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  1. IHeartPeds87

    Favorite nursing job or specialty

    Pediatrics!! I love the variety (you can have a 14 year old in one room and a four day old infant in the next). There's an underlying optimistic tone in pediatrics and I feel like I'm making a difference!
  2. I also suggest cuing them into the assessment signs that you look for that would indicate that the child might be able to start eating. Stating something to the effect of "babies aren't very good at the coordination of breathing and eating, so when ...
  3. IHeartPeds87

    How to Support a Coworker Who Has Made a Medication Error

    Tell her that! Paraphrase that statement and it would be perfect! Tell her that in your opinion, she is an excellent nurse, is well-liked by the patients and staff, and a great resource. Tell her that even this is a learning opportunity, and atle...
  4. So I've been feeling way better about work lately. I've felt more confident and things have been going better. One of the MANY things i've adapted to includes some changes I've made to my pre-work routine. I bought myself a pair of nice earrings ...
  5. IHeartPeds87

    question about getting labs

    Hi there. I work on a pediatric unit and when we put in IV's, if there is lab work ordered we draw labs at that time as well to save the child a poke. I have a question about getting labs. Sometimes we have infants who we get labs in microtainers f...
  6. IHeartPeds87

    Job Fairs is it worth it??

    Job fairs, in my experience, have been extremely useful. A facility that is typically holding a job fair is in need of a large number of nurses. You get to have face to face contact with recruiters and managers. All positive stuff....go for it!!
  7. IHeartPeds87

    Leaving at 6 months in?

    Here is what I will say about the whole "fear of being labelled a job hopper." Do I think that leaving one job six months in will make you look like a job hopper, particularly in the same company? No, no I do not. However I do urge the OP (or anyo...
  8. IHeartPeds87

    New Grad Help

    I think you are fighting a losing battle. I hate to say this, and I am sorry, because I know it isn't what you want to hear. A unit where other nurses are constantly going over your head and reporting things to educators/management is not where you...
  9. IHeartPeds87

    HATE my job (vent post)

    Thanks for the support! I'll keep you guys posted :)
  10. IHeartPeds87

    First Job As A Nurse! HELP!

    I work in acute care on a med-surg floor. I have, one time in the past six months taken 11 patients. I will never do it again. NEVER. I have made a vow to myself that I will refuse anymore than 8 patients. In truth, the number should be six but ...
  11. IHeartPeds87

    HATE my job (vent post)

    Hi everyone. I hate my job. I am extremely unhappy. I got a job at a busy urban hospital on a med-surg floor at night. I was thrilled to have a hospital job as a new grad. The experience, in reality, has been terrible. Patient load is atrocious...
  12. IHeartPeds87

    Leaving at 6 months in?

    Here is the thing about being loyal to an employer. I don't think it is the way it used to be. There is no loyalty from the employer to the nurse so why should I be loyal to my employer? I was told that I would have an extensive orientation, that I...
  13. IHeartPeds87

    The ONE thing that will make your nursing life easier

    Appropriate staffing FOR SURE!!!!!
  14. Hi there is a job that I am interested in that is posted online. There are multiple postings of the same job online (same shift and everything too). Should I apply to all of the multiple postings? Seems like it would appear desperate but I would h...
  15. IHeartPeds87

    children's hospital of michigan?

    Can anyone tell me what it's like to work here? I am an aspiring pediatric nurse and wanted some insight on what working at the hospital was like. How is it like working for a for profit hospital? Is there support for nurses? adequate orientation? W...