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Salisburysteak is a BSN, RN and specializes in IMC.

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  1. Salisburysteak

    Shady Nursing Schools

    I agree with this to a point. I have noticed that many perspective nursing students do not want to wait to get their nursing degrees. They want it sooner and tnhese schools promise quick results. They would rather spend 50-70k form an online fly-by-n...
  2. I have done it twice. It is NOT awkward at all. I followed a DON to another facility. It was a great job, and we were both much happier there. I followed a supervisor to another facility. We worked together for nearly ten years. I have since moved on...
  3. Salisburysteak

    Wrong Department?

    Tell me you do not know how to be a manager without telling me you do not know how to be a manager 🙄 What a horrible situation for you. I am getting ready to start a new position also. I am gping from LTAC nursing to IMC in an acute hospital. I ...
  4. Salisburysteak

    Natural "Medicine"?

    Oh great the MLM world has infiltrated allnurses. 🤦‍♀️😠
  5. Salisburysteak

    The 7 Day Metamorphosis of an Attention-Seeking Newly-Minted Nurse

    I hate to admit this, but this is spot on. ?
  6. Salisburysteak

    Is it appropriate to "show off" that you are a Nurse on social media?

    I believe it comes from insecurity within themselves. I also wonder if some of these people are looking for likes, and want to be influencers on social media. I don't know. I am glad I am not the only one who is tired of it.
  7. Salisburysteak

    Is it appropriate to "show off" that you are a Nurse on social media?

    The student nurses I understand. They are giddy and excited about Nursing School; however, I find some of my nurse FB friends post a little annoying especially when all they post is nurse related things. All. the. time. It is in their name and any co...
  8. Salisburysteak

    What should I wear to pick up paperwork on my day off?

    Exactly! my boss came in after hours a couple of times. She was in yoga pants and a t-shirt. Stop over thinking and wear what you normally wear. Of course do not look like a slob though.
  9. Salisburysteak

    What are they teaching?

    I think what the other poster was stating about APA format is that it is the focus of many Nursing classes. From reading your previous posts you are not in the US and US Nursing Schools are focusing more on the theory aspect of Nursing. While that is...
  10. Salisburysteak

    Do all healthcare workers eventually become HARD?

    This is the best response! I could not agree more!
  11. Salisburysteak

    CNA 11 Years need your help

    Does not matter. Boundaries! Boundaries! Boundaries! When a patient/resident leaves a facility your relationship with them is terminated. You can be an empathetic and a comassionate caregiver without getting personally involved with them. This is a ...
  12. Salisburysteak

    Stop Hating on Psych Nurses

    Bless you for doing Psych! That is one area I cannot do. This is why nurses are needed everywhere. One specialty is not better than another. As a previous poster has stated--it is their problem not yours. I worked with a nurse awhile ago in SNF, he...
  13. Salisburysteak

    ADN vs BSN Nurses' Competency

    You are so misguided in how CC work. I went to a CC and my professors were ALL DNPs. We had one MSN educator and she was in the process of getting her DNP. Crazy isn't it. BSN prepared nurses CANNOT teach(didactic) in the classroom. LET me say it aga...
  14. Salisburysteak

    ADN vs BSN Nurses' Competency

    Do you know what the grading scale is for the so-called less than worthy Community College? This level of arrogance that makes veteran nurses have disdain for new grads. When you graduate your preparation level will be no different than that of an A...
  15. Salisburysteak

    ADN vs BSN Nurses' Competency

    My oh my oh my!! Exactly what basis are you gauging this on. Have you even gone to a Community College? You will be prepared for Nursing no different than an ADN prepared nurse. This level of arrogance you have will NOT serve you well in your career....