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Scarlette Wings has 27 years experience and specializes in M/S, ICU, ICP.

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  1. Scarlette Wings

    Girl Brain Dead after Tonsillectomy

    Girl Brain Dead after Tonsillectomy I understand exactly the trauma and emotional pain that these parents are going through. My 5 year old was in the hospital with pneumonia, He was a chemo kid. His retinoblastoma ended up having one eye completely removed and treating the other. I also believe with all my heart that is it the inability of the patients to accept the fact their child is dead. It is that family who refuses to accept her death. Rather than let go of their daughter that keep them lying to their selfs. I made that decision to turn off the vent and the drugs causing his heart to beat. I also believe with all my heart that is it the inability of the patients to accept the fact their child is dead. It is that family who refuses to accept her death. Rather than let go of their daughter that keep them lying to their selfs. I made that decision to turn off the vent and the drugs causing his heart to beat.
  2. Scarlette Wings

    Don't People Have Bills To Pay?

    I read an article on medscape that discusses some of our real generational differences. I think it would fit in well with this discussion. We are all different. Our age, experience, and upbringing do impact our professional practice.The article is well worth the read. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/781752 THE FOUR GENERATION GAP IN NURSING by Laura A. Stokowski, RN, MS April 11, 2013 Calling All Generations A nurse manager, desperate for more staff, telephones 4 of her nurses to ask whether they will pull an extra shift. • The first nurse says, "What time do you need me?" • The second nurse says, "Call me back if you can't find anyone else." • The third nurse says, "How much will you pay me?" • The fourth nurse says, "Sorry, I have plans. Maybe next time." According to Bonnie Clipper, author of The Nurse Manager's Guide to an Intergenerational Workforce,[1] these different responses are typical of the 4 different generations of nurses currently working side by side in nursing. In the same order as the responses above, these generations are: • The "traditionalists" (also called the "veterans"); • The "baby boomers" ("boomers"); • The "X generation" ("Xers"); and • The "Millennials" (also known as the "Y-generation" or "nexters"). Social scientists maintain that this is the first time in history that 4 generations of nurses have worked together. In previous years, earlier retirement from nursing and shorter lifespans kept the workforce to 3 generations. Recently, however, many nurses have continued to work long past the conventional retirement age of mid-60s, some well into their eighth decade of life. However, because the youngest nurses of the traditionalist generation are now 71 years old, this generation is shrinking rapidly and will soon be replaced by a new, as-yet-unnamed generation of nurses born in this century. Generational differences have become another type of diversity adding complexity to the nursing workforce.....
  3. Scarlette Wings

    Vanderbilt Medical Center to have nurses cleaning up

    To me Unions really are just another task master and very controlling. We should be able to advocate for ourselves. Another thought is that nurses and staff would not only have patient rooms to turn over and clean, but there is an entire hospital of areas to clean that have nothing to do directly with patient care. We would end up cleaning every thing from the public use rest rooms, gift shop, lobby, waiting rooms. There are just as many hallways to have floor stripped and waxed and non-patient care areas that require frequent cleaning and who is going to do those? Is the ED staff and ICU staff going to have to rotate out to do frequent checks and cleaning of the waiting room and male and female bathrooms? Where is the line drawn? There are grounds to keep clean and snack rooms visitors use. I worked where it was private pay and yes, at night and on holidays we were the housekeepers. We had to clean any messes, fix and clean after flooded toilets, we had a mop and bucket for use, and we also had to do small maintenance tasks. But I also have to say that the facility staffed better for patients than anywhere else I have ever worked.
  4. Scarlette Wings

    Vanderbilt Medical Center to have nurses cleaning up

    OMG. That is insane!
  5. Scarlette Wings

    Certification in Infection Control (CIC) Examination

    Unless I have mis-read the criteria for taking the exam, I believe that 6 months of experience in the position is a requirement.
  6. Scarlette Wings

    Should I look for other jobs besides Nursing?

    GrnTea wrote: "Your mother is a mean and vindictive, perhaps damaged, person who doesn't care what her daughter is or does or feels so long as she can make herself feel better by making you feel bad. Seriously, what kind of mother is that? I can tell you, because I have one. I can tell you that mumblemumble years of this is enough. Hell, twenty was enough, but it took me awhile longer to realize that in a mother-daughter relationship, if there have been problems since childhood, chances are excellent that it wasn't the child's fault." GrnTea, you are so very right. I can easily say the woman does have some mental instability and is very toxic, controlling, and manipulative and I have never met her. Personality disorders and I don't know what all was wrong with my mother. I was hospitalized on 2 occassions beause she admitted to the doctors she was trying to kill me and back then, kids were your property and did not get involved. Just ordered more ECT for her. I cannot tell you the physical and emotional years of abuse I survived and you are right, a child does nothing to cause such insanity. I do remember when my mother finally died I wouldn't even get the near the casket, I was so scared she would raise up and come alive and not at long last be dead. I know this may seem cruel coming from a daughter let alone a nurse, but Years of abuse and neglect kill any sense of love in a childs heart and soul. I am near retirement years myself now and I can still to this day remember the relief I felt when my mother was finally dead. I was let out of some invisible cage that I can't explain but totally understand/ It sure hurt to survive all those years but it has made me one heck of a good nurse. :)
  7. Scarlette Wings

    Should I look for other jobs besides Nursing?

    First off I would think that the mother you have described is a horrible mother and not a very compassionate or supportive "nurse" either. My mother was mentally ill, had years of ECT and depressive episodes and a light stroke eliminated any inhibitions she had about her hatred for and at me. I was not the boy she had always wanted. I wasn't even the child she wanted. (back in the early 50's pregnant with no husband was really NOT cool). Once married she lost 6 babies as still births and to say she really hated me then was an understatement. I would recommend getting as far away from her and a-n-y toxic relationship as soon as you can. Run, don't walk, in the other direction. Pursue your dream of being a nurse, it is hard for all the new grads if you read these boards. Do get some professional help, our mothers dysfunctions affect us in so many unseen ways. Look at nursing home work or even part time work and realize this too will not last forever. It will get better.
  8. Scarlette Wings


    With all due repect we all have to research and look up information throughout our life...so let me google that for you. :) Let me google that for you
  9. Scarlette Wings

    Cry for help: I don't think I can do this.

    Sounds like a complete case of total burnout. Burnout is the natural result of being totally overwhelmed by school, sick of studying, striving to live up to everyone expectations including your own inner personal ones, studing until the brain can't even think straight, not to mention sleeping disruptions at all hours. It is a brick wall that at some time or another everyone runs into. I quit school for awhile in my last year feeling all the same things you have written about. I let the school doctor admit me for exhaustion and depression and I was filled with both. I had passed even caring about ever being a nurse or being anything for that matter. After about two weeks of just a total collaspe I managed to cry myself into realizing that I could put myself back together and get on with school. That was 28 years ago and I have not only made it through all the years of nursing, but returned for another degree and I am looking forward to retirement. Hon, you can get through this. It will get better. It is normal. You will feel many more ups and downs and likely change fields of work within nursing many times, but you really can get through this. :) I believe in you.
  10. Scarlette Wings

    Husband and wife working together

    It is often considered nepotism and not a good idea. If a facility is very large and the spouses can work on different floors or shifts, etc then it is not so bad. That said, our facility has an RN in the coordinator position who directly supervises the spouse. I have seen the results of the two talking about things in management about staff or issues that the other general floor staff should not be privy to and the discussion about it and morale is very negative. Perception is often everything and the reality that you two may work fantastically together does not change the impression. It will be a hard battle but you can do it if there is not an HR policy that forbids it.
  11. Scarlette Wings

    Best Hallucinations Thread

    I had a little old lady seeing spiders crawling all over her wall.This was back in the day (early 80's) when you "absolutely had to" reorient confused little patients and NEVER ever ever act like their hallucinations were real. They preached that hot and heavy back then. Sadly this patient was scared to death of spiders, half crying and half screaming keeping the rest of the patients awake. When she started to try and get out of bed I thought "oh no, this will end in disaster. Finally I walked into her room with a serious face and whispered to her, "Please don't tell anyone this secret because no one else can know this, but those aren't really spiders." She stopped hollering and looked at me like I was crazy. "and you have to promise that you won't tell anyone this secret. You have to promise me you won't tell." She sat up in the bed and looked at me as serious as a judge then. "Those are really tiny baby bunnies wearing spider costumes to hide so nothing will see them and eat them." She screwed her face up thinking it over. Then her face lit up like a Christmas tree and she said "look I can see that one's fluffy tail peeking out underneath. You're right. Oh my. No, I won't tell a soul." She then clapped and exclaimed "Oh they are smart little babies, and I like them so much more now that I know they aren't spiders." She calmed down for the rest of the night and the medication wore off and she didn't remember a thing.
  12. Scarlette Wings

    What's the weirdest thing management has said to you?

    Last edit by nhnursie on Dec 12, '12 : Reason: posted before finished typing That is the cutest and funniest reason (guilty myself) for having to edit. Loved it!
  13. Scarlette Wings

    Why is it always "Fire the nurse"

    In almost 30 years of nursing I have rarely seen a true case of "fire the nurse first" over a patient complaint unless there was an extreme error or managers were already looking for an excuse to fire a person. I have witnessed administration in facilities making a nurse the scapegoat however. Those cases are really heart breakers if it happens to your friend. I left a job one time because I watched how they treated a fellow nurse in a situation that resulted in the hospital being held legally accountable. It was not based on a complaint but the threat of legal action. The nurse closest to rendering primary care and their supervisor were terminated that same day. It broke my heart to see how a facility could treat someone who had worked for them over ten years. I did not want to work in a place like that and left. I am so much happier now but wiser. I have grown up enough to realize when it comes to money or the threat of a lawsuit, a place will throw their floor staff under the bus in a New York minute!
  14. Scarlette Wings

    Throwing in the towel...

    If you are willing to work anywhere until you find a job you really want your chances are great. Actually they are great most everywhere for experienced nurses that are highly flexible. I see you mentioned that you have some revenue to fall back on or tide you over which allows more time to choose where you want to work. It really depends on if a person can re-locate, if there are child cares restrictions, or other obligations. (ie: mortgage, spouse's responsibilities, etc). Look around and find what area you have always wanted to explore. I wish you the best of luck.
  15. Scarlette Wings

    A Note of Deep Concern and Worry

    My neighbors son was 28 this past year. He spent many an evening at my house after work till his mom, also a nurse, came home. The one thing worse than watching someone so young choose suicide and death instead of life is being the one to find the body and be unable to help. Somehow in spite of all the deaths I have seen in my many decades of nursing, this one I can't get out of my head. I know why. My own son died when he was 5 and somehow it has just opened the door to grief all over again. Right now knowing all this sounds intellectual, but emotions don't have IQ's and they just are what they are. Suicide does hurt those left behind, and not always just the family.
  16. Scarlette Wings

    If you weren't a nurse, what would you have become?

    LOL, I have to say that this is your fantasy and you can have it any way you want it. I love to write (but I am horrible at spelling) and I love to draw so I had thought that I would have gone into journalism or advertising.