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I am in my last semester of school and was wondering what you love most about the area of nursing you work in? If you can't stand where are you working then where do you want to work? Thanks! Laura... Read More

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    I love that my hospital is smallish, and that I know most of the nursing staff in most departments, 95% of the physicians, and a good portion of the support staff by name. We aren't tiny, but just small enough that there's a community feel to my hospital that I would miss working in a larger center.

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    I love my cardio wing....we get patients with heart failiure, post cardiac arrest nstemi, stemi, pts with chest pains under investigation, pre-op for heart surgery... We also get the occasionnal ortho surgery cases and internal med like new diabetes, or gastro prob or general surgery... I like to think of or floor as the cardio + waste/landfill of the hospital... When they dot have any more cardio patients for us and we have beds availlable they fill us up with whatever ... So i get to see more than just cardio
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    I enjoy the ED. Fast pace, variety of pts, and if someone gets on my nerves, they're gone in a few hours The only thing I really hate is slow doctors that cause us to have pts with wait times of 5+ hours. I get hollered at for their long wait, when I had them assessed, an IV in place, and all their blood sent off to the lab within 20 minutes of them being placed in a room. Not to mention the fact that I do hourly rounds on everyone to check on them/update them on what's going on. Yet I'm the one that gets the verbal abuse, not fun.
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    Quote from LauraLiz
    What kind of setting do you guys work in, in psych?
    I'm at a state hospital so we get a lot of MIW's, 72 hour holds, people who have charges and need to be stable before going back to jail etc.
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    Quote from LauraLiz
    What kind of setting do you guys work in, in psych?
    Started in inpatient acute care--short stay (think 2 weeks or less). Currently working two jobs: outpatient and psychiatric emergency room.
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    Psych here also and love every minute of it. It's weird because I used to think people who said things like, "Find a job you love and you'll never have to work a day" etc. were just full of total crap. However, I really feel like I've found my spot. I never dread going to work and I'm actually curious to know who I'm going to see each day and what the day will bring. No job is 100% sunshine, but this is the closest thing to it that I've ever experienced.
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    I work in labor & delivery and it's where I always wanted to be. I love that I get to assist in bringing new life in the world. It never fails to amaze me. I get to be a part of a very special time in a woman's life. Women don't forget their birth experience.
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    Diabetes Educator and Health Writer -> I work on my own schedule, in my jammies, on my laptop at home. Need I say more?
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    I work in med-surg. I see a lot and get to do a lot and hone my nursing skills. It's a good job but I know that I won't stay in this type of nursing for the rest of my career.
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    Another vote for psych!
    You should have seen the pt we had yesterday... whoa!
    No details other than I was constantly formulating an defense/rescue/escape plan throughout the shift.
    Fortunately, things remained cool.
    Not a whole lot of fun at the time, but definitely interesting.
    Never ever boring!

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