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I have just read an interesting article about nurses which says that there are certain things we do or see as Nurses which makes us want to vomit. So what makes you want to vomit? I don't... Read More

  1. by   ItsANurseLife
    Trach care with thick secretions is pretty gross to me, but after having one pt on our floor for several months that required so much care I got used to it. The absolute, hands down, worst was when we had a pt with a gaping leg wound that had decay and dead tissue in it that had to be I&D'ed by a surgeon. The smell was like a rotting corpse and so strong that engineering had to come up to the room and make a special venting system to the outdoors. i felt so sad for the patient because she couldn't get away from it. I can handle most anything else and other wounds.
  2. by   Sun0408
    I haven't found anything nursing related but the hospital food is bad enough to make me want to vomit
  3. by   PediLove2147
    Vomit makes me want to vomit. I start to gag every time, especially if it has food in it.

    I got used to secretions when I did home care, the kid I took care of needed frequent suctioning and I was hit more than once.
  4. by   brillohead
    I'm cracking up that the ad in this thread is:

    Throat Mucus Naturally Reduce Phlegm, Mucus & Throat Congestion. Guaranteed! www.NativeRemedies.com

    Wonder if that would work for the trach patients we're all talking about? LOL
  5. by   BrandonLPN
    The ad that pops up at the top for me is for some sort of sheet of paper to put between your skin folds in your belly to avoid skin-on-skin irritation. Not a vomit-inducing ad, but disturbing enough in it's own way....
  6. by   MJB2010
    GI bleed smell makes me gag. Oh and when I was pregnant EVERYTHING made me throw up. I mean everything. The food trays, the vomit, the puke, the smell of blood. Smell of soap, perfume, food, and anything else with an odor.
  7. by   lovinlife11
    The smell of hospital food trays. Particularly lunch and dinner trays. Also, inserting ng tubes, creeps me out!
  8. by   SwansonRN
    The smell from ileostomies. BUT the worst smell I have ever smelt was something I experienced back when I was a student. I am having trouble describing it (not a surgical nurse at all). It was an open stomach, with a raised transparent dressing covering it. The patient was still eating and drinking a little so when the nurse opened it to clean and change the dressing OH MY GOSH. It was UNHOLY. I haven't seen anything like it since in my nice little medical bubble. I would probably go as far to say that a lot of surgeries would make me squeamish. Anything other than the bronchs/trach insertions/central lines/EGDs, TEEs that I see at the bedside are a noooooooo thank you.
  9. by   Caffeine_IV

    Smell of gi bleed

    Funky vaginas
  10. by   ccarey09
    I'm a cna and can do mouth care, but the sound of dentures coming out of a residents mouth makes me want to GAG. And I there's a resident that has a colostomy bag. Omgosh, it's awful. It's not all colostomies. Just this one. There's another resident with 1 and hers doesn't bother me as bad.
  11. by   Morainey
    I got super light-headed when I was watching a doc do an I&D at the bedside of an infected knee... when he 'expressed' a bunch of pus and blood, I almost passed out.
  12. by   workingharder
    Artichoke hearts.
  13. by   livRN2012
    Sputum. Both The real thing and the noise when it comes up. Gag. And when dentures come out with food still on them. Ughhhhh it takes a lot for me to hold in the gags.