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LaxNP has 10 years experience as a DNP and specializes in PICU, ED, Infection Control, Education, cardiology.

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  1. LaxNP

    NP and beyond...

    So, I have been an NP for almost 4 years. I mostly work in acute care and do some adjust teaching work as well. I think I am having a mid-career crisis. Basically I am not really fulfilled with the NP role as a whole. I have a burning desire to affect change, but I want to more away from the bedside. Years ago I thought about law school. This recently came to light again and there are some schools near me that offer healthcare as a concentration. I take the LSAT soon. Im hoping law could be a stepping stone to affect more global healthcare issues. I've been looking into some online programs as they are cheaper. The law school thought came back into play as I am looking at different doctoral routes. Overall not really impressed by the DNP. Has anyone else been in a slump like this in the NP role? I recently changed jobs hoping it would change my outlook in healthcare, but really just changed the scenery. Just looking for thoughts
  2. LaxNP


    Has anyone had experience working just as a fee-for-service provider? I am interested in a company that does all the billing and covers everything for their cut of the money. I am a little apprehensive as it is a bit foreign to me. I have always been a salary employee and while the money and position are intriguing, the change worries me. I am hoping someone has input on thier experience. The position is in a nursing home, but I am currently working as a hospitalist in a small hospital. I am not worried if I can do the job, but I wanna make sure that the money is there to at least make a lateral move. Thanks
  3. LaxNP

    Locum rates

    I am currently employed full-time and was looking for some locus work in upstate NY around Albany. I have never held a position like this and have no clue what to seek as a rate. The upstate salaries are not that great, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what to request for an area such as this. Thanks
  4. LaxNP

    ANCC practice questions

    I have been studying for the boards (ANCC). As I get closer to the date, I am looking for mostly practice questions. Can anyone speak to the quality of the ANCC product..or any of the others out there. For the cost, I wanna make sure I get the most for my money. Thanks
  5. LaxNP

    Maximizing potential income

    With a new job in my future and full time now being 4-10 hour days, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to use the 5th day of the week to increase any income. I'm currently toying with the idea of some adjunct work, or maybe some per diem urgent care work. Just wondering if anyone is doing anything really interesting? Sitting at home just isn't gonna cut it. Thanks
  6. LaxNP

    Setting up clinicals

    I am nearing the end of my program and need to set up two clinicals. I have all my clinical courses at the end of the program, and for some reasons my school offers very little help in setting these up. We are supplied with a list of contracts at facilities, but no contact info. I need to find one preceptor (an MD is willing to preceptor me for the fall). So my big question is: who do I call? Do I call an office manager, should I send an e-mail directly to the providers in the practice? My hope is that some of you that have been through this will be able to give some guidance. Thanks
  7. LaxNP

    English 1A class asap holding me back....

    I would check out Excelsior for thier exam or another online school. Many community colleges have this course online and it may not be to late to get into the spring semester. The good thing about the Excelsior exams is that you can take a test pretty quick usually and alot of schools take their credits. Good luck.
  8. LaxNP

    list of schools in NY

    This is available on the NYS BON website.
  9. LaxNP

    Are any of you NP's graduates of Excelsior?

    I am currently a student in a NP program. I graduated from Excelsior with a ADN in '07 and did my BSN at a state school. I took my my A&P at a brick and mortar school, but did do my micro through EC. I have never had a single issue with EC and even teach in an ADN program. If it is that important to go to a certain school, you could always take the courses, or look to see if there is a lab portion available. My A&p was divided into two courses, 3 credits for the class and 1 for the lab. There were people that only had to do the lab if they already had a class portion for some reason. I wonder if you could do it online with a lab portion. My lab for A&P was computer based in a classroom anyway.
  10. I came about this issue as well. I was told by a couple of schools I looked into that I could have a clinical placement in VT, MA, or CT if I could find a preceptor. In my eyes, that is not worth it. My current school has a wait list for some classes, basically turning my 2 year MSN into a 3 year MSN. Frustrating, but thats how it is. All the schools say they are "currently working with NY" to establish teh needed contracts but that could take forever. Did you scheck Stony Brook? I know some people that have gone through thier online program and I think it is good.
  11. LaxNP

    Nursing student saves doctor

    It is refreshing to see nursing and nursing students put in a good light.
  12. LaxNP

    Infection Control Nursing

    I have been in an IC position over a year after leaving the ICU to come to the department. I agree with the above posting that seeking certification is a good idea. You may have to study harder since you may not see too much extensive stuff with a smaller place. I work in a large hospital where we have a department of IC professionals. We are made up of nurses, med techs from the lab and those with an MPH. All and all, I think we are well rounded. IC is extensive and its hard to explain to someone exactly what we do and to what extent, from educauton to signing off on all building construction. I look at building plans about once a week. I know more about water system loops and legionella prevention than I care for, but it is part of the job. Many people don't care for us since we enforce precuations, hand hygiene, infection rates, and the like, however, I feel as though my opinion is well respected. You do need good clinical knowledge in a position like this, but I hopw you find it rewarding.
  13. LaxNP

    SUNY Delhi RN to BSN enrollment question

    I got my BSN thorugh this program and thought it was great. I never had any of the issues that are posted above. I also started when the program first got up and running. I do know that there is a but of a wait to get in due to many people starting, but the wait wasnt that long. A couple of my firends just started and had to wait a semester, but got admitted. I found that the program was very comprehensive. I am well into grad school now and was over prepared honestly.
  14. LaxNP

    Online PhD...

    I am currently enrolled in an ANP program and will be done in a few semesters. I am very interested in a PhD program, although I have not sully decided on what area of study. I am looking into public health majors, as well as nursing. The ultimate goal is to teach, as I am currently employeed as an adjunct. I am looking for an online PhD program that is from a good school with a good reputation, and low cost. I live near a major state university that offers great programs, but you need a GRE for admission (something I loath doing). My current school is an onsite program that offers a DNS degree, but I feel as though a PhD is more my style. Any suggestions will help!
  15. LaxNP

    Physical Assessment Exams

    Thanks for the reply. My fear is that I will not be prepared. I'm used to being in the peds ICU and doing focused assessments. I am guessing that this will be general since everyone had a different background. I guess I am over analyzing.
  16. LaxNP

    Physical Assessment Exams

    In order for me to start my clinical (advanced assessment course), I need to pass a clinical assessment validation exam. I wondering if all programs have this requirement and what it actually entails. My school has not been very forth coming with an answer. I'm just looking for a general feel of what happens with these. I've done some research and it seems many programs have these at the beginning. Thanks