Be the NURSE you would like to have as a PATIENT.

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    tnbutterfly came up with it as a variation of the one I came up with a few weeks ago.

    I hope you enjoy the quote!
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    I had a nursing instructor who would say something similar. You know, she would chirp, "would you want you taking care of you?". And I would say, well sure I would want me taking care of me but only part of me wants me because the rest of me is confused about itself and myself and yourself and it's hard for me to focus when I just won't stop talking to me and myself and I and why are there so many of me in my head?......wait....what was the question? Oh look! A penny!!
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    I hate having nurses as patients
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    Quote from hiddencatRN
    I hate having nurses as patients
    It's either really good of really bad, no middle ground
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    As a patient, I would want the nurse who only has 3 or 4 patients- not 7 or 8. And yes! I would like to be a nurse with 3 or 4 patients, as well. I could give very good care that way. Too bad it's not up to me.
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    I completely agree to this!
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    And the corollary, if you're ever seeking care:

    Be the patient that you, as a nurse, want to have.

    Recently, I sat through three failed IV attempts on my kid... and just kept quietly encouraging her and expressing my support and understanding to the guy trying to start the line. I've been on his end of the angiocath with parents who were decidedly less helpful.
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    Brian, LOVE this one! Thanks!
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    This quote is awesome! Thank you for posting it. It's so true, we all want that amazing nurse when we are patients.
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    tn you are very talented! I like both versions.
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