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The standard advice during interviews when this question comes up is to pick a mild fault and put a positive spin about how you are dealing with it successfully. I suspect interviewers foolish enough to ask this question hear a... Read More

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    *I'm a nerd and I don't socialize.
    *I'll never read my in-house emails... don't bother sending 'em... besides, my mailbox is full and the last email that got through was probably back in 2008.
    *Don't ask me what I think... just don't.
    *I sleep through meetings.
    *The only time I'll answer my phone for you is if I think I'm going to be cancelled.
    *Crocs make my feet stink, but I'm working with a counselor on this issue to make me best employee I can be.
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    This is the best idea for a thread I have seen in a very long time... hilarious!
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    i am too dedicated to my job and picking up ot for managements inability and unwillingness to hire people.

    i hate listening to staff meetings unless they turn into employees turning on each other with the manager smiling!

    i loooooovvvvv eeeeee to listen to gossip!!!!! and i will get from the types who dont even know motives or what they are doing. on the otherhand , i hate talking about myself to others. i dont trust their motives or want them to know about me. i do not participate in baby showers or birthday parties. i dont talk to or like talking to most coworkers. i dont want to see their kids or dogs pictures. i do not want to go out with them after work. i rather watch tv alone in the breakroom .

    i am good at being in charge but hate it because most of the others seem incompetent or there are too many new people working .
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    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    *Don't ask me what I think... just don't.
    /\ This is great!!

    I once did honestly answer this interview question. I told them one aspect of me that might be perceived as a weakness was that:

    "I don't really need management, I've always worked nights and mostly weekends and I've learned to be very independent. One of my 'best managers' was the lady I saw maybe twice a year on accident."

    I got the job.

    If I were to interview again today and really tell the truth it would probably sound something like this:

    "I'm not a fan of any form of management higher than charge nurse, in fact I have started to realize I might be a Marxist."

    Yea, that would get me far deep in the Bible Belt.
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    Oh my goodness!! I had a phone interview today she asked my weakness, I told her I interupt people a lot (it's true). HAHA. At the end of the interview I told her I sucked at interviews, but I'm a wonderful employee. I'll let you all know if I got the job.
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    Quote from Nascar nurse
    As a hiring manager, I do ask "Tell me about your weakness". Within reason, I really don't care what answer you give me but those of you NOT hiring would be amazed at the number of people that tell me "I can't really think of anything" or "I don't really have any weaknesses". This response tells me 1) they are not prepared for an interview or 2) They really think they are that perfect and it's gonna be H___ for the rest of us to deal with them...managers and coworkers alike!...
    Or, as mentioned by StudentEtc. the interview was pretty ridiculous and the interviewee wants out. I must confess, I did do this once. I just was done in the first minute, I so was just done with it. Hey.
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    My honest answers that I will never share in an interview:

    I skip meetings as often as I can because it's just a lot of complaints about the same old stuff that never changes.

    I love my confused geriatric patients and have endless patience with them but young adults who whine make my skin crawl.

    I do not agree with the "customer is always right" mentality.

    I get cranky when I don't get a lunch. Really cranky. And I will mow you down on my way to the cafeteria.
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    "A weakness? Hmmmm. Give me a moment to think. There are so many of them, it's hard to pick just one." --insert childish giggle here--
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    I work nights because I tell very naughty stories at work, cruise the internet, eat and occasionally take care of patients. I don't have time to deal with pharmacy, dietary, administration, doctors, families, etc... and for the most part I don't see them on nights unless I call them in. I don't have time to deal with them because I can do the job faster without their interfereance and then I can go back to telling naughty stories and jokes, cruising the internet, eating and occasionally answering a call light.
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    Mine would be

    "I lost my desire to truly help humanity and save the world, oh, around my 3rd year of nursing school. It's just a paycheck to me now, for the most part."

    "I hold co-workers with bad writing and English skills in secret, fiery burning contempt even while I smile and chat with them."

    "I would rather refer to the policy and procedure book to know how things are done here, rather than listen to 6 co-workers show me "their" way, and god help you if your P&P is outdated or inaccurate."

    "I think children are all of The Corn and will do anything to weasel my way out of working with them."

    "I bring in too many of my tasty baked goods and units I work with all gain tons of lard as a result."

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