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  1. Acuity Tool

    Hi All! I am trying to find an acuity tool that is good for us itty bitty CAHs. Everything I have found seems to be for larger hospitals and doesn't necessary account for having to have a certain number of people in the building for a code team, etc...
  2. I have worked in critical access for 10 of my 15 years in nursing. I couldn't imagine working in any other environment! Critical access hospitals get everything the big hospitals get, just fewer and farther between. We are like a MASH unit, keep w...
  3. Hostile work environment - Violent Doctor

    This is a completely unacceptable and unsafe environment for staff, but just as important, for patients. I once worked with a doctor that was so verbally abusive and horrible to work with it flustered the staff into feeling forced to be unsafe. The ...
  4. RN

    This is a really stupid question. I mean, I answered enough of them on the CEN exam to get the certificate, but now I don't know what I should or need to use for a postnomial. Is it now RNC; RN, CEN; or just RN and use CEN for correspondence and resu...
  5. I work nights because I tell very naughty stories at work, cruise the internet, eat and occasionally take care of patients. I don't have time to deal with pharmacy, dietary, administration, doctors, families, etc... and for the most part I don't see...
  6. ER handoff report to floor

    I'm sorry to "hijack" the thread, but I cannot PM yet and I would like to ask you a couple of questions about Sebastian hospital. Can you email me at I am originally from Vero and am ready to come home :-) Thank You, Heather
  7. What do you think? Honestly

    I say get your butt into an ER!! The ER needs good nurses with field experience and I would welcome you in my ER any day. If you are a good nurse, take care of your patients and do a good job, I could give a rat's patootie how big you are. Like an...
  8. Treasure Coast Nursing

    Evening folks - I am ready to move home. I was born and raised in Vero Beach. My dad is in Vero and my sister is in PSL. I am looking for some perspective on the hospitals in the area. I have always worked in very small hospitals (critical access...