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  1. Bags?

    Hi Everyone! I"m new to HH nursing, it's been approximately 2mos. So far, I love it! The autonomy, the flexibility, the patients, the money....not so much the OAIS, lol. Anyway, does someone have a bag they recommend that I can order online? My agen...
  2. A wetting epidemic!

    ahahahahah! That's cute!
  3. Dealing with teachers

    Maybe this isn't the right attitude, but when I get a sleepy kid, I call the parent and make it their problem. I work in a school that is PreK-4th grade. In my opinion, they aren't being productive when they are falling asleep in class. They aren't g...
  4. Mostly what Flare said. They don't really notice me much until they need me. BUT, they do include me in stuff and bring me treats, etc (mostly, sometimes I get forgotten). But I really kinda like that no one is up my butt hounding me all day like the...
  5. I'm just so confused. :(

    What specifically is it you are confused about? I see my students, I document, I cya, and that is my priority. The immunizations, etc, are 2nd hat to that. I will get that done, when I get that done. We have over 500 kids in my school, and while th...
  6. How often do you check for lice?

    We have a no-nit policy as well. I checked 104 kids today, d/t a sibling set having them. I found ONE kid. Ugh. Anyway, I only check if there is suspicion of lice. The one I found, when mom came to pick her up, stood in the office CRYING and picking...
  7. You have a Master's and you're going to be a school nurse?! Yikes. I don't want to be rude, but you are going to be making peanuts for your education!!! Anyway, I work PRN in the hospital along w/my school nurse job, BUT I had the hospital job first ...
  8. haha! I wish!! Nope. I work 2 days a week at my PRN hospital job, and spend the rest of the summer with my littles. They go to school in the same district I work in, so we have the same days off :)
  9. 504's

    My office staff keeps sending people to me for 504's. At the beginning of the school year (we have been back for 4 weeks) I emailed the principal the list of kids w/current 504's, and the list of new kids who may need 504's/parent's asked for a 504. ...
  10. Victory!

    How on earth did you do that?! I have at least 20 kindy kids who I don't have records on, and that doesn't include the list of new students who AREN'T kindy that I don't have immunizations on! I sent my "nice letter" out on 8/22. Stuff is coming in a...
  11. "My tooth is loose"

    Not bleeding. Not out. Just loose. WHY do teachers send them to me for this?!?! I will NOT pull out teeth. Ick! What am I supposed to do about this?!?! Vent over. Hope everyone's back to school is going smoothly!
  12. I think I'm going to have to quit

    You are very right!!! He has been behind me in ALL of this, for the record. He called her and told her she could not babysit anymore and why. She hasn't seen my kids since she did what she did over a month ago. I don't know if/when she will see them ...
  13. I think I'm going to have to quit

    I wish I could cut her out completely. But, that is my husband's mother, and he still loves her, despite the disgusting things she has done. She will only see them when there are LOTS of people around to monitor what words come out of her nasty mouth...
  14. I think I'm going to have to quit

    Just a lil' update on this :) I did apply to a home health position, I have not heard anything about it yet. I'm back full time at the school now (school went back in session 8/13). Annnddd....yesterday, I get an email that any employee of my school ...
  15. Chapstick dispenser needed!

    Vaseline and Qtips here too. I can't believe they shell out for chapstick!