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Scarlette Wings has 27 years experience and specializes in M/S, ICU, ICP.

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  1. Girl Brain Dead after Tonsillectomy

    Girl Brain Dead after Tonsillectomy I understand exactly the trauma and emotional pain that these parents are going through. My 5 year old was in the hospital with pneumonia, He was a chemo kid. His retinoblastoma ended up having one eye completely...
  2. Don't People Have Bills To Pay?

    I read an article on medscape that discusses some of our real generational differences. I think it would fit in well with this discussion. We are all different. Our age, experience, and upbringing do impact our professional practice.The article is we...
  3. Vanderbilt Medical Center to have nurses cleaning up

    To me Unions really are just another task master and very controlling. We should be able to advocate for ourselves. Another thought is that nurses and staff would not only have patient rooms to turn over and clean, but there is an entire hospital ...
  4. Vanderbilt Medical Center to have nurses cleaning up

    OMG. That is insane!
  5. Best Hallucinations Thread

    I had a little old lady seeing spiders crawling all over her wall.This was back in the day (early 80's) when you "absolutely had to" reorient confused little patients and NEVER ever ever act like their hallucinations were real. They preached that hot...
  6. What's the weirdest thing management has said to you?

    Last edit by nhnursie on Dec 12, '12 : Reason: posted before finished typing That is the cutest and funniest reason (guilty myself) for having to edit. Loved it!
  7. Why is it always "Fire the nurse"

    In almost 30 years of nursing I have rarely seen a true case of "fire the nurse first" over a patient complaint unless there was an extreme error or managers were already looking for an excuse to fire a person. I have witnessed administration in faci...
  8. Throwing in the towel...

    If you are willing to work anywhere until you find a job you really want your chances are great. Actually they are great most everywhere for experienced nurses that are highly flexible. I see you mentioned that you have some revenue to fall back on o...
  9. A Note of Deep Concern and Worry

    My neighbors son was 28 this past year. He spent many an evening at my house after work till his mom, also a nurse, came home. The one thing worse than watching someone so young choose suicide and death instead of life is being the one to find the bo...
  10. If you weren't a nurse, what would you have become?

    LOL, I have to say that this is your fantasy and you can have it any way you want it. I love to write (but I am horrible at spelling) and I love to draw so I had thought that I would have gone into journalism or advertising.
  11. You know you've been a nurse for too long when..........

    on your know you've been nursing too long when .... your answer to the 5 year plan is to just "live long enough retire with my sanity intact.'
  12. Telemedicine: How will Telecommunications affect Nurses?

  13. Hiring and firing of older nurses: What can a nurse do?

    getting older has given me the chance to branch out into areas of nursing that i never thought of before (ie: discharge planning, employee health, occupational nursing, school nursing, education,infection control and prevention). i worked the medical...