What does NOC stand for? What does NOC stand for? | allnurses

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What does NOC stand for?

  1. 1 Regarding shifts, what does NOC stand for?
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    night (shift)
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    What do the letters stand for?
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    I wonder if this is a regional thing. I never heard of NOC until I started here on allnurses. I mean I know what it means, but the shift being called NOC, never heard it.
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    lol, i always tried to figure out what it meant, until one day when i brilliantly came to the conclusion that noc = nurse on call . wow, i guess we learn something new every day. i am so embarrassed!
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    It refers to nocturnal or night.
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    Quote from bill4745
    What do the letters stand for?
    Truth, justice and the American way.
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    it will depend on the duty roster policy of the institution as has been suggested it may be a Night shift from the (cod) latin Nocte , it may be a general 'on call period' or it may be a Night time on call
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    Thanks for asking. I used to work NOC but just thought it was nights.
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    Could be Nursing Outcomes Classification
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    If its regarding nursing care plans they use NIC and NOC

    They are the Iowa
    NIC Nursing Intervention Classification
    NOC Nursing Outcomes Classification

    I found this info in Nursing Care Plans, Nursing Diagnosis and Intervention 6th Edition Gulanick/Myers