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Saw an ad for urgent care wanting to hire MAs. They want you to be able to provide compassionate nursing care, assessing patients & taking effective action. They also want you to be able to triage... Read More

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    The wound clinic I just left only hires RNs and LPNs. They will not hire MAs. On the other hand, most urgent care clinics in my area only hire LPNs and MAs, with RNs acting as managers and triage nurses.

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    $12/hour for an RN? My CNAs make more than that.
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    It doesn't sound right to me either. One thing I noticed when I did peds is a lot of peds clinics will have RN's on staff, perhaps because of the liability involved with kids
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    Quote from klone
    I think MAs can only act as delegates to physicians, not APRNs.
    This depends on the state. It is not the case here. I can delegate anything to my MA for which I am willing to assume liability.
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    Quote from klone
    In answer to the question posed in the title: because (legalities aside), an RN doing the same job is going to be paid 2-3x more.
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    Quote from BlueDevil,DNP
    This depends on the state. It is not the case here. I can delegate anything to my MA for which I am willing to assume liability.
    What state are you working in? No license for te MA to independent sop. And just b/c you can, it doesn't mean you should...right? Me, I'd set strict limits...base vs, wt, very basic. If you need more, you should have an experienced licensed nurse. Least that's how I'd go...everyone will do whatever I supposed.
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    In some states, and looks like California may not be one of them, a MA in a clinic/MD office works under the direction of the MD. So they can ask an MA to do whatever it is they would like to in those forums. They assist the doctor, "speak" for him if you will. (as the pp best said it, act as a delegate). Which sounds extremely dangerous. ESPECIALLY with telephone triage and assessing. MA's are trained to take vitals, some do blood draws,I am not sure how much assessing that they would do-- and to run the back and front offices. They certainly are not learned in making a judgement about what their "head to toe" could mean--cause then they would have gone to nursing school.
    If they are in fact just information collectors and run everything by the MD for further instructions, a huge time waster. "Mr so and so has chest pain. He took nitro. What now?" That is dangerous, in my opinion.
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    Quote from PrayeRNurse
    So we as nurses need to work on States regulating MA's.
    You know, it's really no wonder this country is going to hell in a handbasket, with thinking like this. The solution to your problem is to sic the government on someone else, to take away their job by regulating it out of existence? Who else's job would you like to use the power of overbearing government to destroy?
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    Because MAs do not provide nursing care, they are not nurses. They are paid less and have a much smaller scope of practice.
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    In practice, it seems the MA scope of practice is whatever the person hiring them determines it to be.
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