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  1. missdeevah

    How to become a Legal Nurse Consultant?

  2. missdeevah

    Texas Medical Board Attempting to Limit Scope of Practice

    Those of us in TX have got to make our voices heard by the TMB. We can't take steps back, we're already behind. We need to write them and get them to see the light.
  3. missdeevah

    I finally passed the NCLEX-PN on 5th attempt!!

    Congratulations...that's some perseverance!
  4. missdeevah

    Warm Fuzzies Story

    Awww...love it! How cool is that?
  5. missdeevah

    First Job, Unsure of Role

    I did not have a written job description. However, during the interview process, I asked what exactly a day would look like for me, and they basically described what I felt described an NP role...seeing patients. I didn't ask about MA's because I have never not known any providers to not have one. Maybe that was my rookie mistake.
  6. missdeevah

    First Job, Unsure of Role

    Update: lunch went well. They talked about how they we're looking forward to me seeing patients, and having my own office/rooms, apologizing for how they've not really been organized, and thanking me for my patience with them. It was mainly pleasantries, and the president telling me not to ever hesitate to reach out to him should I need to. Fast forward...I've been seeing patients for about 4 weeks now, but the most I've seen in a day is 5 patients (not by choice, that's all that's been put on my schedule). I'm not sure how quickly other NPs usually have their patient numbers go up. I'm looking on the bright side, and taking my time to thoroughly prepare and research patients that I'm going to see. Problem; because my numbers are not up, they want me to start off without an MA once I move to my own area next week (I've been using my collaborating physician's staff, or those of whichever doc might be out). I've been totally opposed to this, and I'm waiting to see how it plays out. The nurse manager, and COO agree that I need one, but I guess the docs who are partners in the organization feel that it's not financially feasible since my numbers are not up. But I know my numbers will never be up if I have to do everything by myself, not to mention that if all the 60 docs have an MA, and a nurse, I should at least have an MA.
  7. missdeevah

    Anyone not have an MA?

    How did she manage to see that many without an MA?
  8. missdeevah

    Anyone not have an MA?

    Wow..how did she see that many??
  9. missdeevah

    Anyone not have an MA?

    Does anyone have to room their own patients, or does everyone have an MA? If you room your own patients and do MA duties, what are the circumstances? How many patients did/do you see per day?
  10. missdeevah

    Don't trust my FNP

    If you feel that he is deteriorating rapidly, and can't get the care he needs fast enough, I would go to the ER. They will figure it out quick, but the costs associated with this are another story. If you've lost faith in your current providers, I would find a new PCP. It's important to trust the person that you entrust your health to. I wish you and your husband a quick resolution to this unfortunate situation.
  11. missdeevah

    Urgent Care or Cardiac Step Down: future FNP

    Would you like to work inpatient, or outpatient, as an FNP? Cardiac step down sounds more beneficial for acute care NPs, or hospitalists. Urgent care would be better if you wanted to work outpatient like family practice, urgent care, or even ER
  12. missdeevah

    New grad, First NP at clinic

    Update. I asked for a blank copy of new physician contracts. I got this email back: "There is no contract for you to review. The only contracts we have are with physician shareholders. They are the owners of the company and therefore it would not apply to staff." What I gathered is that after 2 years, the physicians can buy into the company, so I'm assuming that this is what she's referring to. Does this mean that new physicians who are not yet shareholders don't have contracts?í ¾í´”
  13. missdeevah

    Passed ANCC 2017

    Congratulations, and thanks for your post!
  14. missdeevah

    Looking for a preceptor in Dallas or Sherman area

    What specialty?
  15. missdeevah

    Salary Negotiation Ortho Hospitalist APRN

    This was meant for the OP, and Penniv. Just trying to figure out what kind of NP they want for ortho
  16. missdeevah

    Salary Negotiation Ortho Hospitalist APRN

    I'm curious...Are you an acute care NP?

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