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nkochrn has 16 years experience as a RN and specializes in Rural Health.

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  1. nkochrn

    PATIENT posting pictures on Facebook

    This is what I need to talk to the actual nurse about b/c I'm not sure how she found out. I think he was out of town and possibly one of his friends is from town and posted the pictures but I haven't had a chance to ask her about it yet.
  2. nkochrn

    PATIENT posting pictures on Facebook

    awesome, thanks so much! Do you have signs warning patients that they can not post pictures of staff or how are they made aware of the policy?
  3. Every time I've looked into getting my BSN I have decided the cost is just not worth it. In my rural setting it just doesn't gain me much. I know there is always the chance that I could move to another area, but considering this is DH and I's hometown it's pretty unlikely. I have no desire to be a Director and can still be a supervisor with my ADN if I wanted to. I think last time I looked there were several pre-req's that I didn't think should be necessary but it's been awhile. I graduated in 2005 with my ADN.
  4. nkochrn

    PATIENT posting pictures on Facebook

    Thanks for your reply, is there anyway I could see your policy?
  5. We had an ED patient over the weekend that posted pictures on facebook from his visit. 2 of the ED nurses were in the picture and had no idea that they'd even been photographed. They were very upset to find out that it ended up on fb. One of them does not have a fb account. There wasn't really anything they could've done to stop it from happening, our risk manager is looking into this right now. I'm not sure exactly how the nurses saw the pictures because it was the risk managers understanding that the patient was from out of town and the nurses did not know him, so would not have been his friend on fb. I thought she could just report the photo but not sure, I will have to talk to the nurse that found it to find out the exact details since the risk manager doesn't have a good understanding of how facebook works. I've seen a few times that one of the OB nurses will end up on facebook and that's never surprised me, patients and families are always taking tons of pictures in that area. It's never seemed to be an issue before. Does anyone have any policies regarding this?
  6. nkochrn

    And then the MD said.....

    I had to stop one of the docs in the ED from putting an NG in a patient b/c I hadn't done it before and wanted to! They are not all that way, most of ours will help out a little if needed. I've seen a doc put a foley in a patient and also attempt to start an IV on a ped. Odd thing is that our one and only NP is the one that is least likely to help the nurses even though she worked as a nurse for several years.
  7. nkochrn

    May 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    I told ya that she had C-Diff!
  8. nkochrn

    Coworker having access to my password and charting

    In most systems even the IT dept. does not know what your password is, they only see stars as the characters are hidden, so if you forget your password they reset it, then make it expire on the next sign on, so that you will have to change it right away. Since this person was in a management position it would make sense that she may be able to reset passwords for that dept, but what she did sounds EXTREMELY illegal!
  9. nkochrn

    The Humorous Nurse Speaks

    These are hilarious! Love reading all of them.
  10. My facility is in the process of shifting from an all paper ED to a full blown computerized ED. I, as the clinical information specialist will be doing a lot of training and helping to make things run smoothly. I'm sure it's no surprise that there have already been plenty of negative comments about this upcoming venture. I've combatted several remarks of, "that'll never work or Oh that's gonna take forever." I've bragged up all the positive testimonials from other hospitals that are already utilizing the same software. I'm sure there have probably been some eyes rolled as I turned my back, but I've been working on starting this change out on a positive foot (and I have big feet) from the very beginning. I believe these next several months will be crucial to making our go-live a positive experience. I plan to keep a positive attitude about all these changes, because really there's not a whole lot we can do to stop technology from advancing. I plan to be available to anyone struggling or needing a little one on one time for learning, because I know we have some REALLY great nurses that are just not that computer savvy and I don't mean just the older nurses! I want everyone to start out feeling confident and knowing they WILL be able to do this. I will be available to listen to what their concerns are and see what we can do to improve areas that are under our control. The communication between all staff will be critical during this time of adjustment. I plan to have a clear outline of just how everything will play out. One thing I will have to constantly remind myself of is to be patient! I'm not always the most patient teacher, so when I start thinking, "why do they NOT get this," I will remind myself that I too have struggled to adapt to changes. When the go-live is over and everyone is functioning on their own I'll look back at how far we've come. I'm sure there will be some mistakes made along the way, but we will look back at those mistakes and learn from them. The next time we will know just a little more about what works best because there's no denying that this will not be our last "go live."
  11. I think about changing careers ALL the time and I can't ever make up my mind what I'd like to do! 1. An Author of Novels, maybe even some 'steamy' ones! (I get too self conscious letting others read my work) 2. Marriage Counseler- I've REALLY been considering doing something like this lately! I know of a few people that could use it 3. Real Estate Agent - Actually considered doing the training to do this a couple years ago. 4. Stand Up Comedian - My husbands actually told me I'd be good at this before. 5. Home Daycare provider
  12. nkochrn

    BreakRoom 2012 Article Contest 3rd Quarter

    Thanks for all the votes, this was a very welcome surprise this morning! Congratulations to all the winners!
  13. nkochrn

    Dear Nurses: Please Forgive Me

    Great article! It is soooo much different to be the family, I watched as my Dad sat waiting and waiting and waiting to have SOMETHING done when his HGB had dropped to 4 and he had the most awful skin color I've ever seen on a LIVING person. In all fairness they were working on getting him a blood transfusion but it felt like nothing was happening, he needed to be transferred to a different facility and it was taking forever. I wanted to scream and tell someone to get him outta here and on his way to where he needs to be. I knew they were doing all they could and we had to wait for the other hospital to accept.
  14. nkochrn

    Reflecting on the Above and Beyond

    Thanks for all the well wishes! Today my Dad had a follow up appointment with reports of good labs. He's also noticed a decrease in the size of his lumps!
  15. This has to be one of the best articles I've read! LOVE it.
  16. thanks so much for sharing, I graduated in 2003 as an LPN and worked full time in a nursing for awhile. Re-orienting the demented was rarely, if ever successful. I agree that the only thing to do is agree with the patient and not argue.