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Previous shift CNA taped the condom cath to the head of the penis. :no: Next time she does it I am going to call HER in at 3am to gingerly removed it with adhesive remover!! Bah! Tait... Read More

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    During the first few weeks of my first clinical of nursing school, the nurse told us we were going to put a condom cath on a patient. Well the condom wouldn't stay on, so I whipped out my tape and said "let's tape it!"... the nurses looked at me in horror. I wasn't thinking at the time.

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    better than taping it to his pubic hair....
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    I didn't think they used those anymore.

    I've heard of them being tied on before. NOT a good thing.
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    I don't like condom caths because most of the people we use them on are the confused old men who just yank 5 of them off in a day
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    Before I was a nurse I was a personal support worker and did home care in the community. One pt wore a comdom cath at night and it wouldn't stay on. His wife fixed that....with double sided carpet tape. Unorthodox but it worked.
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    There are ways to tape it on but they require a little skill and finesse. The goal of course is to not harm the skin and make it so the nurse can take it off, not the patient, and without removing skin, hair, or taking an hour.

    And for the love of all that is holy, ya don't tape it to the head, and they do come in small. I use a size larger if I'm taping it, or use the correct size if I'm just using sticky skin prep. Oh yeah, and nursery pink tape works wonderfully.
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    you have to use the cardboard peter-meter to get correct sizing, not just guess!!
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    trying not to sound stupid here, but don't the condom caths come with tape in the package?

    the ones my old home health agency carried did -- double-sided sticky tape. of course, when tape was needed, the aides taped them to the base of the penis, not the head.
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    Why are men terrible carpenters....They always think six inches is a foot. :>>>>>>>>>>

    Terrible joke but oh so appropos to this discussion....
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    I can say that from a guys stand point there are two things that should never be put near a mans groin: sharp things and tape


    I almost died when I saw Peter-meter

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