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Salisburysteak is a ADN, RN and specializes in Long-term Acute Care.

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  1. Salisburysteak

    What are they teaching?

    I think what the other poster was stating about APA format is that it is the focus of many Nursing classes. From reading your previous posts you are not in the US and US Nursing Schools are focusing more on the theory aspect of Nursing. While that is not a bad thing; however, it takes away from the students learning hands on nursing like inserting F/C and even learning how to interact with the patients. The classes are so focused on theory that they(instructors) forget to teach how to be a nurse. I hope that makes sense. I believe many become nurses for the higher than average income. So many who go to Nursing School really have no clue what the job/profession is all about. Many new grads do NOT want to put in the time at the bedside and become seasoned before they jump on the NP or CRNA bandwagon. They really feel bedside nursing is beneath them. That is what is so frustrating!
  2. Salisburysteak

    Do all healthcare workers eventually become HARD?

    This is the best response! I could not agree more!
  3. Salisburysteak

    CNA 11 Years need your help

    Does not matter. Boundaries! Boundaries! Boundaries! When a patient/resident leaves a facility your relationship with them is terminated. You can be an empathetic and a comassionate caregiver without getting personally involved with them. This is a valuable lesson you have earned and I hope you do not repeat it! I believe you have no maliciousness in what you did; however, that does not matter the facility terminated you to protect themselves. Best of luck in finding new employment.
  4. Salisburysteak

    Stop Hating on Psych Nurses

    Bless you for doing Psych! That is one area I cannot do. This is why nurses are needed everywhere. One specialty is not better than another. As a previous poster has stated--it is their problem not yours. I worked with a nurse awhile ago in SNF, he was to put it nicely not a good fit, would miss labs, not medicate elevated BPs, etc. I saw him a few years later working at one of the Behavioral Health facilities and, he was a changed nurse! He wss great with the patients and I coud tell the patients trusted him. He had found his niche! So what I am getting at is tht you have found an area of nursing that maybe your niche! Go for it! 🙂
  5. Salisburysteak

    ADN vs BSN Nurses' Competency

    You are so misguided in how CC work. I went to a CC and my professors were ALL DNPs. We had one MSN educator and she was in the process of getting her DNP. Crazy isn't it. BSN prepared nurses CANNOT teach(didactic) in the classroom. LET me say it again--BSN nurses cannot teach didactic lectures in the classroom. But then again you never went to a CC to obtain your degree so how would you know.
  6. Salisburysteak

    ADN vs BSN Nurses' Competency

    Do you know what the grading scale is for the so-called less than worthy Community College? This level of arrogance that makes veteran nurses have disdain for new grads. When you graduate your preparation level will be no different than that of an ADN prepared nurse. Keep this attitude up and you will have a long and difficult career in Nursing!
  7. Salisburysteak

    ADN vs BSN Nurses' Competency

    My oh my oh my!! Exactly what basis are you gauging this on. Have you even gone to a Community College? You will be prepared for Nursing no different than an ADN prepared nurse. This level of arrogance you have will NOT serve you well in your career. In fact it will hinder you more because the RN that precepts you may have an ADN. A little anecdote for you. I was an LPN for over a decade and, I completed a Bridge program. I still had to take the same pre-reqs as the generic ADN students. I took one science class at the Community College I went to and the other at the local Division 1 university in my city. To be honest I believe my CC science course was more difficult and the University course was not as difficult; however, people still failed out of both courses. As others have said, it is not the difference between an ADN or BSN program it is how well said program prepares you to take the NCLEX-RN. So please leave your arrogance at the door when you become licensed as an RN that is if you make it through the program. If I could like this comment a thousand times!! YES! YES! YES!
  8. Salisburysteak

    ADN vs BSN Nurses' Competency

    Oh boy! OP, you are opening a Pandora’s Box that needs to stay closed! An ADN is an RN and a BSN is an RN. Graduates of both programs take the same NCLEX-RN. There is no different NCLEX for the degree you graduated with. Not everyone can afford or have the time for a BSN program so, many RNs will go the ADN route and obtain their BSN from an online program later. NO! The scopes of practice should NOT be different. That is insulting to ADNs who worked their butts off in Nursing school. An RN is an RN and some will be great and some not so much. Out of those that are not great some will be BSNs and those that are great Some are ADNs & Diploma RNs. OP, please do not go into your career thinking BSNs are better. It will be a long road to go down. In the grand scheme of things giving competent and great care is all that matters.
  9. You have received several plausible answers; however, your responses to those posters come off as immature and unprofessional! I believe you felt slighted because the nurse might have undermined you. You should have said something immediately after it happened and reminded the nurse she was not on duty. Before you disregard my response I have been in healthcare for nearly thirty-years. You are going to find a plethora of personalities and how you choose to deal with them is on you. You can become the tattletale nurse or you can be a nurse that communicates well with co-workers. signed an RN who has been doing this awhile.
  10. Salisburysteak


    Working in the hospital is NOT an end all , be all of Nursing. Nurses are needed everywhere! There is absolutely nothing wrong with working in a long-term care facility. Me thinks you bought into the fallacy that hospital(acute) nursing is the “real” type of nursing.
  11. Salisburysteak

    Disrespect & Profanity

    I believe all workplaces have a “Clark”, and that can really drain workplace morale. I do address the patients with Mr/Mrs/Miss. it is just the right thing to do and if the patient says otherwise I will do it for their stay. I work in long-term acute care. I do have a potty mouth but , never in front of the patients. That is unprofessional!
  12. Salisburysteak

    Depressed and Frustrated

    I agree! I work in one and, we do a lot of the same tasks/ treatments an acute care hospital does. LTACH is a great way to get nursing experience. There is more than just Kindred. Kindred has it positives & negatives. Look for other facilities than just Kindred.
  13. Salisburysteak

    Work asking all the time if I can work extra At work and home

    Staffing is not the OPs problem. You do not owe anyone any extra shifts. Learning to say no is not the end of the world. This whole nurse as a martyr needs to stop! If staffing/ scheduler only rely on people picking up extra shifts, there is no incentive for a nurse manager to hire more staff. The more a nurse works the more they are prone to burn out, injury, and making mistakes while on the clock.
  14. Salisburysteak

    Social Media and Doxxing - Your Thoughts???

    1.). I personally do not have my work listed or occupation listed on social media. A pet peeve of mine is bathroom selfies of nurses and nurses station selfies! UGH can’t stand it! Just do not say anything about work at all. That is the safest thing to do. 2.) Hard to say on this. What was posted by Josh that seemed him to be reported and terminated. 3.) My work policy is that we represent our facility and we should be mindful of what we post on social media especially photos and violation of HIPAA; no photos in patient areas and on the floor. Break room okay because we are away from patient areas.
  15. I do have a question. Since you have a BSN, why aren’t you an RN? Why have a degree that you really cannot use. Your scope as an LPN is limited. I do not know if that question has been asked and answered. I just cannot wrap my head around someone who would work there butt off getting a BSN and NOT take the NCLEX-RN. I believe it may hurt you in the long run. That is just my observation.
  16. I have no idea what some of them mean also! 😂 it is great you get certified in a specialty but, in the grand scheme of things the patient will never really understand what it means.