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  1. missdeevah

    I finally passed the NCLEX-PN on 5th attempt!!

    Congratulations...that's some perseverance!
  2. missdeevah

    Warm Fuzzies Story

    Awww...love it! How cool is that?
  3. missdeevah

    First Job, Unsure of Role

    I did not have a written job description. However, during the interview process, I asked what exactly a day would look like for me, and they basically described what I felt described an NP role...seeing patients. I didn't ask about MA's because I have never not known any providers to not have one. Maybe that was my rookie mistake.
  4. missdeevah

    First Job, Unsure of Role

    Update: lunch went well. They talked about how they we're looking forward to me seeing patients, and having my own office/rooms, apologizing for how they've not really been organized, and thanking me for my patience with them. It was mainly pleasantries, and the president telling me not to ever hesitate to reach out to him should I need to. Fast forward...I've been seeing patients for about 4 weeks now, but the most I've seen in a day is 5 patients (not by choice, that's all that's been put on my schedule). I'm not sure how quickly other NPs usually have their patient numbers go up. I'm looking on the bright side, and taking my time to thoroughly prepare and research patients that I'm going to see. Problem; because my numbers are not up, they want me to start off without an MA once I move to my own area next week (I've been using my collaborating physician's staff, or those of whichever doc might be out). I've been totally opposed to this, and I'm waiting to see how it plays out. The nurse manager, and COO agree that I need one, but I guess the docs who are partners in the organization feel that it's not financially feasible since my numbers are not up. But I know my numbers will never be up if I have to do everything by myself, not to mention that if all the 60 docs have an MA, and a nurse, I should at least have an MA.
  5. missdeevah

    Anyone not have an MA?

    How did she manage to see that many without an MA?
  6. missdeevah

    Anyone not have an MA?

    Wow..how did she see that many??
  7. missdeevah

    Anyone not have an MA?

    Does anyone have to room their own patients, or does everyone have an MA? If you room your own patients and do MA duties, what are the circumstances? How many patients did/do you see per day?
  8. missdeevah

    weekend NP job for new grad

    How about urgent care? Especially PRN if you don't need the benefits. Plus, during the week, you could sign up for shorter shifts if your schedule allows. I've talked to people who said that they sign up for 4, and 6 hour shifts sometimes. Plus weekends pay more. I would take a skills class (suturing, I&D, etc) to make you more marketable to urgent care. These classes can typically be done in 2 days.
  9. missdeevah

    First Job, Unsure of Role

    Update: I had a sit-down with the CEO. She explained how a doc that they had given an offer letter had gone MIA until a day before the offer was up, and suddenly appeared and accepted her offer out of the blue, so they had to take her . So now they figure it won't be fair for me to try to compete with 2 MD's in trying to build a patient panel (plus I just know they have no room for me there). Fast forward to a week ago, I'm asked if I want to go to a different clinic with 2 MD's. I'm excited cause it's 10 minutes closer to home. Lo and behold, one of the MDs is unsure of a "mid-level," as he's never worked with one. Turns out they now want an MD there, even though they had told me they couldn't afford an MD there just yet. So a different clinic has 2 out of 8 MD's out for the week, do I want to go there for that time? Yes, I say...I'll be with an MD that I precepted with and that I like...I show up 2 days ago, only to be ambushed by the CEO, and end up signing a new collaborative agreement with an MD that I knew nothing about. Apparently it's now the permanent solution. I didn't find out until after the realization that as the MD is talking to me, the plan sounds permanent. I did make it clear, that I don't want to be stuck doing all HRA and Medicare annual wellness assessments only, which the MD wants me to help her with. I've never done them, but they told me that they take long, (as long as an hour), have higher RVU's (for my bonuses), and I would do maybe 2 in the morning, and 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I plan on doing a couple before I can agree on how many I want to do per day. I made it clear that I need to get experience in seeing regular patients, and they agreed. Also, they would convert a certain area if the building for me into an office, and 3 patient rooms each, for me, and another doc that is moving there. I fully intend to ask for the $1000 to decorate my area/rooms (plus they ended up also giving me 2 lab jackets, just like the 2 new MDs, though the finance person was quite surprised that I would also need one. I got 2, just to show that i expect to be treated pretty similar to other providers..yay for small victories). The nurse manager told me later that she thought this may be the best bet for me. She didn't like how things had been handled so far, plus once I proved myself, and had more MDs understanding how useful an NP could be, I could probably move to another clinic, if I so wished. They are willing to work with my schedule so I can come in earlier, and leave earlier on one day of the week, as this would more closely have mirrored my original schedule that I was hired for. Btw, an MD at this clinic that sees over 40-50 (yes, forty-fifty, plus hospital rounds) patients/day is retiring at the end of the year, so it might work in my favor as most MDs see about half as many as he does. I'm meeting with the president, CEO, and COO for lunch today, and I'm wondering whether I should let them all know how I think their communication skills suck, or just shut up, see how it all goes, and jump ship after I get experience if I don't like it in a year. The new location is about 5 min farther than the previous one, which was already about 10 min farther than where I was hired for. Sigh...
  10. missdeevah

    First Job, Unsure of Role

    I agree. I suggested to them yesterday, that since the plan is for me to start off with 30 minute appointments, and the doc whose pod is close to mine doesn't see too, too many patients, and he has an LVN as well as an MA, that maybe they could room my patients. Each doc has 2 people to help, so I figure between all of the MAs and nurses, they should be able to work something out for my slow schedule. I also have the option to state how many patients I want to see in the morning, as well as in the afternoon. I don't think that the clinic is bad, they are just naive to the use of an NP, I think. Many docs have been there for 20, to over 40 yrs...nurses who've been there as long as since the 70's. My collaborating doc...one of her MAs has been with her there for 19 years. The CEO started there in the 80's as front office staff, so did the COO. People probably wouldn't stay there that long if there wasn't something good about the organization, which is why I picked this job. I just need to figure out how to get them to understand how to utilize me to my maximum potential. Otherwise, I don't see this working for me.
  11. missdeevah

    First Job, Unsure of Role

    How tight the market is depends on whom you talk to. I got 2 job offers pretty early into my search, and I settled on this one. Update: I went in today, and they show me an office from a doc that's retiring (it has 3 patient rooms), and tell me to use it till the move. Lo and behold they want me to room my own patients "for now," because they can't hire me an MA without knowing how many patients I'll be seeing. Plus when they move to the new location, it will be PCMH model, so providers won't have their own personal MA's, and they may not need the EXTRA MA.. I made it clear that I had a problem with the set-up, and they need to figure out a solution that does not involve me rooming anything (plus giving my own shots). Both the office and nurse manager, don't think this is appropriate either... definitely blurrs the lines. So we are scheduled to talk to the COO tomorrow. I did also mention to them that I don't want to be stuck in a broom closet at the new location, and I need to know what the set up will be. They said they are working to figure it all out "because one physician unexpectedly accepted our offer, after not hearing from her for a long time, which is what messed up our plans with the rooms, and everything." I'm not sure what this has to do with me, as they could have easily told her "sorry, but the position is no longer available."
  12. missdeevah

    First Job, Unsure of Role

    Yes, it is primary care
  13. missdeevah

    First Job, Unsure of Role

    Thanks for the responses. I will definitely talk to them, though I'm somewhat worried about them realizing that their potential plans for me to work as a glorified RN, does not match my plans. I don't have a job lined up in case they pull the... "We'll, I'm sorry this didn't work out," speech (if anyone is to give this speech, I want it to be me). I'm wondering whether I should just start looking for something else. Talking to them won't generate an extra provider office, or patient rooms. Seems like at some point they decided to hire another doc, who is now taking the rooms I was to use.
  14. missdeevah

    First Job, Unsure of Role

    My first NP job ever, and they are opening a new clinic, which is where I'll work, though I'm training at one of their current clinics. When I was interviewing, I was told that they would have 1 new doc, in addition to 2 current docs, plus me. First NP in an organization of about 60 docs, spread across multiple clinics (Physician owned group). They did also ask if I was interested in patient education, which I said I love educating my patients, esp new dx, like DM. Fast forward to my first week, and I've trained all week on the EHR, which is a good thing. However, an MA showed me the plan for the clinic (new building), and now apparently they have hired 2 (not 1) new docs. There are 4 doc offices, each doc with their patient rooms nearby. I have no office, no patient rooms...there's one triage room, far away from all the doc offices, where I'll see patients. It's next to the storage area. Additionally, they were not going to give me a lab jacket until I asked. The HR lady was surprised that I might wear one. The docs each get $1000 q3 yrs to decorate their areas. I don't know how I would ever meet my RVU goal for bonuses having one patient roomed at a time. What I have going for me, is that they did not give me a contract. I feel like I am being lumped in with the front office/supportive staff. My onboarding packet looks like what every one of them is given. I only need to give 2 weeks notice, and My EHR trainer told me that she knows they will utilize heavily, but she knows the docs are unsure of exactly how to use me. I honestly feel like it will be humiliating to show up, feeling like I'm a provider, yet only have 1 room in the corner, in the opposite area from the other providers, doing God knows what. I don't know what to do...wait and see what's in store when we move to the new clinic 2nd week of August, or talk to them now? don't have a job-description, but I don't want to be treated as an RN. What to do?
  15. missdeevah

    Don't trust my FNP

    How did it go? How's your husband doing?