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hi all, i just read a thread asking about older nursing interventions and it made me think of the older techniques that we really did use before so many modern meds and procedures. for a lower gi bleed we used to do strong... Read More

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    Milk and molasses enema's!
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    Maybe we're old fashioned at my hospital, but we still have metal bedpans and gerichairs :S
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    Placing babies on their bellies to sleep, discouraging breastfeeding, smoking at the nurse's station, episiotomies, patients with 02! smoking in their rooms.

    We still use geri chairs with locking trays.
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    Wangensteen suction device was used to handle secretions after cholecystectomy. Emptying and cleaning the big glass jugs was obnoxious task.
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    Oh I forgot this one... chest tubes to double bottle suction.
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    Quote from cheyfire
    let me see if i remember. one line of thought was that the ice and cold could cause vagal stimulation i believe... and then some nurses also believed it would shunt blood to the stomach that was needed for cardiac function if the patient ate anything too hot or too cold so hot coffee or tea was also a no-no. everything was room temperature. anyone else have a different theory in their area for this one?
    that's the theory i recall, also. when i was in nursing school (in an excellent hospital-based diploma program), mi clients spent weeks in the cardiac step-down unit (that's after they came out of the ccu), and everything in the unit was arranged to protect their fragile, damaged hearts from any stress and possible further damage. no particularly hot or cold food or fluids; a special bed bath procedure to protect them from getting chilled and physically stressed (i no longer remember what the technique was, but i remember we had to learn a different, special bed bath routine just for the cardiac unit), and we all tip-toed around and spoke in whispers to, again, protect them from being startled and stressing their hearts. (and, now, you get sent home a few days after a big mi -- my, my, how things change ...)

    people who had cataract surgery were in the hospital for many days, also, with their heads immobilized with sand bags.

    checking people's urine glucose by holding the "dipstick" up to the color scale on the side of the dipstick canister and giving the ssi based on that.

    almost never wearing gloves -- just for specific procedures like sterile dressing changes. and i wore real "whites" and my cap proudly (still do, on the rare occasions when i'm in whites -- my specialty is psych, so i've spent most of my career in street clothes); never stood up for a doc, though -- that was before my time, thank goodness!

    yes, "3h" enemas. and a whole series of different weird treatments for pressure sores. the betadine and sugar mixture became popular while i was in school. one of the orthopedic surgeons at the hospital was mixing up betadine and sugar at home, bringing it into the hospital, and using it to pack his surgical sites (joint replacements, orifs, etc.) it was v. "cutting edge" at the time, and you couldn't get a commercial preparation.
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    I remember our first Aids patient. A large sign warning everyone entering the room was placed on the patient's
    room door....A I D S. Ohhh, where was HIPPA when you needed it?
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    Triple H enema... high, hot and a helluva lot! I not only remember metal bedpans and urinals but remember being deathly afraid of the bedpan cleaner and disinfecter....put the bedpan in the wall flusher and flushing and then the steamer valve... always thought it was going to explode and scald me!! Used glass thermometers too, and then soaked them in a disinfecting solution till the next round of temperatures! Also had the "St Mary's Bomb" for constipation - glass of warm prune juice with MOM and cascara added... the name says it all!!
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    Quote from sevensonnets
    Nobody's responded to the HHH enema mention. Wonder how many newer nurses know that one?

    High Hot and Helluva Lot!!!!!!!!!!
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