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So I have come across this a few times. I am holding a straw to a persons lips and they drink and drink and drink and pretty soon they are waving their hands for me to stop. Stop what?! You don't have to keep sucking on the straw... Read More

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    Moo ha ha - I am still cracking up from the OP's post! So true and so funny and I still don't know why they do that. Perhaps it's along the lines of: They have given full control of their destiny over to the medical establishment? Including sipping because a medical person places a straw there? I don't mind helping and I really appreciate the trust patients put in me, but it is pretty funny!
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    Oh, man. This cracked me up. I've had patients do the same thing lol... I don't get it!
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    What baffles me is why you are holding the straw for someone who can wave their hands around.
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    Quote from kungpoopanda
    What baffles me is why you are holding the straw for someone who can wave their hands around.
    If that someone had unsteady hands that could still wave, but would most likely spill if trying to hold the cup, I'd be holding it too.
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    LMAO at this thread, especially about the water. I've been accused of "trying to drown" my patients when all I'm doing is holding the cup...maybe sometimes the straw, but still I'm not controlling their ability to stop drinking.

    Even a newborn baby knows when to stop...
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    Quote from roser13
    Can't explain it, but it just happens. Just you wait....
    Oh, I'm there already. That's why I asked.
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    I wonder what would happen if I started yanking straws out of peoples mouths while they were still sucking on it. I am thinking... water all over their face.
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    Jajajajajaja this is so freaking funny and so true!
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    Hahaha!! Patients, man.
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    When a patient puts the call light on to raise/lower the head of the bed. Umm. I understand when the patient has seizure pads, is confused, etc. But if you're pretty mobile and able to push the call light, shouldn't you be able to push the up/down button on the side rail?
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