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    A Note of Deep Concern and Worry

    My neighbors son was 28 this past year. He spent many an evening at my house after work till his mom, also a nurse, came home. The one thing worse than watching someone so young choose suicide and death instead of life is being the one to find the body and be unable to help. Somehow in spite of all the deaths I have seen in my many decades of nursing, this one I can't get out of my head. I know why. My own son died when he was 5 and somehow it has just opened the door to grief all over again. Right now knowing all this sounds intellectual, but emotions don't have IQ's and they just are what they are. Suicide does hurt those left behind, and not always just the family.
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    Nursing the old fashioned way

    hi all, i just read a thread asking about older nursing interventions and it made me think of the older techniques that we really did use before so many modern meds and procedures. for a lower gi bleed we used to do strong tea enemas. the rational was the tannic acid in the tea helped constrict the small bleeders in the colon. we also used maalox and methiolate for bed sores or a sugar and betadine mixture if it needed packing. i also remember when patients were impacted and the doctors would order 3 h enemas. of course i still remember glass iv bottles and metal bedpans. anyone else want to regress and reflect?
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    Calling a Patient 'Sugar': Abuse?

    i think it also depends on the tone of voice. some people say sweetie like they are trying to spit in your face and turn a knife in your back. like "okay sweetie,no matter what you think you will get your pain med now while i'm doing my med pass or you won't get it at all." the "oh sweetie i am so sorry your supper tray was left off the server. that was so wrong and i want to fix it for you. what is you want and i promise i will go get it myself." two entirely different tones of voice and intent. i live in the deep south and call everyone either sunshine or sweatheart and in almost 30 years have only had one or two gentlemen not like it and ask me not to. if they prefer i don't i apoligize and call them by what they choose to be called. sometimes i do it out of habit but mostly because i really am terrible at remembering names. half the time people down here think you are cold and uppity if you say mr or mrs so and so. mostly, regardless of what i think or feel, i will call them by whatever they tellme they prefer.
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    Do hospital patients get better care if they're nice

    all my patients get the same standard of care, but in reality a person who is basically nice doesn't start acting like godzilla's revenge when they get sick. i find usually knowing the people outside the hospital has shown people who are rather nasty, bossy, and think they are entitled only become bigger pains-in-the-butt when they are sick. the ones that are usually nice, kind, and giving may be quieter and all in pain, but their personality is the same. i believe that generally people who are sick tend very much to show their "true colors" and their basic personality is the same. having said that, patients who have hypoxia or a stroke or a medical issue that alters behavior have no control, nor even knowledge about their behavior and i can understand that easily. that is not what i am talking about. but imho, people are showing their basic true selves whether sick or well. someone who is basically good hearted and is a patient you want to make extra trips for or hurry to get them what they need. patients who are just basically hateful and demanding, you "do your job" and nothing more, except maybe thank god you don't have to live with them!
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    Were you one of the jumpers or one of the combative......just kidding..... LOL
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    :yeah::yeah:I absolutely and totally love it!! I sooooo remember whole shifts that way, whole weeks, and come to think of it.......sounds exactly like the med/surg floor I worked on. Fantastic CathyLew. I enjoyed it. I laughed. I shook my head so knowing nights just like this. Thank you for sharing.:yeah::yeah:
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    Need Advice!!! Home health job

    your agency will usually have a list of what you show carry as far as minimums. the rest will be learned as you go along. i did hhc for about 7 years. you either really fall in love with it or find out rather quickly it is not your cup of tea. i loved it until they closed down many of our rural offices and expected us to take larger areas and more counties. i spent more time driving to the patient than i did with them. it was not unusal to have to go as far as 120 plus miles one way to get to the first pt. rural communities are good to work in but the driving and paperwork finally got to me.
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    how long until nicotine and byproducts are flushed from your system?

    i would love to quit but can't.i have tried so many time. this is all tearing me up inside. it is not because i care that much about my own health. after 45 years of smoking, what is done, is done. i am so tired of the social stigma and being treated like i'm lower than dirt. i honestly think drug addicts are treated better with their "addiction disability". i am so beat down and depressed already and the glares, wiggling thier noses up like they have smelled sour fish, and the flat out rude comments by non-smokers have only made my nerves worse. on top of it all, i am ocd, and have to battle depression and panic disorders, to the point i don't drive and go no where except to and from work. even that is hard some days. i do the best i can and after 25 years of floor nursing i found myself in a violently abusive relationship and almost died. that is when the panic and depression started. i can't get the memories out of my head. i don't have much self esteem to begin with but this recent attitude society has developed against smokers has killed what confidence i did have. people, including nurses, don't mind telling you "you stink like an ashtray" while they have enough perfume on to send my asmatic patients into spasms. geesh i even smoke more now than before. i am so self conscious and scared to even be seen going out back to the smoking area on break. i feel ike a leper. i have tried the patches. i have tried wearing 2 patches at a time. i still crave a cigarette and i get fixiated on it. i get snappy, bitter, and forgetful and clumbsy. my stuttering starts back up and the migranes get worse. i can't chew the gum, my dentures come out. i tried the nasal spray and it was a miracle i did it in the doctors office. i had a reaction and went into brochospasms and ended up getting shots and breathing treatments. i cannot take chantex becuase i have asked. my therapist and medical doctor both refuse becuase it will interact with my present medications. i just wish people realized it is an addiction. it is a coping mechanism too for people like me. it helps me take a mental break and get away specially if i am having a panic attack. you just have no idea how terrible some people can make you feel and for some of us smoking is not just a habit, it is an addiction, and a way to cope. it's like the world suddenly has a scapegoat and smokers are it. i am a great nurse. i just feel less secure about the rest of my life. let me hush and oh please, do not tell me i should quit, dont you think i know that. my stress levels are sky high with them laying off people at work and i am an older nurse at the top of the pay scale. i am paranoid i will loose my job over this because our facility is planning to go nonsmoking and all i can do is cry.
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    So burnt out! Any advice?

    awesome load on your plate and sounds like you not only need encouragement, but some help shouldering the load. every organization usually has an eap, employee assistance program. i would make use of that service and see if they might have some external supports out there to help. 12 hour shifts do challenge the body, the brain, and wear down the spirit. however the 12 hour shifts usually allow for more days off during the week and some people find that a good trade-off. i would try re-arranging my work schedule and maybe looking at a different department or type of work. remember you are the most important patient you care for! look at things within your life and make sure you are allowing for adequate sleep, nutrition, and what i call 'down time." a time where you do something totally for yourself. it can be reading, aromatherapy, taking a walk with the dog, something that is peace-filled and nourishes your own inner soul. one day at a time....and take care of you as you care for others. wish you all the best.
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    Early burn out

    nursing is a very emotionally charged profession. it is a career where you see people at their weakest and most vulnerable. such raw emotions in the patient brings out their most base and intense coping mechanisms. it is also a profession where a mistake or even a lack of timely judgement could cost someone their life or limb. it demands/requires every aspect of your being. the healthcare worker must always be giving even when they feel empty and "give out." thank yous' are few and far between most of the time, and the value of being a healthcare provider usually has to be intrinsic and within the person. that said, burn out may also be called topping off or reaching the highest potential you have in any one area. nurses often return to school or transfer to other units or try other fields of nursing in order to avoid the feeling of burn out. i used to think it was abnormal to "job hop" or transfer around a great deal; now i see it more as the normal course of things. i think it may be the nature of the beast so to speak. imho anyway. moving to another area or returning to school challenges and reignites the spark of the caregiver within and i think that it is just fairly normal.
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    81 year old nurse still working strong!

    in so many ways i want to say "you go girl!" and on the other hand i want to write every single congressman and legislative leader and ask how come someone in the richest country on earth has to have their elderly people work just to survive and make ends meet. that is just wrong on so many levels. if you want to work after 65, choose to work, and physically can great....but no one after that age (65) should have to work just to cover the bare basics. i applaude this nurse and at the same time shake my finger at washington dc and say "shame on you." every culture on earth respects and protects their elderly except ours it seems. better health care has us living longer, but it is like the government is sending a double message...we want you to live and prosper and be healthy, but you had better keep working till you fall over dead because we the national debt can't afford for you to live on any of the taxes you've paid in. i will get off my soapbox now and slink back under my rock. lol
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    Nursing Anxiety

    isn't it odd that society thinks it is a negative thing to need medication for an emotional/nervous type disorder but perfectly acceptable to take heart medications, insulin, or hypertensive medicine and go to work if you have a physical problem?! i wish we would all not limit ourselves on what we decide are unacceptable diseases. anxiety disorders can spread like a cancer and begin to affect other areas of your life; at the very least they affect the quality of your life. it is also okay to have some areas in your life that you are weaker at than others. it is no different wearing a pantyliner cause when you cough you may sprinkle than it is to need an intervention in the midst of a panic attack. try not to put conditions on yourself or set up totally unreasonable expectations. give yourself the same empathy and concern you would any patient that came to you with these same issues. good luck, take care.
  13. no some people just do not care. they are selfish pigs of the me-me-me generation.
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    New Nurse.....not feeling welcome on my unit. What do I do?

    first off, i am really sorry you are having to go through all this. nursing is stressful enough without the nitpicky backbiting that always goes on. i don't know if backstabbing and gossip is just a woman thing or not. i can only speak from my own experience and point of view. second, please take comfort in knowing that it is not you. don't take any of it personal. and i promise you that it is also not inexperience, youth, enthusiam, your hair color, or whatever "level" of nursing license you may or may not have. (that old cna vs lpn vs rn vs bsn beating of a dead horse...insert eye roll here...lol) sadly the pain you are going through happens all the time whenever someone new starts a job. it is normal. it is not a reflection on you. being the new kid on the block is terrible, and some places are worse than others. look for the rainbows instead of the storm clouds. granted it can be v-e-r-y difficult sometimes and espically in small units. there will always be some people in any new job that are supportive and encouraging (and god bless them ten thousand times over) and some who are excellent teachers and preceptors. but even the garden of eden had a snake in it...:uhoh21: ....so no matter where you go in life, there will be some people who act like little pit bulls ready to bite your head off and others who will smile to your face while they stab you in the back. (those are the really the worst to me) be encouraged. even fine wines start out as crushed grapes but you can overcome this and you will do just fine. learn from those who want to teach and overlook those who make it difficult. most of all don't take it personally and remember how rough it can be when someone new starts to work in your area after you are no longer the new kid on the block. good luck.
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    HIPAA privacy question

    i think that the patient as well as the mother were both old enough to say "stay" or "come with me". to me people need to own their own behavior and grow up. daughter is old enough to realize that "mommy' does not need to go into the doctors examination room with her. mommy should realize that her "little girl" is grown. i get a bit frustrated with so many people looking to blame, sue, finger point, and belittle everyone else for some of the idiot decisions they make. imho. "mommy" should be thankful she raised a daughter with enough maturity and common sense to be using a method of birth control, and in reality, there are medical reasons to take contraceptives besides actual "birth control" reasons.
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    Any suggestions for white scrub pants? (That aren't see through?)

    long scrub top, jackets cover a multitude of sins, (lol) and flesh toned underwear. good luck, some fabrics are thicker than others as well.
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    Help - First Job as LPN is an agency job!

    good luck, let us know how it goes. be honest and tell them it's your first time working agency or at a hospital and let them help you. try not to get overwhelmed, concentrate on one thing at a time, and don't do anything you know you are not ready to handle.
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    A Violation of Hipaa?

    hipaa is about as clear as mud.
  19. i agree with your entry. my understanding has always been that a nurse in any situation is judged by the standard of care and "what would a simular nurse in the same circumstances do?" nurses may jump in to help thinking they are protected, however a well meaning nurse will be held to higher standards. we have a higher level of knowledge and training and our experience and reactions would be better equiped to assist at a wreck or in an emergency than someone else with just a basic first aid background. it seems the minute some people smell the possibility of a lawsuit and money they get vicious. the phrase i have heard is " as a licensed nurse, you'll be expected to act as any reasonably prudent nurse would under the circumstances." sadly lawyers will hunt the world over to find a nurse who will testify against another nurse that they would not do whatever it was the good samaritan nurse did in that same circumstance. i just don't trust john q public anymore. i want to help in many cases, but then i think about how if i get sued or lose my license no one is going to pay my bills or feed my children if i am not there. it makes me think twice before i rush in to help now a days. it's sad, but it does make me hesitate.
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    Medical Records

    our hospital uses a system called meditech. it is the only emar (electonic medical administration record) that i have had experience with. i used paper charting until i moved here so i wasn't present when they changed to computerized charting. it was a big change for me and i had almost no computer skills when i began.... so if i can learn it anyone can. i was present for when they converted the medicine administration system onto the pc. you have to scan the patients id band as well as the medications and they all register in the electronic chart. it does seem to be the way of the future and is where healthcare (and all other fields actually) is heading. like it or not computers are here to stay and that will change everything for everyone. it has been difficult to learn but the supervisors and it people are all very wonderful and patient and willing to teach. it does slow you down considerably when you are first learning to use the electronic system and seems like a necessary evil...like nurses need one more thing to distract them and slow them down. it is hardest for those of us without any computer background and older and set in our ways. the best way to do it is to volenteer to learn and take on site classes about your individual system and how to use whatever styles your facility is looking at and become what they call a "superuser". then you can learn all the ins and outs and help others. it will be a bumpy ride but you will get there.
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    Need prayers please

    you have my prayers. if there is any way i can help or even just let you vent let me know. i had a little boy who passed away with retinoblastoma, a type of eye cancer, when he was almost 5 years old and i totally know how hard it is to watch your child go through so much on chemo. i am here if you need me. god be with you.
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    Crazy things independent pts have asked of you?

    i just have to post this one. i had an a&ox3 female patient in hhc who demanded that i trim her pubic hair! i looked at her like she had 2 heads and was from another planet. "excuse me?" she was totally serious and proceeded to explain why i needed to do this and how the cna refused and it "helps reduce odor" and when she was younger she always shaved "down there." i am sorry. some things are just beyond my scope of care!
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    What's your nursing kryptonite?

    trigger warning....weak stomachs need not read this entry.... beyond all doubt it is maggots in a dirty necrotic wound that you can smell long before you get to the room and peel away the clothing stuck to it! please, no preaching to me about how the little buggers are doing a good job helping heal the wound heal and getting rid of necrotic tissue....i know they use sterile maggots in wound therapy now and i understand that they have their place...my stomach also has it's limits and it's place. watching my cheerio's make a repeat appearence for breakfast was not the way i want to go. my very first introduction was on a new admission on a hot summer day when a very large patient told me they had "a sore back there and it itches and feels like it has something crawling in there." please note that i was a new nurse and i had already come into the room and met my first smell of infected dying tissue...only i did not know the odor or it's true source. (once you have the odor defined however it is imprinted on every nerve cell in your being) being a new nurse and wanting to perform my best assessment and being naive...i turned on the overhead light for a good view and rolled over the said patient, peeled off the dried crusted underwear from their backside and met my first tunneled decubitus with necrosis and "live" moving tissue.
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    Death at Group home for Developemntally Disabled

    oh my. it is so sad to realize that some people have no respect for others who are less able to fit in and function in life than others. there should be a special place in prison for people like this who abuse the disabled, the elderly, and the vunerable!
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    92 yrs old WWII nurses survives beating

    how sad. i see they laid her to rest with honors and that the patriot guard was even in attendance. she certainly deserved it. i think that nurses who have served in the military are very much under appreciated.