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  1. Nurses who are on anxiety/depression meds?

    I thought my anxiety was related to school and that it would go away once I graduated but it has only gotten worse as I have continued my nursing career. I probably would have picked another profession had I known how ill equipped I was to handle the...
  2. Rural Nurse: What are the Duties and Responsibilities?

    Another thing to consider is that you are often required to be cross trained to other departments. I for example am a radiology nurse, infusion therapy nurse, and help with stress tests.
  3. I have been an RN with a small rural hospital, working in the Infusion therapy department. We recently had COC survey our facility and found us deficient in a research coordinator. They have asked me to fill the position but as I would be the first o...
  4. Conversing with Dementia Patients

    I am talking about people who are incapable of talking about their past. I am in hospice and work with end stage dementia patients.
  5. So I know as nurses we are supposed to keep conversations about the patient, but what do you do when they don't remember anything about themselves or are unable to communicate anymore? I mean I can only talk about the weather for so long. Is it ok to...
  6. Frustrated with Case management

    Last day today. I am not leaving hospice nursing but I am definitely done with case management. I think I will just do the per diem and casual at the hospital for a while until I figure out what kind of nurse I am. There has to be somewhere I fit.
  7. Frustrated with Case management

    So my plan was to stay per diem until I had worked a full 2 years in med surg before going into case management. I wanted a clear understanding of the job before going full time. But they needed a case manager sooner so I jumped and now I am regretti...
  8. Uncontrolled pain- how to approach the Doc?

    I think we as nurses need to get over our fear of offending the doctors. Sometimes we DO know better what is best for our patient because we are spending more time with them, or they are opening up to us more. Doctors make bad decisions and whether i...
  9. Bodies, The Exhibit

    It isn't a matter of whether or not it is respectful to look at someone's body after death without their consent. This is about encouraging the execution of people for the sole purpose of making this "art" the claims are those bodies were sold by the...
  10. Bodies, The Exhibit

    I don't know, there is some shady business behind how they get those bodies. It creeps me out.
  11. Morphine or Oxygen?

    Stupid NCLEX, never matches real life. Morphine will never be first because you aren't going to make the person wait to get their oxygen while you mess with putting in an IV. One nurse is going to be giving O2, nitro, and aspirin while another starts...
  12. Visitor filming during code

    Well I can see why in the middle of a code people would be too busy to notice him filming. It's hard with people being able to use their phones.
  13. Last name on ID badge?

    Excuse me, all hail the nurses who share their last names for they are far better nurses, and people in general really.
  14. What are the little things you do to help the next shift?

    I make sure my patients are pottied, positioned, and pain controlled, if lines are due to be changed I change them, if their bag of fliud will run out in the next hour I scan and hang a new one so it's ready to spike.. of course this is all if I hav...
  15. Last name on ID badge?

    I would not want my Pts knowing my last name.