Re-doing a PICC line dressing so it's all nice and occlusive -Helping a parent take their baby out for skin-to-skin care for the first time
  10. champagnesupeRNova

    How does your NICU unit run?

    I'm surprised how many places do scheduled routine assessment times. In my NICU, we have either q2, q3, or--rarely and only for the bigger kids--q4 assessment/feeding times. Most are q3. The babies that are almost going home are on a "demand" schedule and get fed and assessed when they wake up to eat. We do full assessments twice a shift and just vitals/diaper changes in between. Fluids are changed on nights as well as labs and isolette changes. Day shift does NG/OG/Salem tube changes.
  11. champagnesupeRNova

    Any thoughts of USA infant mortality rate

    Another point worth mentioning is that in the US--or at least where I live--a pregnant woman does not see her OB until she is already 8 weeks pregnant (barring any complications). By that time, she is 2/3 done with her first trimester, which is the most critical time in the development of the baby. Those women who do not seek out information as to how to take care of themselves and their developing baby during this time are left in the dark and can possibly engage in harmful behavior without knowing it. Also, many women don't even know they're pregnant during this time. I'm curious how prenatal visits occur in other countries. Anyone?
  12. champagnesupeRNova

    how much do you pay on student loans per month

    I had $26k in loans and paid $500/month to pay it off quickly. I also made larger payments some months when I had extra. It was 4 different loans, so I would always pay a lot more towards the one that had the higher interest rate, then when that one would get below $3k, I would pay off the whole thing in a lump sum. Took 2.5 years.
  13. champagnesupeRNova

    Vent: parents

    NICU is just a completely different world than what parents are used to. They often interpret many of their baby's cues wrongly (i.e. seeing the baby splay out their hands - "they need to stretch out" or repeated yawning from the baby "he's so sleepy."). When I have parents that don't understand low-stimulation care or the specific developmental cues their baby needs, I play an educational video for them that is about the premature baby in general and all their specific needs. The parents LOVE watching it because they learn so much and it in turn makes the baby's NICU stay that much better because the parents are on board. Do you have anything like this at your workplace?
  14. champagnesupeRNova

    Win $100! June 2015 Caption Contest

    "My husband got sick of me bring home germs from work so he installed this decontamination shower. Pun intended."
  15. champagnesupeRNova

    How to handle a coworker who is giving poor care

    I think if you had posted this in the NICU forum, the responses would have been different because as a NICU nurse, I totally get what you're talking about. I have worked with a few "senior" nurses like this (not exactly, but mostly) that went about their patient care like they were just "over it." They didn't have patience, didn't seem to care about anything (except when they could take their break), and got by on the bare minimum. They have all either left for another job or retired by now. If we saw any of them being too "rough" with the babies, we would intervene by asking if they needed help or just standing in the room seemingly to make conversation. I never saw any of them slam a babies head into the bed though. Then there are the senior nurses that are excellent in patient care, but have become so used to handling the babies that they are swift and jarring in their movements of the baby which I would sometimes categorize as rough. I would definitely call this nurse out on her "rough" handling of the babies.
  16. champagnesupeRNova

    How to eat on night shift

    Eat "breakfast" when you wake up (in your case, 2pm). Eat a snack in the car or in the report room before your shift. Eat "lunch" anytime between 11-2am. Eat a snack sometime between 4-6am. Eat a larger snack at home before going to sleep. Keep nuts and granola/protein bars in your work bag, easily accessible to you during the shift.