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  1. FLDoula

    The Elderly Are Devalued

    Thank you for writing this. I totally agree. Our elderly are seriously undervalued and under cared for. In spite of my allnurses ID LTC is where my passion lies and where I intend to concentrate. I enjoyed being a Birth Doula and Lactation Counselor for many years and sill give advice but it's not what I want to do. I'm so thankful for those nurses who have the skills and experience and work in ER and ICU and other specialties but I feel what I have to offer can be well utilized in LTC. People look at me like I've grown a second head when I answer the question "what do you want to do in nursing." LOL. Does it bother me? Not in the least. We each choose our own path. :)
  2. FLDoula

    Do you like the uniforms they give you for your school?

    Our bottoms are hunter green, tops white, shoes white. We can wear either a hunter green or white jacket. We have to buy our own uniforms and must wear them not only for clinicals but for class, simulator, etc....
  3. I would think we would also be covered by the school. I'm glad this was brought up and is something for me to inquire about at school. At my school I've not heard we have to have a separate plan. Here is the company I got my birth doula/lactation insurance through. I see they also cover student nurses. I am pleased with their doula coverage. http://cmfgroup.com/
  4. I don't see why you could not have them done in the same day. The titers are a blood draw, the others are vaccines...as has been point out. The military gives several different shots in one day to their forces all the time. When we went to Korea I had to have a PPD, Typhoid, Td, and flu all the same day. I can remember my husband being a human pin cushion before deployments. I just had blood draw for MMR & Varicella titers.... and a PPD. I'm 50 so have actually had Rubella,(3 day measles or German measles) mumps, and varicella. Not Measles however. I've had a MMR vaccine and Td when I began doulaing in 2007 and I've had the full Hep B series. I'm not sure yet if we can wait until fall for the newest flu vaccine or not. I'm not crazy about being forced to take the H1N1 after talking with Dr. Bob Sears at the DONA Conference in 2009.... but there is no choice if I want to remain in my program.
  5. FLDoula

    Need help dealing with the emotional aspect of nursing

    I'm sorry for what you're going through. There is nothing wrong with any of your feelings. Allow yourself to feel it. I'm not a nurse yet and I know this will be a major hurdle for me... how to separate myself from the tragedy. My 18 year old neighbor passed in January from brain cancer. It was difficult to watch him go through this. Focus on how you got to know her a bit and what a bright spot she was in your life... however short that time. And know that you also brought happiness to her. {{hugs}}
  6. I can understand your being upset at your rejection. They need to look at the overall student not what school they are transferring from. In my school a resident student has priority over a transferring student. It is what it is. Your insult of community college students is not a fair assumption at all. More like a knee jerk emotional reaction. Not sure why you believe you are any better than anyone else because your education was more expensive. I'll tell you the same thing I tell my kids... "life's tough, wear a helmet."
  7. FLDoula

    What do you guys do to wake up in the morning?

    I guess I'm the oddball here. I'm a morning person. I've always gone to bed early and gotten up early. Having 4 children, a husband who was a rescue pilot in the military for 28 years and was up by 5am to go fly... throw in years of middle of the night rescue missions. I'm a Birth Doula and gee....babies just don't respect the don't wake me up until 9am rule. Let's talk insomnia...awake every night at 3am. I'm at least an hour away from school and leave at 7:30 to get to class by 8:45. Right now I get up at 5:30 but in the fall that will move back to 4:30. I have to have coffee and a shower to rev up my motor and to gain reaction time for driving the "highway of death" for 35 miles to school. Thinking I might buy a real alarm clock for fall.
  8. FLDoula

    Surprising my parents about getting accepted?!

    Instead of a long drive home....maybe send them flowers? A fresh spring bouquet with a note attached? Instead of a note that the florist provides maybe you could scan your letter and email it to the florist? Just a thought....
  9. FLDoula

    My reaction to the 1st semester of A&P...

    Does your book have a companion website? Also, if you check the sticky for "A&P from my brain to yours"... there are some great websites that will help you. My philosophy for A&P 1 and 2 was much like the original poster in 2010. When you think you have studied enough... study some more! Must have worked because I got high A's in both classes. I've used the same philosophy for ALL my pre-reqs/co-reqs and I'm finishing my last now... Nutrition. I had not taken a biology class since 1976.
  10. FLDoula

    Please can some help me understand my nln results.

    The composite score is what they would use to determine your eligibility. They only require a 50% composite score? 97% is great if that is your composite score. You would have nothing to worry about with a score like that!! Congratulations!!!
  11. Do you mean do they require it or do you prefer it? I wear glasses. Tried to wear contacts about 7 years ago and ended up with a serious infection where I almost lost my sight in my left eye. I've gone to progressives for times when I need to get 3 different visions for distance, computer, and reading... and that includes lab. (don't wear them all the time though) Why not try both? See what works for you.
  12. FLDoula

    dream school or parents dream school?

    Totally agree with the above posters and your parents. If your parents are paying you are pretty much obligated to do what they want, if not maybe you could work out a compromise. From parental experience... We live in one city and 2 of our kids go to school 7 hours away. One just graduated with her masters and the other is in his 5th year of engineering. They have to pay their tuition and other school expenses now that both are working, we pay all living expenses. Trust me when I say that in this economy that is no easy feat. Supporting 2 hourseholds and 3 in college is very expensive. When they first moved away the economy was still strong and All kids would like to get away from their parents and I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but I've been through 3 leaving the nest and the next one starts college next year. It's just the nature of kids. (please take no offense I remember wanting to get away from my parents too) Going away to school may not be easier and you may not necessarily study any better. Why is it you cannot study at home? Just curious.
  13. FLDoula

    A&P PLEEEASE help!!!

    I also had the Meriab A&P book for 1 and 2. I agree with the other poster to take full advantage of the myaandp.com website. THAT was the biggest factor in my passing this class. Also...did your book come with a DVD called Interactive Physiology 10 system suite? If not you can get it through amazon for like $10. I had never taken chemistry and had not taken biology since high school (I'm 50 so that tells you how long ago that was) I passed the class with a very high A. Also are you able to record the profs lectures? Check to see if your school has a site that maybe one of the profs recorded lectures to go along with the powerpoints..(if yours uses powerpoints. Ours does and I used those for both A&P 1 & 2. Make sure you understand the objectives that are at the end of each section and I always answered the questions at the end of each chapter. Good luck!! You CAN do this! Study every day.... and the reading..re-reading will really help.
  14. FLDoula

    I'm 53 and want to be an LVN (Clock is ticking)

    I turned 50 this past October..... started taking RN pre-reqs and co-reqs in January, 2009. I'm going into our program August, 2011!! I'll be 52 when I graduate. Like you my kids are mostly grown... I only have a 17 yr old at home. I have lots of time to study and am a 4.0 student! I can't advise you on a LPN program but say if it's what you want to do... DO IT!! My aunt, who when she found out I'm going to school said... "oh my..you will be 52 when you graduate." My other aunt, who is a nurse anestitist said... "she will be 52 at that point in time whether she is in school or not." Totally makes sense to me!
  15. FLDoula

    Rolling backpack?

    I'm sure I carry more than I need in my rolling backpack but unfortunately I live 35 miles one way from school so I carry extra stuff.... During A&P and Micro we had to wear enclosed shoes for lab....so I carried those. :) I also carry water bottles, lunch, female "things." During my first semester while living in Orlando I wrecked my shoulder carrying a backpack.