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Ever notice that your values change when you're throwing up? "I don't care about my new $200 shoes.......BLAAAARGH!" Lord, I hate being sick. Especially THIS kind of sick. It's been four or five days (I've lost count) and I... Read More

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    whenever I get any kind of GI bug I break capillaries in my face giving me a wonderful purple hue...the worst I've had it was when I was 17 weeks pregnant...I got sick at a friends house - literally came on in 10 minutes flat - a 30 minute drive home became 2 and a half hours because I had to stop every 3 miles or so to barf on the highway...I will NEVER EVER scoff at women that wind up with morning sickness or hyperemesis...I wasn't sick during my pregnancy except for then...I wanted to die...
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    I had noro several years ago. I was so sick and had so much abdominal pain between the trots and puking that I was getting Dilaudid prn. At the risk of TMI, it was awful to try to decide which end to stick in the pot when it first hit.
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    Today is Monday and you are still losing fluids 5 days after the onset. Have you considered going in to be evaluated? Like, now? I would do that if I were you.
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    Thanks, but I haven't vomited since the first day and am taking fluids OK. I've always had trouble throwing off stomach bugs---what takes the average person 2-3 days to recover from, takes me at least a week. I honestly don't see any reason to waste a co-pay for a doctor to tell me what I already know. But I appreciate your concern.
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    Glad you're feeling better! I also had the post holiday weight loss reduction program right after Christmas along with my oldest daughter and DIL. Never knew 3 people could be so ill and still be alive. My poor husband still has this image of me sitting on the toilet with my head in the trash. That was after almost passing out off of it and my PVC's kicking into high gear. I wouldn't let him any closer than the master bedroom door. Thank goodness for bleach and zofran! After all was said and done the stomach pain and bloating lasted about 6 days. DIL is 35 weeks pregnant and ended up in the hospital with this. Daughter was about the same as me. Thankfully no one else got it and I hope it stays that way! It's still rampant in this area. Ughhhh.

    On a positive note? After gaining back the lost fluids..... I lost 2 pounds over about 8 days! Yay!
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    My facility got hit with it. I caught it but my case lasted one day. I vomited for 10minutes without a break thinking the whole time about how the poor little demented people could cope. I didn't puke that much through 4 months of chemotherapy. Ugh.
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    Not 2 hours after reading this thread this morning, I got hit with the stomach cramps. I don't think I've ever been so sick in my life. Now, 12 hrs later, I'm finally able to keep some sips of water down without it coming back up in 10 minutes. This is absolutely horrible, and I've never wanted to die so much.
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    Headed back to work today. Still have cramps and bloating but fever and vomiting/diarrhea seem to be gone. Just scared to eat anything! Hope my energy holds out for three 12s in a row. Blah.
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    Feel better soon. I agree....being sick sucks. It is amazing how fragile our bodies really are.
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    I am afraid to keep reading this for fear of catching something!
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