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Worksite or occupational health NP


Does anyone work in these areas as an NP? How did you get into it, what was your prior experience as an NP and as an RN? Any advice on how to get started? I have been in family for 2 years (But clinic operates like urgent care, seeing chronic and acute, walk-ins, minor procedures such as lacerations, I&D, on site lab abd Xrays). Prior to that I did pre and post op for pain management procedures and also for day surgery, ED overflow, telemetry, PCU, peds, rehab, and skilled nursing facility.

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thinbluelineRN, MSN, NP

Specializes in Corrections, Public Health, Occupational Medicine.

I work in occupational medicine at an onsite clinic. So my clinic is inside a manufacturing plant and I am only incharge of treating work injuries for patients that work in the plant. I also do their Departmemt of transportation examinations (DOT physicals).

I have also responded to cardiac issues, stroke and seizures but these I just stabilize and send out. I have a EMT who works with me and they are on site 24 hours a day. My schedule is form 7am- 4pm M-F.

I actually applied to the job (on Indeed) right when I graduated NP school and before I took my boards. My company interviewed me - three different MDs (panel interview) and then the site where I work at also interviewed me- they all agreed on me as the candidate so I got hired.

My supervising physician comes in once a week, he is awesome and a great teacher. I have just completed my one year and now with the new contract we are also adding urgent car for on sire employees and telemedicine for employees who work other remote sites (hatcheries and such).

I can honestly say I love my job. It is not stressful, about 10-12 patients maximum per day.

Feel free to ask any questions. I'd be glad to answer.


I am thinking about taking on an OCC Med contract job. I would love to reach out to you. Please text me at 315 777 5016 or email abeautiful01@Yahoo.com. Thanks

sleepwalker, MSN, NP

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I would recommend NOT posting personal contact information in open forum.

Spacklehead, MSN, NP

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I worked as an on-site NP for personal medical issues at a large pharma company but also assisted the OHN’s with OH injuries and surveillances just to broaden my skills. My RN background was 10 years ER + some cardiac; previous NP experience included retail clinic. I truly enjoyed my job and the pay was fantastic but it honestly was too slow for me (coming from retail NP and ER background). I did it for several years but then decided to move on. 

It all depends on your site - some OH positions can be extremely busy. Mine was low-risk, so OH-wise it was pretty slow. I saw more personal medical patients vs OH.