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I have been a nurse for 30 years and have done anything and everything to advocate for my patients. Why can a doctor.. scream at me ...when I ask for their guidance in a patient care issue?... Read More

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    Quote from Aurora77
    I don't think you can ever earn the respect of a jerk. The best you can do is do your job well
    And we can't change another. We can only change our perception.

    No one makes us feel any way. If Another can make us feel a certain way, then we are giving them control over our feelings.

    Oh sure- there are Rude People who seem not to give two hoots about Another's feeliings and a Negative Feeling would be an appropriate reaction to their behavior. However- to give attention to, or place importance on Inappropriate Behavior from Anyone is to give that Person with that Behavior power.

    My M.O. is to deal with Inappropriate Behavior by exhibiting Appropriate Behavior.

    It works. I've used this Method with Doctors, Nursing Practioners, Supervisors, Patients, and Patients' Families and it's not failed me yet.

    The best to you, BTDT.


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    I have never seen a nurse act anyway but appropriate,While and Despite the doctor screaming like a "2 year old- can't have that toy,"
    But, I guess I could aspire to act better in my head when they throw a tantrum.
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    Your employer should have an defined process for dealing with disruptive physicians that you can follow. This is a requirement for all JC accredited organizations. If they don't, it should warrant at least an incident report. It is a form of workplace harassment that no one should be subjected to. If the doc is allowed to get away with it, it will only encourage similar behavior in the future.
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    Sorry to hear about this. Curious about what "patient care issue" you wanted guidance on? The reason I ask is not to excuse any inappropriate behavior on the part of the doc, or to somehow shift any of the "blame" to you, but to clarify whether this doc is just an equal opportunity rude person or if this is really a matter of disrespect to you as a nurse, etc.
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    Quote from Been there,done that
    I have been a nurse for 30 years and have done anything and everything to advocate for my patients.

    Why can a doctor.. scream at me ...when I ask for their guidance in a patient care issue?
    I'm sorry you've had a really bad day/night. Nobody should have the opportunity to make nurses feel small. There should be zero tolerance.
    Most of the time, when it happens, it's verbal abuse. An assault. Plain and
    The easiest thing to do is hang up or walk away. Eliminate yourself as a target.
    Then contact HR. Make that slimy you know what squirm. Even if the only result is it makes you feel better.
    For you to have posted here, with 30 years experience, it must have been bad.
    Don't let it stop you from doing what's right.
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    "Screaming" no, I have never seen anything as dramatic as that.
    "Grumbling", sure sometimes people grumble because doing the right thing takes more work, I grumble sometimes myself.
    It doesn't bother me at all. I have been a mom long enough that I am quite used to kids getting mad when you make them do what they need to do. Sometimes adults regress a little too.
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    I have one doc just like that; he chewed me out for something that did not involve me at all. Once he was finished, I spoke up and didn't stop til he apologized .. I googled his name, I wont tell you what I found but you should try it... Someone like that is fighting their own demons.. It is not about you at all. Do not tolerate it, stand your ground and be heard. If its the right thing to do, go over his head.

    With that being said, I would report his behavior. Nothing will change until we stand up for ourselves !!!
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    Some people just aren't professional. A professional would never scream. People need self control.
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    I would tell him this not a acceptable behavior. He can go home and scream to his wife and family, but this is the workplace and he is very unprofessional. You have to talk in a calm voice and usually it works.
    One time, I had a cath lab physician cursing and "**** and ****" because we did not the supplies that he needed. I told him he was not in cath lab and we did carry those suppliies, if he continued to **** and he need to go home and **** what ever. Also I reminded him the patient could hear everthing he said. Finally he realized that he looked so stupid and stopped. The next time he saw me, he was nicest as he can be.
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    Why do Doctors scream at you? Because in their superior minds you are just a nurse. Someone to do their bidding.
    The general public has this idea too. If someone gets well, "Oh, that Doctor did a fantastic job." But if someone get's worst or dies," All those Nurses screwed up." Did you know for 30 years you have been screwing up?

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