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  1. missdeevah

    Nova medical center NP position

    Hi, I just had an interview with a recruiter, but I cannot find any online experience reviews about working there as a provider. Does anyone work here? They are multi-state, and I'm hoping to find someone who could give me some insight as to what a day looks like. Hopefully a current or past provider can help me. Feel free to PM me as well. Thanks!
  2. missdeevah

    How does telemedicine work? Esp as an NP

    Being a nurse is different from being a provider. I'm not talking about the obvious person in distress that needs to go to the ER. I'm talking about treating someone that shows up on a virtual visit with a chief complaint of pink eye, and you deciding whether to treat or decide they need to be seen immediately for orbital vs periorbital cellulitis. A brand new provider may not know this. There's not much time in a virtual visit to research issues while the patient waits. I'm not talking about the person that shows up with obviously low BP or SOB that any prudent nurse would say go to the ER/ call 911 stat. Lastly a new provider may also feel uncomfortable with things that could be treated on a virtual visit with some precautions given, and instead send them to be seen in clinic. This could happen far too many times than is necessary.
  3. missdeevah

    How does telemedicine work? Esp as an NP

    I do pediatric telemedicine. The one thing I can't stress enough is that you need to have experience. You need to intuitively be able to tell when you should send them to an ER, and when you should send them to an in clinic evaluation.
  4. missdeevah

    Anyone know about Marathon Health?

    Thanks Davey Do. Well, I hope that all is well with her.
  5. missdeevah

    Anyone know about Marathon Health?

    How did this go? Did you get a job with them?
  6. missdeevah

    Telemedicine nurse practitioners

  7. missdeevah

    Telemedicine nurse practitioners

    For anyone doing telehealth/virtual visits only, either full time or PRN: Could you possibly give me insight on what pay is like? How much, per visit, or per hour, or salary? How long are the shifts, how many patients per day, etc? Are you credentialed in multiple States? I'm in the middle of negotiation, and would appreciate your input. I realize that this may vary greatly by location, etc...just trying to get an idea of what it's like out there.
  8. missdeevah

    TWU NP school

    I absolutely would recommend it. I graduated in 2017. They will also help with clinical placement if needed.
  9. missdeevah

    Telemedicine in NP role

    Thanks for you input!
  10. missdeevah

    Worksite or occupational health NP

    Does anyone work in these areas as an NP? How did you get into it, what was your prior experience as an NP and as an RN? Any advice on how to get started? I have been in family for 2 years (But clinic operates like urgent care, seeing chronic and acute, walk-ins, minor procedures such as lacerations, I&D, on site lab abd Xrays). Prior to that I did pre and post op for pain management procedures and also for day surgery, ED overflow, telemetry, PCU, peds, rehab, and skilled nursing facility.
  11. Your thoughts? I have a potential phone interview next week for a job I really want. The CEO of the company is in my LinkedIn, though I don't know him personally. Would it be inappropriate to reach out to him with my resume and a cover letter?
  12. missdeevah

    How to become a Legal Nurse Consultant?

  13. missdeevah

    Texas Medical Board Attempting to Limit Scope of Practice

    Those of us in TX have got to make our voices heard by the TMB. We can't take steps back, we're already behind. We need to write them and get them to see the light.
  14. missdeevah

    I finally passed the NCLEX-PN on 5th attempt!!

    Congratulations...that's some perseverance!
  15. missdeevah

    Warm Fuzzies Story

    Awww...love it! How cool is that?