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meggiepie24 has 11 years experience as a BSN.

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  1. meggiepie24

    RPN wanting to move to Hawaii

    The process is easy ... go to the hawaii BON and fill out a single form. You have to mail it though (no email etc). It took a few weeks to process my application. The only way you'll know about your application status is to 1) check the HI website everyday or 2) wait for a letter in the mail. Good luck finding a job here!
  2. meggiepie24

    Is this normal practice-my unit feels unsafe.

    Make sure you have private (not hospital based) liability insurance. You can buy it as a rider to car insurance, personal property insurance etc. Don't tell anyone at the hospital you have liability insurance.
  3. meggiepie24

    What's your best 'Nurse Hack'?

    If you have a wound vac that is leaking... turn the machine so you can see it from the patients wound so you can look at the seal check. Turn off music, TV, no talking. Take an alcohol swab and rub over the vac drape. Once you come across the leak there will be a hiss. Then fix the leak!
  4. meggiepie24

    What's your best 'Nurse Hack'?

    This is a good thread! I always write the date and day in the tape of an ostomy pouch with a permanent marker. The patient never seems to remember exactly when it was changed last. Just makes life easier
  5. meggiepie24

    What’s in your bag/what should I have as a newbie?

    I always have a clip on permanent marker for my badge. I use it all the time to mark chest tube output, label JP drains (#2 etc) and write dates/times on my wound dressings. I also have a clear ID holder that i clip onto my badge behind my ID. I put money and my credit card in the badge holder.
  6. meggiepie24

    Pay rate in Oahu

    I'm 7 years out of school and am getting $52/hour. When possible I don't answer those pay rate questions.
  7. meggiepie24

    What is the next step to getting certified?

    Eligibility | Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing Certification Board
  8. meggiepie24

    External Urinary Pouches

    I would suggest looking at UOAA, Hollister, Coloplast sites for information. I think Hollister especially has great handouts and information about ostomy care. Typically pouches aren't changed everyday. Urostomy & ileostomy pouches are typically changed every 3-4 days and colostomy pouches are changed weekly. The pouches are emptied when they are 1/3-1/2 full.
  9. meggiepie24

    How to cope with Hand Psoriasis

    I have had severe excema throughout my life on both my hands. After years of steroid creams that never worked really well I switched over to Aveeno for Excema. It costs about $10 for a bottle but it's so soothing. I have a small one I carry with me during the day (even though we're supposed to only use the hospital provided lotion that is water based...) and a huge bottle at home. Make sure to put it on right before bed, then wear mittens while sleeping. Also, I did a gluten and dairy free diet for months (for other reasons) and my skin suddenly cleared up-doubt it's a coincidence. I hope you feel better!
  10. meggiepie24

    Online WOCN training

    I would definitely recommend the Emory online program! I felt that the instructors were very responsive to always quick to grade, answer questions, etc. I loved how I could study anytime I wanted (as a night-shifter). The week you spend in Atlanta is also incredibly helpful for tying everything together. When looking at programs, consider that most people think Cleveland Clinic and Emory are pretty much the online programs you want to stick to. I know it can also be a challenge to get all the necessary clinical hours when also working full-time. Some people went all the way through the classes but really got stuck when it came to finding the preceptors and scheduling the 120 hours (if WOC). I know of several large (1,000+ beds in southeast and midwest) hospitals who refuse to hire anyone on their wound team who isn't WOCN certified (as opposed to the shorter programs). Just things to consider-Good luck!!
  11. meggiepie24

    What Baffles You?

    When our victims of violence sneak in cell phones and tell people who aren't on their visiting list (they get 3 fixed visitors) where they are located in the hospital. If I was shot or stabbed I don't think I would want everyone to know where I was located!
  12. meggiepie24

    Blue about Code Blue

    I'm a nurse but I always think about my grandfather when it comes to this exact situation. He was admitted with acute renal failure and upon admission they found stage 4 lymphoma. He had a long history of health problems with multiple surgeries. When I went to visit him in the hospital I asked his nurses about his code status and was surprised to find that he was full code. When I asked my family member (POA) about why he was a full code, she didn't didn't even know what a code was! After I explained what they would and could do, she was horrified. After speaking about the status with other family members and his longtime doctor, it was changed. A lot of times we have patients who are still full code because only an attending can change code status and it simply doesn't happen.
  13. meggiepie24

    Best St. Louis hospitals to work at?

    I've never worked at Barnes (checking out the thread because I'm considering moving to STL) but I do work for another top 10 hospital in america. the attitude that everyone is talking about is not unique to Barnes at all. It's the combination of one of the best medical schools in the country, some of the leading surgeons in the country, trauma level 1, and new discoveries. you'll find the same at other top hospitals all across america.
  14. meggiepie24

    CALLING---Those who have Jobs- WE need you!

    1.What kind of floor are you working on? ortho/trauma 2.Where are you from? illinois, but moving to virginia 3.HOW DID YOU GET THAT JOB?--Did you have connections?, Work there previously, application process, follow-up process, interview tips, anything at all would be helpful. I had absolutely no connections to this hospital, but it was my dream to make it happen! I applied on New Year's Eve, received a call from them the next business day and was interviewed by HR. She passed along my information and I did a phone interview in February. I was then put on a waitlist, so I started interviewing at other hospitals. I got a call the monday after graduation with a job offer. I think the one thing that really helped me were to do my research on this hospital. They are known for asking a strange question during the interview process, which I only learned through allnurses.com. I took the question to my practice interview session with the head of career counseling, and he helped me with a response. I still believe that's what made them keep me in the running because it's used as a weed out question. I also had a list of question to ask everyone who interviewed me. Anytime I spoke to anyone at the hospital, I made it clear that it was the only hospital that I wanted to work at. I also made sure that I made contact with my HR person at least every other week. Good luck!
  15. meggiepie24

    Change Paper

    at the hospital I work at has a skin care team. Team members are paired and assigned to a certain department. Within that unit they check everyone's feet, heels, and back to see if a pressure ulcer is developing. this is going to a major issue in the next year or so because medicare is going to stop covering pressure ulcers that developed at a hospital, so the hospital will have to pay for the treatment of the ulcer
  16. meggiepie24

    3rd semester- Feeling overwhelmed at clinical

    I'm in my fourth semester of clinicals in a BSN program and I still have moments where I feel like I know nothing. What will help you right now is getting a job. I work at a local hospital (3500 employees, 500 beds) as a student nurse. You learn about different procedures, get to know the doctors, learn how to deal with politics/gossip, and how to get things done. If you can learn from so many things if you just ask. When I first started my job I would tell the charge nurse what I could do, and most looked for opportunities for me to practice skills.

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