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*LadyJane* has 4 years experience and specializes in LTC, wound care.

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  1. Religion and Suspicious Death

    Many orthodox religions believe that the body must be complete for the resurrection. This is why you see orthodox jews mopping up blood at scenes where they have been attacked in Israel. Those blood soaked handkerchiefs will be buried with the dead...
  2. What is your Nursing Kryptonite?

    Smells. The kryptonite is a toss up between two smells. One, colostomies, two, a blend of feces coupled with stinky, infected pressure sore at the coccyx. The latter, which I wasn't expecting, in my first year, was so bad, I had to step away becau...
  3. Failed NCLEX-RN Aug 2015

    Hearst review. After this class I was much more confident. Also our tests in our nursing program were HARD. NCLEX was easy compared to them!
  4. Be honest, what pt behaviors do you find annoying?

    Patients/residents yelling. Daily occurance, very disruptive.

    I was working with another nurse on a slow night and so we were going around together. we walked into a room, to burp a colostomy bag. I had never done this. when she let the gas out, I had to leave the room. I have smelled some awful stenches bef...
  6. Job Offer Washington State

    25/26 per hour is typical pay for an RN in LTC.
  7. Death Notification

    I find that the family member wants to know some details, like was s/he sleeping/comfortable/well-medicated, etc. as reassurance that they had a peaceful death. I expect them to ask that, and to tell them. I also use "passed away", just because it ...
  8. Sexual activity between dementia residents, (news article)

    I imagine the wife would be upset, but she also needs to realize that her husband is not able to remember what he ate for breakfast, either. Demented residents need protection, but what are we proteting against? The wife's feelings, or the husband'...
  9. From Bloomberg news: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-07-22/boomer-sex-with-dementia-foreshadowed-in-nursing-home.html> Dementia residents have sexual contact, legal can of worms opened, DNS and Admin both lose licenses..... As a newish nurse...
  10. What brand of scrubs do you prefer?

    Uniform Advantage Butter soft scrubs. Very good prices, the fit is fine and the fabric is good quality, endures lots of washing and still looks very tidy/professional. Needs minimal steaming out of the dryer. I also like white swan, I like the he...
  11. Former Med-Surg RN now working in SNF - Help!

    I am also a newish nurse, but I and my friends who work mainly in long term care have not found the backbiting thing where we work (3 different facilities). I have heard of such nastiness at the hospitals.... (shudder)
  12. I cannot believe a nurse did this......

    Well, if tickling with a cotton ball pulled out of a stock bottle of colace makes you furious, then I can only imagine how you'd seethe seeing a CNA take your mother to the bathroom, and then not wash her hands with hot soapy water for as long as it ...
  13. witnessing a DNR

    Where I have worked, only two rn's have signed. I suspect this story.
  14. Easy! No more cancer.
  15. Yes, I'm in pain!

    Some patients may be trying to practice self-hypnosis, or trying to escape into a painless part of their mind. I have done this when a patient, post surgery. A nurse came up, put her hand on my forearm without saying anything, to see if I was awake...