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megananne7 specializes in Assisted Living, Med-Surg/CVA specialty.

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  1. megananne7

    New admits at shift change

    I worked 7a-7p yesterday and my charge nurse told me at about 6:30p that we were getting an admit - we printed out her info from the ED even thought we both knew the pt wouldnt be coming up until after I'd left. Well at 6:53pm the ED calls and wants to give me report - I explain that I'd take "report" (most of the time they just say "Have you read the paperwork? Are you ready for them?" and no report). However, I did tell the nurse I wasn't the nurse that would be taking care of the pt - we were at shift change and havent even gotten a chance to start report. She finally asked if we were ready for the pt, so I put her on hold for a second to ask the nurse who was relieving me (who was also charge that night -- our night charges have a full group as well) AND the current charge if they wanted me to ask if they could wait a little. They both agreed to wait till at least the nurse could get through report. I asked the ED nurse to wait 15-20 minutes, and she says "Ugh... yea, I guess I'll just tell my charge" and hangs up. I've noticed a pattern of the ED cleaning out their pts that need admitted RIGHT at shift change, which is a pain in the ass for us floor nurses - but is it really too much to ask of an ED nurse to wait a little bit?
  2. megananne7

    can you work...

    I worked on weekends only when I was in college for my ADN - My job was one where I sat and answered phones, so in between calls I was able to study. In terms of clinicals, it depends on what rotation you were in. All the Med Surg clinicals normally were on the same day/time every week, but some of my instructors for Peds/OB changed it up every week, but they gave you a calendar of the entire rotation so you could schedule around it
  3. megananne7

    PPD results

    Changing jobs! and the first 2 tests were "lost"
  4. megananne7

    what is the nursing.....

  5. megananne7

    Paranormal phenomena?

    Here's a big thread with lots of stories https://allnurses.com/forums/f8/whats-your-best-nursing-ghost-story-108202.html
  6. megananne7

    Can a nursing student use the word "code"?

    I don't see why you can't use the term Code Blue, as long as that's the code the facility your at uses for an arrest. If there's a code, there's a code! Dont be afraid to be obnxious to get attention and help if you really need it!
  7. megananne7

    PPD results

    I havent had a positive PPD, but I've had the nursescreening me take me to the head of employee health. She took one look at me, saw I was a fair skinned, freckled redhead and said it was an allergy. Of course, I've had 3-4 PPDs in the past year and the "reaction" keeps getting bigger and bigger. Actually, my last one was SORE. After about 24 hours, I did have a reddened area about the size of a dime, but it wasnt indurated. Here's some pics: http://images.google.com/images?q=positive+mantoux&um=1&hl=en&sa=2
  8. megananne7

    How to get in?

    I never worked as a CNA, but at my hospital the nurses on Peds don't have CNAs to utilize. I dont know about L&D, but we've had mother-baby CNAs get floated to my unit.
  9. megananne7


    I posted this in this post; https://allnurses.com/forums/f8/have-you-ever-gone-find-patient-dead-what-happened-127107-8.html#post2920717 I like to think maybe she was waiting for someone to come in the room before she went completely asystole, to not die alone. Her death was a blessing, considering she was (I hope) unintentionally being neglected at home.
  10. megananne7

    Had my first code last night

    Good job! Does your hospital have a rapid response team? My hospital does and one of the criteria for calling them into action is just "something doesnt feel right" or nurses intuition.
  11. megananne7

    Ever heard of fomites, doc?

    Ive seen plenty of docs go in and out of isolation rooms with no gown or gloves
  12. megananne7

    HIV+ residents

    Maybe I'M ignorant in thinking that we've reached a period of time where people realize HOW HIV is transmitted, and when I read the original post, I thought the poster was a troll.
  13. megananne7

    SP CVP Insertion?

    It was a PICC insertion. But we had to wait until today to get it inserted since the pt has MR and we needed to get consent from her legal appointed guardian
  14. megananne7

    SP CVP Insertion?

    Had a patient who had this ordered this afternoon. Our MDs have a computer order system - The PA's order read "SP CVP Insertion" and the reason for the order was "pneumonia". I asked 2 other more experience nurses (including charge) what it was and neither of them knew.
  15. megananne7

    Choosing NS or another baby, or both?

    Off topic: Did anyone read this as the person choosing between a baby or normal saline? I got confused for a minute. I need to go to bed
  16. megananne7

    Pain scale is missing a key element

    I've heard nurses saying (mainly to women) "0 is no pain, and 10 is childbirth"