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Bubbles has 35 years experience and specializes in Hospice, Case Mgt., RN Consultant, ICU.

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  1. Bubbles

    Pain medicine and bone mets

    Woogy. Absolutely! It's been a long time since I worked in hospitals, but the good, secure in themselves physicians always listened to the nurses. We were their eyes and ears so they respected our observations and suggestions. At least that is my experience working in both ICU/CCU and Med-Surg. We were never little handmaidens who were expected to bow down to a physician. Oh sure there were a few physicians who seemed to think that, but that was their problem.
  2. Bubbles

    Update on fraudulent visits

    Thanks for the update and thanks for all your hard work. That 'nurse' needs to lose her license and be sent to prison. Hopefully she never cares for another patient! Please let us know what happens next!
  3. Bubbles

    Fraudulent visits - yes I brought it up!

    So the question remains what do we do when we know there is Medicare fraud? The situation as described does not seem to even need to be proved given that actually doing that number of visits is not humanly possible! Do we want to keep hospice as a Medicare benefit? Do we want Medicare to survive such insults? I recently read an article on this site about being a 'whistle blower' and the need for the person sounding the alarm to protect themselves by seeking the assistance of a nurse attorney. Just last evening I saw on the news where six employees were fired because they blew the whistle for being required to 'rubber stamp' physicians to the state medical board who did not meet the qualifictions. For not wanting to harm the general public these employees were all fired and now they are on the news. And don't you just want to know the names of the doctors who should not have been licensed in my state?
  4. Bubbles

    Dear Cheaters

    I was never aware of any of my classmates cheating in nursing school, but it seems we are living in a different world where ethics are ignored. Hopefully I am wrong, but that is how it feels to me. What bothers me about nursing students cheating is what will they do when they become RNs and make an error. Will they try to cover it up? As an experienced RN and a recent patient I have experienced having my medical treatment records being falsified by two RNs, one of whom only became licensed in 2007! This has caused me both physical and emotional harm. As a licensed professional I am required to report these nurses, but when I finally get this done will my nursing board do anything? These nurses need to be stopped as I am sure I am not the only patient they have lied about and harmed!
  5. Bubbles

    Do nurses get unemployment benefits?

    Arizona has a one week waiting period and pays very low unemployment benefits. Only one state pays less. But when one is laid off every little bit helps!
  6. Bubbles

    Observation of the day

    Sounds like you had some demanding patients. I know what you mean, but logically this is probably an example of a 'glittering generality' and should be avoided. Better not to put people in boxes!
  7. Bubbles

    Anyone else dealing with this?

    It is totally inconsiderate and unprofessional. Also, I am thinking this practise is illegal. If you are scheduled to work and they send you home they should be paying you for a half day. It appears that the Federal Government may be back in business soon so I would check with the US Department of Labor.
  8. Bubbles

    HELP pls.. advice anyone

    I agree with the two previous comments. Even though we nurses are usually not English majors like Garrison Keilor it is really difficult to read such poorly written comments. That said, traveling nurses need to have at least one years professional nursing experience.
  9. Why do you say pee instead of urinate?
  10. Bubbles

    Couldn't believe he did this...

    This whole situation is just so wrong on so many levels! This obviously conscientious employee is doing her best and being paid nearly nothing for her efforts while the other sits on his butt. The patients are not getting proper care and yet their families and long term care insurance are paying big bucks for their care. Nursing schools continue to crank out nurse graduates who spend thousands for their education and then are unable to find employement. The owners of these assisted living facilities are making all sorts of money by hiring people for $10.00 an hour, not paying for benefits, and charging huge fees for poor care. How long will we allow these abuses to continue?
  11. Bubbles

    Couldn't believe he did this...

    Guttercat, In assisted living facilities the medications are given by med techs which have less training than CNAs. Assisted living facilities can be small home like facilities or much larger. In the larger facilities the manager may be an LPN. There was recently a TV special about assisted living facilities not being regulated. The special stated they are growing and admitting very sick patients who are not appropriate for these type of facilities.
  12. Occupational health nursing is totally different from occupational or physical therapy. Occupational health nursing involves Registered Nurses who provide nursing care to employees in industrial settings such as factories and construction sites. Besides providing care for injuries and illnesses such RNs may be involved in doing drug screens, hearing and vision tests, safety and accident prevention, etc. Some hospitals also employ Occupational Health Nurses to care for hospital employees. Hope this helps you in clarifying your future career. Physical therapists are definitely in demand.
  13. Another criminal conviction? Only the RN part and hospital experience? Just feels right? How would you know? Better to stay with the law.
  14. Bubbles


    Wow! That was rude!
  15. Bubbles

    So disgusted

    Terrible! So not how hospice is to be! What ever happened to common sense and compassion and for the 'live in' how about ethics!
  16. You might look into occupational therapy or physical therapy and specialize in lymphedema therapy. There are not enough LE therapists and with the incidence of breast cancer increasing all the time there sure is a need!

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