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  1. Ever have a patient complain about you?

    I had a pt complain that I was too young. So I Webb to take care of a more critical pt. I think when people complain about insignificant things, they are just hurting about something. I apologize for how they feel, ask my coworkers what I could have ...
  2. Desperate 2 become a NURSE

    I'll be honest, critical care is not for you. It's the epitome of multitasking. There could be several different things going on at one time and you're to testing drips using your knowledge base, not based off of md orders. Although I'm not in medsur...
  3. Unique situation as an upcoming grad.

    Try and explain it to them in financial terms. You've spent x amount if dollars on an education and with the job market being how it is, you can afford moving back and not working. Are they willing to support their 24 year old daughter? I doubt it.
  4. Nursing makes me hate fat people

    This is such a touchy subject. I sympathize for my make coworkers because unfortunately, they get asked to turn our barbaric patients. I don't have any advice besides putting yourself and your health first. Good luck! I think this is a prune example ...
  5. Why can't you get a job?

    This is saddening to hear. I don't have advice for you but I wish you nothing but the best!
  6. Kicked out of class for a "HIPAA" violation?

    I'm confused as how that's a violation of HIPAA. We used to go into each others rooms all the time for learning, addressing pumps, helping turn etc. as for the insulin, that's why someone checks behind you. To avoid mistakes. Someone caught you, cris...
  7. You're not foolish! You're just new and nervous. Take it each day at a time. Go into work with only one expectation: to learn. Nursing is about growth and learning something new and amazing each day. Some days you'll learn more than others. Some days...
  8. ICU experience vs Residency program

    I was in a residency program while in ICU. I didn't think residency was so helpful. I'd take the ICU job. You'll get a lot of training and classes for ICU
  9. My interview at a Hospital with the lions

    This post has been very interesting to read. Although I'm terribly sorry you felt disrespected, did you realize the hospital you were stepping into?! You're talking an inner city hospital in a downtown metro area. Sometimes the nurses should not be o...
  10. What Baffles You?

    Jajajajajaja this is so freaking funny and so true!
  11. I used ATI for content and questions and Saunders for questions. I wasn't doing well on ATI so I just Saunders and did questions and reviewed lab values and I passed first try. I felt Saunders was spot on.
  12. Passed my CCRN!

    You need 1750 hours if critical care time. I completed that amount in about 10 months since there was a time I was going quite a bit of OT. And thank you!
  13. Passed my CCRN!

    I got the DVDs from a coworker of mine. Lol i wish i could just circulate them around to whoever needs them The Pass CCRN code was 24 dollars online from the publisher. And thanks a bunch!
  14. Passed my CCRN!

    So I passed my CCRN this week. I wanted to share how I studied since I asked everyone and I see the question come up. I work in a level one trauma hospital but in the MICU. I have been a nurse for a little over a year and I started in ICU as a new gr...
  15. UGH

    I think it depends where you love. Are ADN's getting jobs? If you're in a state like California, go get a bsn. It will make you more competitive when looking for a job. One year is a short amount of time in retrospect. Good luck.