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nkochrn has 17 years experience as a RN and specializes in Rural Health.

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  1. nkochrn

    Family having trouble with AML outcome

    Well, She wanted to prove the doc wrong and she has sure surprised all of us! It's been 2 1/2 weeks since he told her she only had "days" left b/c her WBC was 80k and her platelets were 10. She has been surrounded by family and enjoying the great g...
  2. My 80 year grandmother was diagnosed with AML in August. She has been taking hydroxyurea and getting blood transfusions every 2-3 weeks. She did get 1 platelet transfusion a few weeks ago also. On Monday, her oncologist told her she only has days...
  3. nkochrn

    And then the MD said.....

    I had to stop one of the docs in the ED from putting an NG in a patient b/c I hadn't done it before and wanted to! They are not all that way, most of ours will help out a little if needed. I've seen a doc put a foley in a patient and also attempt t...
  4. nkochrn

    May 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    I told ya that she had C-Diff!
  5. nkochrn

    No More May Die

    This is such a beautifully written piece! It brought tears to my eyes as I think about my own father's terminal illness and what his final days may be like. I LOVE the way this ended!
  6. nkochrn

    What makes you want to vomit?

    There's not a whole lot that make me want to vomit, other than vomit. I was very close to vomiting one day when emptying a foley, the patient was on palliative care due to the end stages of cancer and her urine was very thick with a very foul odor. ...
  7. This has to be one of the best articles I've read! LOVE it.
  8. thanks so much for sharing, I graduated in 2003 as an LPN and worked full time in a nursing for awhile. Re-orienting the demented was rarely, if ever successful. I agree that the only thing to do is agree with the patient and not argue.
  9. nkochrn

    Contradictions; How can death be life?

    This is so beautifully written. As I watch my Dad battle cancer I see my parents appreciating the little things and each other so much more. Wishing your family the best.
  10. nkochrn

    Reflecting on the Above and Beyond

    Funny you should say that, he's actually a truck driver! lol. He's been in great spirits and taking everything very well, although it took a little bit for him to get to this point. Hopefully in a few weeks he will literally get to 'keep truckin.'
  11. nkochrn

    Little Brother

    Beautiful Story! I have been wondering lately how people can work in oncology all day, while I watch my Dad battle his cancer. I am sooo thankful for wonderful compassionate nurses like you!
  12. nkochrn

    Reflecting on the Above and Beyond

    You're right we did not demand anything extra and never would, but even if we were that type of family we never would have had a chance to demand anything because these nurse's offered us those little things before we ever had a chance to ask for the...
  13. nkochrn

    Reflecting on the Above and Beyond

    The very first time I ever stepped foot into an oncology office was the day my Dad was diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma. The only thing I could think as I sat there was, "Why does anyone decide they want to become an oncologist or even work in a plac...
  14. nkochrn

    McKesson Paragon

    I don't know anything about Paragon, but I'd be interested in hearing more about it! Our family practice uses Practice Partner from Mckesson. If in the unlikely event we'd ever switch the software on the hospital side, we'd probably be looking into...
  15. nkochrn

    Embarrasing illnesses

    Saw an ER patient, female, approx. 35 y/o. Was having intercourse using protection and the condom slipped off inside her and her and boyfriend couldn't get it out!