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  1. What motivates you to go to work every day?

    I started taking classes at age 37 and graduated at age 41. My goal was for a better second income for my family with three young children. After that having been said, after being a nurse for 18 years it came down to dreading the getting up each m...
  2. Mickey buttons and lansoprazole capsules

    not sure what a "mickey button" is but I'll assume it has something to do with a feeding tube...either the doctor needs to change the prescription or the pharmacy might could suggest a generic to the med or saline vs. water flush or coke flush, or yo...
  3. Visitor Etiquette

    I don't think being out of one's uniform suddently depletes your ability of helping someone. Probably the next time, telling someone else "in uniform" where the article is may be the more prudent thing to do and avoid any future doubts on your part.
  4. How to transition to Cardiac Care

    Sounds like your hospital knows a good thing when they see it and don't want to encourage transferring from a no doubt busy floor to another area of the hospital. You must remember when you do go to a new and highly skilled area to work there will be...
  5. I'm Freaking Out and Frantic! Please, Help Me!

    Until a nurse realizes that she/he "knows what they know and are willing to learn whatever else there is to learn" she/he will continue to be a ball of nerves at their jobs. We all graduated from a nursing school and we all passed Boards.....WE KNOW...
  6. Touching blood without gloves

    I can understand where this nurse is coming from, BUT, way back then we were not aware of the bugs out there. PLUS, the medical field has changed so much and so have the bugs. Sounds like that nurse is on a "death wish" trail.
  7. Touching blood without gloves

    "What goes around, comes around."
  8. meds never to be given IVP

    Was given Compazine IVP in the ER one time. I thought my hand and lower arm would ache right off. The nurse either pushed it too fast or perhaps should have diluted it more with the IVF that were infusing. After that, I empathized a little more wi...
  9. What is fecal texture?

    your religious quote has what to do with poo?
  10. What is fecal texture?

  11. What is fecal texture?

    as they say, "better out than in!":clown:
  12. fun: what does this photo say to you?

    Her Manager just told her she has to work the Christmas Holiday for the third year in a row. She has two small children at home and wants to be there with them on Christmas morning. But, no way......
  13. Moving to St Louis, MO. HELP!

    Level I Trauma Centers....St.Louis University ER sees it all. As a borderline inner city hospital it sees it all. IF you are an adrenalin addict this place is for you. Same probably with St. John's Mercy Hospital. It has more of the upper crust ...
  14. Spouses/Visitors In Patient's Beds

    Too much sexism here. A patient is a patient is a patient.....usually that term implies someone with a health problem or they wouldn't be there. Respecting that alone should rule the day. The Hospital sets the rules and the rules should reflect ca...
  15. Working on a cardiac surgery floor, we had patients waiting for heart transplants. Often times they were put on (attached via hoses) a left ventricular device. Had a woman who was waiting for a heart and attached to a VAD. One morning while attempt...