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  1. gaonsi

    Ever have a patient complain about you?

    I had a pt complain that I was too young. So I Webb to take care of a more critical pt. I think when people complain about insignificant things, they are just hurting about something. I apologize for how they feel, ask my coworkers what I could have done better in the situation, and move on. 10/10, my charge nurse and manager know my character and my bedside manager and keep it moving.
  2. gaonsi

    Desperate 2 become a NURSE

    I'll be honest, critical care is not for you. It's the epitome of multitasking. There could be several different things going on at one time and you're to testing drips using your knowledge base, not based off of md orders. Although I'm not in medsurg, it's very similar. You have 6 patients, all with different needs, pulling you in 6 directions. Good luck on finding your niche, but hospital nursing isn't for everyone.
  3. gaonsi

    Unique situation as an upcoming grad.

    Try and explain it to them in financial terms. You've spent x amount if dollars on an education and with the job market being how it is, you can afford moving back and not working. Are they willing to support their 24 year old daughter? I doubt it.
  4. gaonsi

    Nursing makes me hate fat people

    This is such a touchy subject. I sympathize for my make coworkers because unfortunately, they get asked to turn our barbaric patients. I don't have any advice besides putting yourself and your health first. Good luck! I think this is a prune example of a greater issue. We need to start focusing preventative medicine, and not reactive. But that's another rant for another day.
  5. gaonsi

    Why can't you get a job?

    This is saddening to hear. I don't have advice for you but I wish you nothing but the best!
  6. gaonsi

    Kicked out of class for a "HIPAA" violation?

    I'm confused as how that's a violation of HIPAA. We used to go into each others rooms all the time for learning, addressing pumps, helping turn etc. as for the insulin, that's why someone checks behind you. To avoid mistakes. Someone caught you, crisis averted. Seems like BS to me. Sorry this happened to you. But maybe the universe is preventing you from something greater. Best of luck. Chin up!
  7. You're not foolish! You're just new and nervous. Take it each day at a time. Go into work with only one expectation: to learn. Nursing is about growth and learning something new and amazing each day. Some days you'll learn more than others. Some days you learn about patient care, a disease process, how to deal with family, how to do a procedure, etc etc. you did great your first day because you didn't quit! Chin up! You'll be fine. Don't be so hard on yourself. Like you said you've been out of the clinical setting for 4 months. It'll take time to find your comfort level. Orientation is overwhelming in any situation. Learn to laugh at yourself. Also if you still have your kit from fundamentals, go over some of your skills with a friend! Good luck, you'll be fine :)
  8. gaonsi

    ICU experience vs Residency program

    I was in a residency program while in ICU. I didn't think residency was so helpful. I'd take the ICU job. You'll get a lot of training and classes for ICU
  9. gaonsi

    My interview at a Hospital with the lions

    This post has been very interesting to read. Although I'm terribly sorry you felt disrespected, did you realize the hospital you were stepping into?! You're talking an inner city hospital in a downtown metro area. Sometimes the nurses should not be of concern, but your patient population. And truthfully, if you couldn't handle their aggressive interview style, you'd probably not be able to handle the docs, the patients, the families, the locale, on top of having to step on the floor and be the best regardless of if you're new or not. You're going to an ICU, people are critically sick. They can't be waiting for you while you're dryin your tears in the bathroom and they're going into hemorrhagic shock and the surgeon, RT, charge nurse and anesthesiologist are rushing you to the OR. With all you have to learn, you should be comfortable after a year with basic tasks like IV line maintenance and inserting urinary catheters, giving blood because unfortunately, they can't teach you basics you should have learned in nursing school or at your previous jobs. And they ask you questions about customer services scores not necessarily because they care about the scores of your previous institution but because they want to know that YOU know and are aware of them. That's knowin your performance indicators is something on your mind. Again I'm sorry, the notion of nurses eating their young still happens and I know I've gone home crying many a times. But I held my head high, waiting until I got out of the parking lot and burst into tears. Don't let people see you sweat, it gives them motivation. Lets all stop pretending that some nurses aren't mean. People are men! They will always be mean, don't interact with them when you're outside of work and simply don't become what you don't like. But also don't take things personally. I guarantee that when you were writing this post, those nurses had long forgotten about you while you're still expending energy being sad and angry at their behavior.
  10. gaonsi

    What Baffles You?

    Jajajajajaja this is so freaking funny and so true!
  11. I used ATI for content and questions and Saunders for questions. I wasn't doing well on ATI so I just Saunders and did questions and reviewed lab values and I passed first try. I felt Saunders was spot on.
  12. gaonsi


    I think it depends where you love. Are ADN's getting jobs? If you're in a state like California, go get a bsn. It will make you more competitive when looking for a job. One year is a short amount of time in retrospect. Good luck.
  13. gaonsi

    "I don't want an admit..."

    If you were my charge nurse, is be elated! You can send me your admissions! Continue to vent, you clearly go above and beyond for your team.
  14. gaonsi


    Thanks everyone for your feedback. I decided to reschedule the test. It seems like most people I know have studied about a month. I'd rather err on the side of caution. $300 is a lot of money to spend to not give myself the best chance possible.
  15. gaonsi

    Had an exposure yesterday

    I'm sorry. I was filling an bag syringe once and blood splashed on my face. I panicked, I cried, I slapped myself on the forehead over and over for being "careless". It happens. Wait for the results. Mine came back negative. I hope yours do too. One of the few scary things we as health care professional endure and risk. Good luck!
  16. gaonsi

    Shift change and visitation in ICU/stepdown

    Lucky you. We have open visitation, including during shift change. It can get very frustrating and chaotic trying to be mindful of pt privacy but being thorough.

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