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  1. lvnandmomx3

    Brian Short News

    I have not been on allnurses in a while. I saw the news on facebook and wanted to give my condolences to family and friends. You are all in thoughts and prayers.
  2. lvnandmomx3

    Kind of disappointed :/

    any rn program is going to have pre rec's. what about la county school of nursing, they even have a 30unit option if you want to cut out a lot of pre rec's. problem with this is that it is not a degree and you can only work in ca. for wgu you can get in with an aa does not have to be a ba. here is some info from them: to be "admissions-ready," you must meet the following requirements: must possess a current cpr certification at the healthcare provider level. must possess a minimum of a cna, lvn, or lpn license and have patient care experience. must submit at least one letter of recommendation from your current healthcare employer. must provide transcripts from all previous institutions that shows you have earned a bachelor's or associate's degree. these transcripts will enable wgu to determine whether you have completed the pre-nursing requisites (listed below) that will enable you to become a "clinical-ready" candidate.
  3. lvnandmomx3

    LBCC Student: Need Help With School Options

    What about http://www.ladhs.org/wps/portal/!ut/p/c1/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os_hAFz8jl2AXYwN3F2dTAyMXLz9397BgIwNXQ_1wkA7cKrxNIfIGOICjgb6fR35uqn6kfpQ5TlMszfVD9Auys9NcHBUVAfgeuO8!/dl2/d1/L0lDU0lKSmdvS1VRIS9JSFNBQ0lpTXlDb3FiRURBSUEhIS9ZQTQ1NDUwLTVGMHN0eWp3LzdfUUROMkRTRDMwR0RDNTAyREpOR0dWUzIwOTcvd21TdEEzMjExMDAyOC9iZl9hY3Rpb24vZ2VuZXJhbGluZm8!/#7_QDN2DSD30GDC502DJNGGVS2097
  4. lvnandmomx3

    Just curious... NCLEX-PN in CA

    One day shy of 4 weeks for me.
  5. lvnandmomx3

    Group Homes- what is it like to work in them?

    I am a LVN program nurse for the DD/MR population. While I struggle with the fact that I don't get hands on experience I really truely love what I do. We will be opening up 2 group homes in the near future and I hope to work in the 2 of them which may give me a little more hands on. It is so rewarding to get a hug and thank you from these individuals.
  6. lvnandmomx3

    Questions about LPN-BSN programs

    Caliotter same here. I decided just to do the traditional route at either CC or La county school of nursing.
  7. lvnandmomx3

    Completely Unhappy With The School I Chose

    Sounds like the LVN school I went to. I think it is a common problem regardless to geographical location.
  8. lvnandmomx3

    West Coast University?

    Does anyone know the price of the program if you have all the pre recs done and you are just going to do the nursing part.
  9. lvnandmomx3

    Condom Catheter Crisis

    You have got the wong person about the erection is gross comment that was not me. As far as the rest of the post: I do not see how it's an "issue" even if the pt's brings it up. You are a professional and need to act accordingly. I am sure that somewhere in your career you will have additional conversations or have to teach about other topics that may cause embarrassment to your pt. If you keep it on a professional level this will put the pt at ease.
  10. lvnandmomx3

    Those with kids

    I'm single mom of 3 and did lvn school with yougest 20months when I started. Getting ready to start pre rec's for RN it will be hard, but it can be done.
  11. lvnandmomx3

    West Coast University?

    Thats alot of money. Does it include everything. Pre recs, books, uniform, and supplies?
  12. lvnandmomx3

    ONLINE RN-BSN or RN-BSN colleges in CA ONLY.

    Did you check the Ca BON to see what programs are accepted? http://www.rn.ca.gov/schools/rntobsnprograms.shtml . There are 8 listed for the RN-BSN 9 actually but you have ruled out one already. Hope this helps.
  13. lvnandmomx3

    very excited- $50/hr

    I personally would not work float right out of school, Per Diem maybe if it was for one or 2 units. I worked in an ER for 5 year prior to getting my LVN and I saw the foalt/per diem/ and registry nurses in and out. The regular ER nurses would have to take time away from thier pt's to mini-train a few of these nurses. It takes time away from the regular staff if you are not able to hit the ground running and be able to jump right in. I am all for making the good money but I realize that I have to have my basis down and get some experience before I can make the BIG bucks.
  14. lvnandmomx3

    How many of you work 2 jobs??

    I work m-f 8 til 4 right now, so no time for a 2nd job. But if I was doing 12 hour shifts 3days a week, I probably would work a PRN or registry job.
  15. lvnandmomx3

    Anyone heard of College Network LVN to BSN

    They are on the Ca BON website. But it's ISU in partnership with Sonoma State University. http://www.rn.ca.gov/schools/onlineprograms.shtml .
  16. lvnandmomx3

    Kaiser Employees

    I have a Kaiser 2 blocks from my house. I have been trying to get hired by them for almost 2 years, no such luck though. I am not sure if they use LVN's in the hospital right now they keep changing it. I know they do use them in the clinics and the Dr's offices as they are moving away from hiring ma's for office work. This was told to me by my Dr. at Kaiser.