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    remember when...

    Oh, and rectal temps. EVERYBODY in the facility had to have a rectal temp. done for vitals. Young, old, did not matter, no temp but a rectal temp was accurate. Man, I am glad we have better equipment today!

    remember when...

    As mentioned on another, similar thread Yes, white uniforms, and they better be crisp and ironed! White stockings under your skirt, and those ugly nurse mates oxford shoes. Even as a NA and a student nurse, we were expected to look "professional and super white". For years after leaving nursing school (to have a baby), I did not wear white anything! Now that I am back to work, all my scrubs are blues, greens, and purples. I also remember the "no gloves except for a sterile field" rule. We were not supposed to make any pt. feel like we were not willing to touch them. Oh, and having to do the blood sugar. HORRIFIED at what was considered a reading "1+ 2+ 3+" Man, having had two diabetic parents, I cringe now. As a student nurse, I also remember the lectures about "you represent the nursing profession. Do not be seen out at bars and running around town. Pt. families may see you and think less of nursing" This was 27 years ago. Imagine, now there is Facebook to worry about! There was no such thing as HIPAA. We talked about pts. to anyone and told families and friends anything. We were expected to answer all questions. Man, now if you leave the room without resetting your portable vitals to zero, you get written up for making information available to anyone. Things have changed so much. Oh, and if you still have a unit secretary, count yourself as blessed.

    remember when...

    I am sorry. It was meant to be funny in a very facetious way. The reason things are truly funny is because they are true. I am certainly not belittling any of the people I have had the privilege to help take care of over the years. I hope nobody reads it this way. I apologize in advance if that is the way it came off. I just remember some of the ideas we had then, and how utterly foolish they look now. Also, the idea that health care facilities can do without those wonderful people that helped run things so smoothly, and the nursing staff can pick up the slack, is just as ridiculous!

    remember when...

    I remember having unit secretaries that handled so many things, and the nurses and aides were all busy doing their thing. Those lovely unit secretaries had things running so smoothly at the desk, and the whole floor seemed to function better. Of course charting was still done by hand then and there was time for it to get done before the end of shift. Now, when I leave my rehab unit at 11:30 after report, my poor nurses are always "just finishing up" with all the extra forms they could not get to because they were so busy in the floor meeting pt. needs. Heaven forbid there should be an incident on the floor. Then these poor nurses end up staying until 1 am to get it all done! Man, some things are just not right!!!! Oh, and I remember the maalox trick too! We also had to do "reality orientation" w/ Dementia pts. It was supposed to be helpful, but was pretty cruel. Those poor folks could not get their minds to accept that it was not 1925 and their spouse was long dead. We also used to use restraints on a regular basis when people started wandering. I remember when Depends came around and we thought it was a Godsend. Then we were told they were demeaning to the pt. and never use them. Instead let them sit and visit with their relatives and dump a load in their pants. That was much less demeaning! OY!
  5. Yes, you CAN MOVE YOUR LEFT ARM!!! PT did NOT tell you to never use that arm since you broke it. PT wants you to start using that arm so it will heal correctly. Now put your own sweater on! Being 421 lbs in not an excuse for hollering for everyone to come and meet your every need, but it is probably the reason your knees are so shot that you are here in rehab for the 4th time! So stop stuffing your face with every twinkie and cupcake your family brings you. Oh, you did not realize that being in here for cardiac rehab after having your chest cracked open meant that you CANNOT SMOKE in the bathroom??? Especially when you entered a rehab hospital that is a NON SMOKING campus and has signs posted everywhere? Ok, since you did not realize it, we will just let you go ahead and try it again for the third time. Why not ask your son to slip in another pack when he comes today? Are you really that perverted that you will lay there and wet yourself so that you can yell for some one to "come quick and wash me with that nice cool spray stuff"??? You are able to get up and use the toilet! The HILTON is the next town over. They will be happy to find you just the right thing to eat, fluff your pillows and run their butts off treating you like Royalty. However, here we are more concerned with your spiral leg fracture and helping you return home so you can order your servants, I mean family, around. Sorry folks, one of those nights on the job

    Never share pay rates!!

    Are you full time w/ benefits? Is the other CNA also ft w/bens.? This makes a difference usually, as does shift diffenetials. In most places a person can be paid more $/hr. if they forego benefits. Perhaps this is the difference. Or, as previously stated, the facility is now starting at a higher wage to get the help in that they need.
  7. If you can swing it at all, go for the private room. Having a roommate will be a major distraction and probably cause drama, something you do not need when studying nursing. I would rather live in a shoebox alone, than a palace with a roommate. If only I had not had to learn that the hard way so long ago.

    Are you insulted????

    Thanks for the information medpro32, I never would have known. Just as a FYI, I do not "wipe butts". I work in Rehab and am very happy assisting people to return to their highest level of function. Sometimes that includes a butt wipe or two, but I am not above that. Also; as previously stated, my children are grown and on their own. We already put them through college. I do not think I should have to make my financial declarations on this site, but as stated previously, we are doing quite well, hubby is getting ready to retire, and yes,"extra money" is great, I have some. Academics are no problem. I already have a degree and worked in a different field for many years. I am considering returning to take some classes to learn a language though. I think I can handle it. The fact is, I wanted a part time job that was beneficial to others, gave me satisfaction, and was low key as I get ready to enter that wonderful "now lets just sit back and enjoy the rewards" part of my life. I am not looking for a career. I am sorry if you are not accepting of other's choices, but I just cannot live my life to satisfy any other person. PS. Last night we had a Rehab pt. go sour fast. I was there to assist in any way I was needed, as my job title states. I am so glad I was not the one who had to make the major decisions and stay for 2 hours after shift to handle all the paper work. Made me realize how much I respect and love the great nurses I work with, and I do not envy their positions. They love their work and are great at it, just like me.

    In the spirit of recent optimism, what is your true love?

    God Husband and children Extended family USA great friends A good read more reading gardening walking being a CNA in a fabulous Rehab facility w/ some of the most incredible nurses, therapists and CNAs in the world. ALL of the above is part of me, so I guess I am one of my first loves also
  10. Posted on my frig for years while my men were growing up: ATTENTION TEENAGERS If you are sick and tired of your parents telling you what to do, interfering with your life, having high expectations for you, and expecting real work out of you along with demanding respect, HERE IS A QUICK SOLUTION: MOVE OUT!!!! Pay your own rent, buy all your own food, cook for yourself, clean your own house, pay for your own 45 minute hot showers, pay for a cab every time you need a ride, pay your own phone bill, cable bill electric bill, heat bill, buy all your own clothes and health and beauty supplies. Then you too can be just like your parents. You can have no money left over to buy fun things for yourself, you can be so busy driving others around, you can't get anything done to meet your own needs, you can hop into an ice cold shower after all the hot water is used, you can give up those dream vacations alone with the love of your life, you can skip the porsche and pay for education instead, you can go for pizza instead of a nice steak dinner. Generally Speaking, you can have JUST AS GREAT A LIFE AS YOUR UNAPPRECIATED PARENTS

    Are you insulted????

    Thank you all for your replies. I feel good about myself and , in general, let things roll off me. All but one response here has been very positive. I admit, I am surprised when anyone questions another person's choice of vocation, as if it defines a person completely. After all, I am a woman, daughter, wife, mother, friend, etc..., and I hope I have done my best in all those roles. Thanks for the uplift. Many blessings to all.

    Are you insulted????

    To Newway, Since you seem to have made assumptions about my life and my husbands attitude toward my working, I will fill you in. NO, I could not support a family on CNA wages, but my children are grown and on their own. I lived up to my full potential in successfully raising two sons to be good people who are productive and good citizens. I felt very fulfilled in my choice to stay home and raise my boys, a decision my husband was in full support of even in the leanest times. It worked well for us and the results were worth it. Others may not choose to do it the way we did, and more power to them. IF things had not gone well with my husbands surgery, we would have been fine. I am working part time out of desire, not financial need. I am very fortunate to be able to do this. I understand that, but we were not born into this and worked hard and lived simply to get to this point, so please, do not make assumptions about my lack of ambition. We are doing fine. My husband does not feel I lack ambition. He happily paid for nursing school before our children were born and felt my job of parenting was ambitious also. I do not judge your decision to change careers, My ambition is to simply do good and be happy. Thankyou

    Is it okay for a CNA to call herself a nurse?

    The jist of the situation is this. NOBODY can call themselves a nurse unless they are licensed to do so. It is illegal to represent oneself as a nurse if one does not hold the license. PERIOD. It is unprofessional and deceiving if a person allows a pt. or family members of a pt. to believe they are a nurse when they do not hold the license. It can also be dangerous.

    Certified Medication Aide

    In the state of RI. a CMA must take a 45 hour course taught by a RPH. This course is taught at URI. One must also have been a CNA for a full year and be recommended to the program, be supervised passing meds and pass a test. To renew this license the CMA must also complete CEUs every 2 years. A CMA cannot pass Schedule II drugs, give IM or IV meds or a pump.

    i want to die i failed my cna exam

    I went to class with a woman who had been a teacher with a MASTERS degree. She was considering a career change, so took the CNA course to see if she was sure about nursing. She failed the radial pulse also. She was just too nervous. Relax, get a retest date, practice more and you will do fine. It has nothing to do with a lack of intelligence. You were simply nervous, thats all. You will do fine next time.