Oh, the gossip.

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    I have noticed a lot of gossip at work. I know there is gossip at most places you go. We are a very, very busy floor...how do you have time? You walk around the corner, and find a small group of women gossiping.
    Well, the other day day I had a patient with a high blood pressure that met the parameters for Clonidine. The family was asking about it (they were very involved in the care!!). Told them she had a "high" blood pressure, and I was giving her this for it, they were fine. Well, one nurse told me I should have said "elevated"..."it sounds better than high or too high". Ok, true that...take it in. She has lots more experience than me. I can take constructive criticism well. Still think I am learning from day to day... I come around the corner THE NEXT MORNING, and she is telling the night shift nurse going off and one other nurse about it...in a laughing manner...ok, laugh at my expense..haha...(and maybe I am being too sensitive on this one, but it does make you feel stupid and hurt your feelings to find someone talking about you). But, I notice this a lot...a lot of whispering, talking, gossiping. How much are they really talking about me? And, I have overheard them talking about other people. I just don't like being a joke to them or being talked about. I know, there is nothing I can do about it. I could be running around like a crazy woman, and some are standing around just talking, on internet, etc.. You may need some help, and you cannot get their attention. I am more quiet too, friendly and talk to people though, but do not have time for all that. I am too busy with charting, orders, meds, pt care, etc... I do not even have time for lunch some days. Anyway...solution-I will continue to work hard, continue to improve as a nurse, be nice to everyone, etc... AND HOW LONG ARE YOU STILL CONSIDERED A NEW NURSE? I have been a nurse for 2 yrs, but I am new to this floor...totally different floor than was working before.
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    Well, you said it yourself. You are too busy with charting, orders, meds, pt care. Keep up with those and you won't have time to worry about what the gossip monkeys are doing or not doing.
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    People do not realize how corrosive to human relations gossip really is. Check into the topic "horizontal violence" and see how your unit is just one step away from that.

    I hope things get better for you....

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    Remember that what your co-workers do, no matter how annoying, is not your concern. There's no point in stressing yourself worrying about what they may or may not be saying about you.

    Don't participate in their gossip and don't give them anything to talk about.

    I really dislike working with people who gossip, I avoid them and do my job.

    Remember, what goes around, comes around.
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    Wait, they were laughing a making a deal out of you using the phrase "high" bloodpressure, as opposed to "elevated"? Even a full shift later. These women need to grow up; also might not hurt them to understand that some patients background and educational level sadly means they will not understand what "elevated BP" is. But everyone understands "high". There was nothing wrong with what you said, and being understood by the patient and family is more important than "sounding smart".

    These women need to grow up and get real.
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    Unless you are giving the other nurses ammunition(personal information and anything else better not mentioned at work) there is probably little gossip about you.
    I was sensitive to others criticizing or making fun of me too. It only takes a couple of people like that to poison the whole environment.
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    I went thru the same thing at my last job. It was annoying, to say the least. And Ive been gone from that floor for 6 months and I still hear some things they are still saying about me. Ya know what? They can kiss my butt. I am a good nurse. Patients requested me as their nurse. I could place an IV when no one else could. It was jealousy. Its probably the same with you. You are probably attractive, maybe young, a good nurse who works well.....they are jealous of you. And the next time someone "corrects" you with your terminology, tell them you worded it accurately and they need to find something else worth discussion. That was just rediculous. Ignore them. And dont let them treat you like you are a new nurse who needs correction over trivial things. If you do, it will continue.
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    Soooo middle school. But it seems to be every where. I agree with all previous posters.

    Knock them as dust, from your shoes.
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    It is sad that this occurs so much in what is supposed to be a professional environment.

    I worked at a group home type facility and gossip was rampant. The best way to avoid it? Rise above, NEVER GOSSIP YOURSELF, be polite and courteous to your coworkers (always be civil) and immerse yourself in your work.

    I know it is easier said then done....unfortunately gossip persists!
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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with using the word "high." In fact some patient populations would understand that term much more easily than "elevated."

    Those who gossip often do so in order to make themselves feel better, smarter, etc. Consider it a compliment that this is all she could find to say about you.
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