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  1. kirsnikity

    Lying to Patients. Is it for the Best?

    I do not try to explain FHR tracings to families and patients, unless I have a situation where repetitive lates or variables are becoming a problem, or a prolonged decel happens. If they press me, I gently explain it takes a lot of practice and training to interpret monitor strips and can't be learned in a five minute session from me. Their response to this will depend a lot on how well trust has been established. If I'm the admitting nurse (or at the beginning of my shift if I'm not), I take time to explain that baby's heart rates will occasionally fluctuate in labor, and I might come in to ask her to reposition or place some oxygen. I tell them that 99% of the time this is our normal practice and does not mean an emergency is happening. This seems to reduce a lot of fear/anxiety if I do have to do those things.
  2. kirsnikity

    Capstone 4/7

    I'll be there with you. I'm so excited to be done with this program! I'm finished with all my general courses so I'll be taking this class alone. Texas government was pretty easy, just pay attention to the class notes and you'll be fine.
  3. kirsnikity

    Nursing Research starting 2/24/14

    I very strongly recommend NOT taking research with a heavy class, like History or Vulnerable Populations. If you can, this class should be taken alone. It really is a nightmare...and I had a great group who worked well together.
  4. kirsnikity

    Holistic health assessments

    I agree, this class is incredibly painful and time consuming. You don't have to put much thought into the work, but the tedium is awful. Can't wait for this class to be over. However, after having completed Research I'm thankful for a tedious class.
  5. kirsnikity

    N4455 Nursing Leadership and Management

    I'm taking this class too along with health assessment. There are very few threads about this course, which I'm taking as a good sign that it's not too bad
  6. kirsnikity


    When I took stats in March of last year the exams were not proctored.
  7. kirsnikity

    Nursing Research 4425 11/4/2013

    December 8th cannot come fast enough! Four people in my group have checked in, but two are still out there. Hopefully we're all in good groups. The OOH clarified things a little, but I don't understand why they have to be so cryptic in the assignment descriptions. Ughh. I wish you luck!
  8. kirsnikity

    British Literature starting 10/21/13

    No worries about MLA. I did everything in APA format (used perrla for my papers) and it wasn't a problem.
  9. kirsnikity

    British Literature starting 10/21/13

    I just finished this course. There's a lot of writing but the grading seemed lenient. Lots of reading, discussion board posts, three essays, and two timed essay exams. Nearly all the reading material is available online, but I ended up checking everything out from the library because I don't like reading long passages on the internet. If you want to get a head start, begin reading A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man now. Good luck. This class was pretty boring but not too difficult.
  10. kirsnikity

    Only 8 courses, $9K??

    In addition to all the nursing classes, I've had to take four general courses through UTA (Tx Gov, Stats, Tech Writing, Brit Lit). I took one course (American Gov) at a local community college and used my RNC to satisfy an elective. I'm going to take a second certification exam soon which should satisfy my second elective. Even with the five additional courses I've had to take, I'm still spending at least $5K less than my co-workers who've chosen to go to Grand Canyon.
  11. kirsnikity

    Uta rn-bsn nursing research 4325

    I'm taking it next month too. Not looking forward to it based on previous horror stories. It's only five weeks though, and nobody's died yet...
  12. kirsnikity

    CHG prep for all vaginal deliveries?

    We use betadine prep on vaginal deliveries. I've always been under the impression that CHG is irritating to mucosa and shouldn't be used on delicate areas unless it's absolutely necessary. I know there are many facilities where no prep is used at all.
  13. kirsnikity

    Vacation and school...what would you do?

    Is there any chance you can take a laptop and use wi-fi? There are tons of wi-fi spots in practically every neighborhood in Europe (not that you want to have to do schoolwork,but just in case you haven't completely finished health assessment?)
  14. kirsnikity

    Nursing certification as elective credit??

    My understanding is that you cannot use courses to satisfy the elective, which is probably why TNCC will not work. Same with ACLS. I had no problems getting them to accept my RNC. You need to have a certification, not a course completion. Hope this helps.
  15. kirsnikity

    NURS 3425 Holistic Health starting 04/08/2013

    I'm just finishing stats this week through UTA. I've found the class very doable. The professor has a series of online video lectures for every chapter that have been invaluable.