TWIN male nurses

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    Just wanted to say I'm a nursing student and my twin brother is a nurse. Could twins work on the same floor? We are identical. Think it would be awesome.
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    I know identical twin girls that when to nursing school together and got a job at the same hospital on the same unit! You think they'd get tired of each other after a while?
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    W have a set of twins at the hospital I work at. They work on different units. Can't work on the same floor at this hospital.
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    Yes, it'd probably be awesome for you two...but confusing as hell for the rest of us who couldn't tell you apart
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    Many places don't allow family members to work in the same department.
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    I know twins who work on the same unit, both are nurses.
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    This is awesome! Good luck with your schooling!
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    I worked with a set of identical twin paramedics......they had separate lives and had different scheduling needs....but.....they would occasionally get the same would lead to some amusing conversions with the drunks and the confused. You shouldn't laugh but some very funny things came out of peoples mouths.

    Only one person was very disturbed.....they were slightly paranoid and though the ER was a cloning factory.
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    My floor has identical twin nurses working on it. They are not allowed to work the same shift (i.e. days/nights)
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    My identical twin sister and I were not allowed to work on the same unit, although it did happen on occasion. She worked 3-11, I worked 11-7 and since I am an RN, she's an LPN, our duties/responsibilities were, of course, different. This led to mass confusion with patients who would say, well, you couldn't give me my IV meds 2 hours ago, but you can now?? WHY??!! Or, oh, wow, you are working some loonngg shifts aren't you! etc. It was fun!!!!

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