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    Hi Everyone!

    I graduated in Argentina 10 years ago, and I worked there as a NICU Lvl III RN for 4 years. Then, I moved to US, and it took me 3 1/2 years to learn English to be able to pass the NCLEX, which I did 1 1/2 years ago.
    Ever since, I have been looking for a job, without any luck until now.

    Last Saturday I was introduced to a clinic's administrator. This lady could not believe that I hadn't been able to find a job given the "nursing shortage" in the country. She said her daughter, who is also an RN, has to turn down many shifts because she doesn't have time to work all the days the registry wants her to!

    The lady then offered me to work at her clinic as an LVN as they don't hire RN because of their budget. She said she could have me train in many different areas and get experience. Thus, after 6 months or a year, I will be able to start looking for an RN job. When that moment comes, she said that she will say I was actually an RN, so I won't get that "oh, but you still don't have RN experience" Also, she said that after a while, she might even be able to help me get into a NICU setting because of my previous experience in that field...

    As she was telling me all this, I could not believe what my ears were hearing. It sounds unreal, like a dream. I will go Sunday to get to know the place; I'll start training in Urgent Care

    OH!!!, WOW, I am so happy, so, so happy!!! I'll be wearing scrubs and working as a nurse again!!! yeah:
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    Make certain that you obtain malpractice insurance and watch yourself. You are aware that even though working as an LVN, you will be held to the standards of the RN license. I would think twice before going through with this kind of an arrangement, particularly since the employer is stating that they intend to be dishonest when reporting on you in the future. Sounds like a good way to be taken advantage of.
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    I agree.
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    you need an lvn license to work as one. your are licensed as an rn and do not hold an lvn license, correct?

    if so, then you would be working as an rn with lvn pay. nothing wrong with that if you are willing to get the nursing experience. but just remember to sign anything with rn not lvn. you need an lvn license to sign as one. this would be forgery if you do so.

    this place sounds fishy but please be careful and watch out for anything "illegal."

    good luck!
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    I think you should hire on as an RN - there is nothing binding you to any particular wage so when you go to apply for another job it will be "RN" experience and there will be no need to be less than truthful with your prospective new employers. I don't think you can sign an LVN after your name if you haven't taken and passed the NCLEX-PN (LVN) and have a license in good standing.

    You may run into hiring managers who don't count clinic experience as experience for a job in an acute care hospital, or a highly specialized area like NICU as well.

    I don't tell you this to discourage you, but to maybe help you avoid big disappointment later on.

    It's a huge accomplishment to learn English and pass the NCLEX after such a short time here in the US. Best of luck to you!
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    First off, Congrats on passing your NCLEX! Competition is fierce in this economy. I would definitely insist she hire you as an RN if you do not have an LVN license. Additionally, if you were working as an LVN, that's not RN experience, and hospitals would not count that towards experience. If you are an RN in an Urgent Care, you have a better shot. As for the wages, tell her you are ok with that, my guess is she's trying to hire you as an LVN but without the ability to, she may have to pay you more based on HR requirements.
    You never know til you ask.
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    It sounds like she's trying to take advantage of you. Her whole plan sounds awfully fishy. Be careful.
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    That horrible woman is taking advantage of you! She is getting an RN for LPN wages, and she knows it! Watch out, because if they are sneaky about that, then they likely will have other suspect practices, as well.
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    You're in a VERY sticky area.

    First, to work as a LVN, you need to be licensed as a LVN; it's not as though a RN can double as a LVN because the RN has a more advanced license. A RN can do a LVN's job, but an RN can't be a LVN without a LVN license.

    Second, officially you will be listed as an LVN by the hiring company, so when it comes time to verify your employment there, HR will tell employers that you worked there as an LVN. It will seem pretty sketchy if this woman goes around saying you have worked as a RN when your legal job title is a LVN.

    Third, there's that liability issue: even though you are hired as a LVN, you will still be held to the standard of a RN by your local BON.

    I agree with the others: it does sound like she may be trying to take advantage of you. That being said, RN jobs of any sort are hard to come by. If you really want this job, insist you be hired as a RN into a RN job, even if you have to take the LVN pay rate. This will protect you as well as guaranteeing that any experience you get is officially considered RN experience.
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