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  1. DroogieRN

    How did you get out of getting the Flu shot?

    I'm talking about visitors.
  2. DroogieRN

    Which Stethoscope should I get?

    Littmann Master Classic II for nursing school is a good scope and will serve you well. I upgraded to a Littmann Cardiology III once I hit the floor just because I was afraid I wasn't hearing everything -- at 47, maybe my hearing is going. The Cardi...
  3. DroogieRN

    Mistakes... Feel like there is no coming back from it

    None of the stuff you mention is ultimately a big deal. I'm sorry you don't have a lot of support to know this. Maybe you can find a mentor you trust and can vent with? So important! As others have said, try to stick it out at least a year. Not o...
  4. >Overdoses, attempted suicides -- not for me. I have compassion but not patience for that. Other psych issues, not so bad. >"I don't take that at home." "I take that at night." "I take a different dose." "I take x, y and z. Why am I not get...
  5. DroogieRN

    Night Shift For Newbies

    I hate night shift for what it does to my life and my body but the shifts themselves? Love them. There is something great about the night shift vibe. No less busy most of the time, but different. And no families, procedures, meals -- heaven. At ...
  6. DroogieRN

    Poll to " former" new grads. How did you land that 1st job?

    I stood out in school. Did my clinicals at the hospital and on the unit for which I was eventually hired. Had been selected for a student externship the summer prior to graduation. I knew where I wanted to work and did my preceptorship on that uni...
  7. DroogieRN

    New Grad on Intermediate Care Unit

    An IMC is a great place to begin your nursing career! I did, and I am a firm believer than it is a great foundation for whatever type of nursing you want to pursue in the future. You will learn time management and prioritization like you would not ...
  8. DroogieRN

    ABGs TOTALLY understood!!!

    What's that?
  9. DroogieRN

    Taking NCLEX-RN in 6 days..

    I think you have it in the bag. I didn't do half as much and passed the first time with 75 questions. I also scored a 99% probability of passing on the ATI. Try not to psych yourself out. Do less as the day approaches, not more. The day before, ...
  10. DroogieRN

    A nursing student at 48. My journey could be yours...

    Love your story! I graduated nursing school two years ago at age 45 -- best thing I ever did! Congrats and good luck to you!
  11. How do I handle this? Patient in pain, neuropathy and decubitus ulcers, confused, crying out in pain when meds wear off. Pulmonologist aggravated (at me!) for giving prn pain meds, saying it aggravates her respiratory depression. Am I supposed to ...
  12. DroogieRN

    I'm tired of it!

    I never say it. Never.
  13. Your first sentence had a very telling phrase: high turnover.... I have no real advice, just that sometimes the culture of a facility does not lend itself to a good work environment, union or not. I stayed at my first nursing job nearly two years....
  14. DroogieRN

    Coworker nurse trying to ruin my reputation...

    Agreed. My point was that one does not have to incur actual loss but that the potential for loss is there.
  15. DroogieRN

    Coworker nurse trying to ruin my reputation...

    I think you don't necessarily have to prove a loss with a slander/defamation charge; there is also "defamation per se," which I think basically means the rumors have huge potential to cause you big problems, not that they already have.