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  1. maelstrom143

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    This whole interlude has been rather strange. I just hope it is over soon for all involved. I feel awful for everyone involved. It sounds like an absolute nightmare. I am not sure I would be up to the fight. Studies show that a number of nurses caught in issues where a patient is harmed or dies eventually end up committing suicide due to the guilt and issues that continue to arise long after the incident has happened. I cannot imagine what this nurse's life will be like after this is all over. I do know as a teen I met a former nurse who was working as a cashier/stocker in a pharmacy with me and it made me wonder what she had done to be reduced in circumstances because I could not imagine going from being an RN to being just a blue collar in some obscure pharmacy retail job as she was doing and I was just an older teen at the time, so I assume a lot of people will look askance at someone who was once a nurse and no longer is one 😕
  2. maelstrom143

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    And then people wonder why I get irritable when they keep interrupting me when I am pulling meds 😕 It is not ok to keep harassing nurses with phone calls and interruptions while they are pulling narcotics and wasting meds, but it happens. It is up to us to tell people to back off and step down and we will get back to them when appropriate because otherwise accidents can happen, as in this case. Sorry, but this case is one thing on top of another in such a manner that one has to do contortions in order to make allowances for the number of missteps that led to the patient's death. You make a valid point. I should look into my own insurance coverage. This should be a wakeup call to all, though, that we cannot allow ourselves to become overly complaisant with our protocols, procedures, and medications, but must always review and READ what we pull out of our machines because I have, in the past, pulled the wrong med out of a bin that said it should be another medication. Had I not been paying attention, a patient might have received the right dosage, but wrong medication. However, I read the med when pulled and noted the discrepancy, called pharmacy and alerted them. They were then able to come and review/fix the error, which was not a nursing error, but a stocking error caught before it hit the bedside. When we get too comfortable, that is when accidents are most likely to happen 😕
  3. maelstrom143

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    This is the reason I always tell my patients that no, I will not hurry. I will take my time and ensure I know what I am doing. I will review meds I do not know, and educate them. If I get your pancakes wrong, you will live. If I get your meds wrong, there's always the chance of catastrophic failure. Don't hurry me. If you do, I'll slow down even more because I did not wake up planning to kill anyone this morning and it is too easy to make a mistake due to being pressured. My heart goes out to everyone involved. This is a perfect storm and the ones who should be penalized for not having safety protocols in place, the facility, will not be and that is beyond wrong.
  4. maelstrom143

    The Worst Hospital Visitor I've Ever Seen

    Case management consult for possible child protective services. Huge liability to have unsupervised children in the hospital.
  5. maelstrom143

    The Worst Hospital Visitor I've Ever Seen

    Despicable human.
  6. maelstrom143

    The Worst Hospital Visitor I've Ever Seen

    Your reminiscence made my chest hurt
  7. maelstrom143

    How does it feel to have a Foley insertion?

    For those not used to Foley, it can be uncomfortable, varying from pressure to acute pain that may resolve to a mild discomfort. When I had one while awake almost three decades ago, it hurt but was quickly over. The next time I needed one I was unconscious, but the removal was just slight discomfort. Bearing down as if to pee helped with the ease of removal. I always instruct my patients to breathe deeply in and out and near down with exhalation (during which I rapidly remove the fc after ensuring I've removed all of the saline from the balloon to ensure it is completely collapsed). Doing it that way seems easier on the patient, from the feedback I've received over the last ten years. Some people may experience bladder spasms, esp if they have a UTI, in which case the doc can prescribe an anticholinergic.
  8. maelstrom143

    Biting Your Tongue

    Too true :) I started one of my shifts as I always do, start the head to toe assessment, and the female began yelling at me as to what was I doing, etc. "A head to toe assessment to ensure your skin is still intact and there are no issues that need to be addressed." "No one else does that." Yada, yada, yada. "It is your right to refuse." It is my right to chart your refusal. Are you refusing the assessment portion of my care at this time?" Blah, blah, blah from the patient. Me, "As you wish." And then she asked for the charge nurse. I acquiesced and left the room. Charge comes out and says, "What happened? She says she wants another nurse! And she is really angry." I told her and the charge just shook her head. The patient was severely morbidly obese and at risk, due to several comorbidities, for skin infections, tears, and other stuff. For a split second, I swear I was almost hurt...but then I heard the angels sing in the background as the day suddenly brightened...it was a great day.
  9. maelstrom143

    Best MD note

    I seriously have no words for this...it is really easy to ask questions when one does not know. Seriously :/
  10. maelstrom143

    Stupid things that nurses say

    Thanks Tex. Have a good one :)
  11. Bahahahaha!!! OMG. Priceless. Very cool :)
  12. maelstrom143

    Stupid things that nurses say

    I am usually rather reclusive when not at work. Today, I spent all day long out at the school with the kids, then stores, in crowded conditions interacting. Exhausted, wanting to sleep, yet unable to do so due to being so wired from the day (intense headache I'd had all day eased up once I was able to retreat to my room, but still not right). Then, lo and behold, I find this thread. It is now 0315h and I finally feel comfortable, tired, and hysterically amused. Thank you so much for sharing. Good lord...what does it say about me that I need to come here to read about things related to work to relax from a day spent in a way most people would find fun?
  13. maelstrom143

    Stupid things that nurses say

  14. maelstrom143

    Overflow in the er

    Thank you for sharing the these resources. I look forward to reviewing them.
  15. Congratulations. You are embarking on a journey that you will either love or hate...I hope you will love it with a passion that makes you wake each day looking forward to what that day might bring. Just remember, it will be what you make of it
  16. maelstrom143

    When a Mom Miscarries

    Thank you CountrMomma, for such an excellent article and for sharing what is a tragic experience for a family. I do not have words to tell you how very sad I am for your loss or how strong I think you are for sharing your perspective so that others may learn and benefit from it. We can, at times, come across as insensitive due to sometimes not really knowing what to say or do in a given situation or even because sometimes we see it so often that we may allow ourselves to become desensitized, thereby causing grief without meaning to do so. It is good to periodically stop and look around and realize that, while this may be our umpteenth loss for the month, umpteenth birth, death, whatever, it is often the first for our patient or his/her family. I have been a nurse for a wee bit, but I still remember losing my cool and letting the nurse in the PR hospital know that, although I was sure she had babies every day, this was my first and I did not appreciate her blase attitude (over 19 years ago now, but still remember it and try to not treat my patients in the same way). I am very glad that you spoke with your doctor afterwards. It seems that, with your input, some positive changes did take place so that others would not go through what you did.