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  1. marydc

    February 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Don't try to fool me, I know you have a pack of cigarettes and a lighter hid here somewhere!
  2. marydc

    February 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    It's Supernurse to the rescue!
  3. "How to look incredibly stupid?": Impulsively decide that at 5'3, 100 lb you can get in the middle of 2 angry male patients and break up a fight with your "Mom" voice. It worked, but only because I got punched and knocked to the floor from a swing intended for the other guy!
  4. marydc

    Does psych nursing affect ur home life?

    Last year I wrote a thread about how 25 years in psych has affected me. Here is a bit from that: "I have been challenged and blessed in more ways than I can count throughout these years. Have even experienced, at various times, what many patients do. Major depression, anxiety, chronic insomnia, even assault, PTSD and chronic pain. Certainly brought about growth in empathy and humility, which helped me to be a better nurse." Those same experiences (including the assault and resulting chronic pain and PTSD) could have happened to me no matter what field of nursing I was in. I don't believe it has affected my home life any more than any other type of nursing. I also do not think it has "brought out the craziness" in me. The mental issues I dealt with would have happened to me no matter where I worked. The hours I worked (night shift) was the main culprit, not the environment. I love psychiatric nursing and yes it has affected me, just like many years in any field would. Best of luck no matter what you decide.
  5. marydc

    What Baffles You?

    I did not go to your house and bring you to the hospital, you called the squad. I did not tell the doctor you were suicidal, you threatened to kill yourself if sent home from er. So tell me again why it is my fault you were placed on a 72 hr hold, admitted to the psychiatric unit and can't sign yourself out???? Happened twice to me today!
  6. marydc


    No suggestions but you might want to check before buying one of those little fans (even battery powered). They are strictly prohibited at the nurse's station in our hospital.
  7. marydc

    Funniest Things Doctors say!

    I work on a psychiatric unit. I was telling a psychiatrist about an agitated, delusional patient who believed that he was God. His immediate response: "Tell him that's impossible. He can't be God; I'm God"! In reality he is one of my favorite docs and would never be accused of having a god complex. Guess you had to be there...was so funny to those of us there, yet losses something as I read it!
  8. marydc

    would you work this rotating schedule?

    I worked days with night rotation for years and it's tough. Typically every other weekend;nights Fri and Sat then back on days Mon. It is difficult and took it's toll on me physically and emotionally. I was a mess and it got to where I was unable to sleep day or night. I went to straight days last year and can't believe the difference in how I feel. My advice, if you have a choice don't let this become a regular schedule.
  9. marydc

    Unit Secretaries

    Looking back at your first post it sounds like you all are still using paper charts, I missed that part and it's where I got confused. :) We are paperless and orders are no longer written. They are all put into the computer by doctors or nurses.
  10. marydc

    Unit Secretaries

    I know we'd be lost without ours! I just don't get how secretaries are able to enter orders with CPOE. Only the providers and those able to take phone/verbal orders can access order entry where I work.
  11. marydc

    Unit Secretaries

    It surprises me that some are still entering orders even with CPOE. We went to CPOE last year and our secretaries don't even have access to order entry. Our dayshift secretary has picked up extra duties to help out however she can and is taking a CNA class.
  12. marydc

    It's Finally Happened!

    Wow! But can you be positive about his/her identity? I would let your evaluation stand on it's own without adding what you printed. However, if they have without doubt, identified themselves and/or your facility in a negative manner on social media, I would definitely mention it in my evaluation.
  13. marydc

    Best MD note

    My favorite was a note made by the psychiatrist after a patient had intentionally kicked me in the stomach. "Patient is well aware of right from wrong. In my opinion needs a therapeutic trip to jail."
  14. marydc

    Any LPNs?

    I'm not an LPN but frequent day charge on an acute inpatient psychiatric unit. We have one full time LPN. She is a great nurse with more experience than anyone else on the unit. LPN's are permitted to do anything the RN's do except initiate or care for a patient in seclusion/restraints. Her care plans, admission assessments, and discharge instructions,... must be reviewed and co signed by an RN.
  15. marydc

    Do you tell people where you work?

    Yes. I'm proud of what I do and where I work. I've never experienced hostility like that; but I have heard the occasional "bad" story. The reality is hospitals are staffed by humans so mistakes can be made, bad attitudes can be found and emotions can run high. I simply respond that overall it's a great hospital and I'm sorry they had such a negative experience. When appropriate I encourage them to go through the proper channels to make sure the issue was addressed.
  16. marydc

    Coming Out of the Darkness

    "Nothing relieved this darkness that I felt was swallowing me whole". I suffered from PPD after the birth of my second child 20 years ago and this describes exactly how I felt. I even work in psychiatry and was reluctant to seek help. I was never suicidal but I did reach such hopelessness that I finally understood why people kill themselves; anything to end the misery. That realization was what sent me to my doctor. I was started on an antidepressant which was effective. After a few months I literally felt like a 100 lb weight had been lifted from me. I had 2 more children but thankfully only dealt with "the blues" after their births. The blessing through this was it made me a better psych nurse. I never before understood how someone could be so selfish as to attempt to take their own life. When you are barely grasping a high wire by one hand, letting go and ending the pain can seem the only way out. One of our docs was recently feeling a bit...burned out. He was telling me he wished he had become a fireman like he had always wanted. I told him "You help bring people from the darkness of such despair, that death beckons as a welcome relief. You've probably rescued more people than any fireman has". I meant it because the doctor who rescued me from that pain and darkness is my hero. Beautiful article, thank you for sharing.