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  1. First week at my first CNA job ever - blind patient asked if he could hold my arm so I could guide him to the dining room for dinner. I offered my arm out and said "Of course, its right here!"....took me a couple of seconds that it wasn't too much he...
  2. My patients would be horrified...

    I'm almost 25 years old and I reread the Gossip girls books all the time...
  3. What to wear to lab/clinical training.

    Another vote for scrubs. They were mandatory for lab.
  4. Which NCLEX Guide For Beginning of Nursing School?

    I love Saunders!
  5. manikin names?

    The mannikin we learned wound care on was Seymore Butts. He had a pressure ulcer on his coccyx.
  6. Does your school discourage working?

    My accelerated program pretty much told us on the first day that if we tried to work we would fail out. Plenty of people in my program work part time and manage to make it work. Just get really good at time management and don't bite off more than you...
  7. You will not learn anything in the conference room!

    We aren't allowed to touch patients we aren't assigned to, some instructors at my program wont let students ambulate or even turn a patient without them. I always try to help out answering call lights but I always feel so bad when the patient despera...
  8. To those without a 4.0 (rant)

    I got in with a 2.9. I had a little too much fun in college . I took two years off, worked as a PCA, retook a class or two and it worked out. Been working my butt off and I have over a 3.9 now in my accelerated BSN program!
  9. Nurses, do you exercise?

    Working out helps me feel better physically during long shifts. I have more energy, back/legs hurt less, and its easier to lift patients!
  10. Spinoff thread-A or pass

    I've never been the over achiever type of student, I graduated from college with a B.S in Health Sciences and a 2.9 gpa. When I started nursing school I was really worried because I kept hearing about how hard school was and I never really thought of...
  11. Day in the life of a nursing student??

    We can't choose. We can say "XYZ works best for me" if we have kids, etc. But for the most part we are at the mercy of the coordinator! I'm either in class all day and then I come home and study or I'm at clinical all day and I come home and study l...
  12. Hahaha I saw that meme on facebook this morning and had a good laugh. Since we "front load" the first two weeks of every semester, we don't start our clinicals until 2-3 weeks in. Usually I find out where I'm a little before the first week of class, ...
  13. Nursing School Makeup (clinicals)

    We were told don't wear a lot of makeup. I wear a little bit of tinted moisturizer, undereye concealer and mascara just so I don't look totally dead lol. I wouldn't wear eyeliner or lipstick, but I guess it depends on your school's rules.
  14. Social Life while in School?

    Friday night me and one of my school friends planned on having pizza and studying...We ended up drinking a little too much wine and played Wii ALL night. Sure we weren't very productive but we had so much fun. The best advice people gave to me before...
  15. Bsn programs are harder than Adn

    What is hard for me may be easy for you, and vice versa. Like the only thing that I've found really "hard" about my ABSN program is how fast the pace is, and especially the lack of breaks between semester. Some people might find that this makes the p...